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Smooth working of Galaxy S9 with latest Android Version

Smartphones of Samsung are the wonder. Their features are so attractive and wow that the company is one of the topmost companies in the world and left many other devices behind. The company launched its Galaxy S8 flagship this year embellished with 5.8” AMOLED screen. Everything is wonderful in this smartphone but many features are there which dissatisfied the users. To discard all the disappointed issues and bring more innovative, ingenious and brilliance features, Samsung once again is going to show its power and skill by releasing another beast next year –The Samsung Galaxy S9. The reports say that code-name “Star” has been assigned to this upcoming stunning looking S9 smartphone.

As we mentioned above, many features of S8 dissatisfied the users. It is necessary to bring those issues to light and to know how they will get resolved by upcoming Galaxy S9:

We must mention the performance of the fingerprint sensor, although first, we must speak of its strange position. Yes, following the comments of much of the market, the truth is that the fingerprint sensor next to the camera is very uncomfortable. There are many occasions when you confuse one component with another and that is very annoying. So, to bring those issues to an end, designers are trying to fabricate Galaxy S9 very deliberately and it is anticipated that the upcoming rocking Galaxy S9 will make you happy having no botheration during unlocking your smartphone with the fingerprint sensor as the Company will relocate the fingerprint reader position, according to an industry insider.

Another major problem with S8 fingerprint reader is that, when we reach the position of the sensor, its degree of effectiveness leaves much to be desired. In about 3 of every 10 times the sensor simply does not recognize the fingerprints and we must resort to the code for unlocking, it is that or keeps trying until it works and that removes time. We really hope that in future iterations Samsung will improve this aspect of its banner. Hope, Galaxy S9’s fingerprint reader would be quickest among its predecessor as the new Samsung Galaxy S9 is coming out next year with a latest Android Version 8.0 offering special quickest, smoothest, energetic performance.

Apart from the defective features, iris scanner of Galaxy S8 is impressive. If we move to the iris scanner, the story is different because although it is necessary to place the mobile in a certain position for biometric detection, it is not at all uncomfortable and in many cases is often much more reliable and fast than the sensor fingerprints. Great success on the part of Samsung in this regard and we wish the same for Galaxy S9.

To close the multimedia section, we’ll talk about the sound of the GS8 and GS8 +. The sound with the single speaker is good to dry, nothing with too much brightness or volume. However, magic comes with the AKG headphones included in the box because thanks to the ability to configure the sound depending on the needs of each user, we can take great advantage of their capabilities. The secret news is that the upcoming Galaxy S9 may come with brilliance stereo speaker for making your music experience more fun.


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