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VHS to DVD Conversion: A Unique Gift Giving Idea

Whether it’s Mother’s Day or Christmas, there are gifts that need to be purchased. For some, this is a fun time of shopping and exploration as they look to obtain that perfect gift for a loved one. Others begin to feel the stress of the purchase weeks in advance. In both cases, a vhs to dvd conversion offers a simple solution that may be the ideal choice.

Long Lasting

One of the best parts of giving a DVD that has been converted from VHS is the fact that the result is long-lasting. When was the last time you watched a VHS tape? How many homes still have a VCR? DVDs are something that most people have and something that isn’t showing signs of being outdated any time soon. This means that one gift could last for years to come, ensuring that a loved one has the ability to enjoy memories from the past over and over again.


Most of the time, the gift of a DVD isn’t just for the recipient. While he or she may have been the main reason behind the conversion, multiple people are going to see the results. Because these memories are treasured, moms, dads, wives, husbands, and friends often want to show off their new gift to others. Some of those watching may even be featured on the DVD. Kids that have no memory of these moments will also be able to sit back and enjoy seeing themselves on TV. This is a gift that ends up touching multiple people.

Plan Ahead

If the conversion to DVD seems like a great gift, it’s important to start planning well in advance of the event or celebration. It takes time to not only obtain the VHS tapes, but also send them away to have them done professionally. While there are products that make it possible to take on the conversion by yourself, it isn’t always easy and the results are often less than stellar. Instead, find a credible company that can completely transform the old tapes into something amazing. Even photos can be added to the mix to create a gift that will be enjoyed for years to come.

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