November 2018

6 Questions Construction Contractors Must Answer to Manage Delay and Disruption Claims

In a construction delay and disruption dispute, the judge or adjudicator will usually base judgement on a key overriding factor: how the decisions that the project administrator or project manager should have taken at the time the delay happened compared with the actions that were actually taken.
The examination of a delay and disruption claim will often call into question the promises that were made at the outset of the programme, the quality of the project planning, the methods and validity of communication between contractor and employer, the competencies of individuals involved in project planning and the contrator’s administrative procedures.
The granularity of the information required to fulfill these information needs and the scrutiny under which information is placed can come as a shock to many facing a delay and disruption proceeding for the first time.
There are many aspects of a programme that will be analysed during a delay claim and the contractor must be in a position to have answers to those questions that will fall under the scrutiny of a delay and disruption adjudicator or judge. Following are six of the most poignant questions that will require explanation:
1. Is the contract programme which has been signed off by the client the same programme that the contractor has been following?
2. Has the contractor been officially recording all strategic assumptions associated with the programme, Adair Homes Floor Plans like the duration of key activities, the requirements of third-party involvement, and so on?
3. Has all project progress been entered and updated accurately and in a timely fashion into an accessible repository, and are any remaining durations accurate?
4. Do the records show clearly the resources that were planned against those that were deployed? List Of Building Materials For A House Is there clear evidence of the activities that each of the resources was engaged upon?
5. Can the contractor produce sufficient and specific evidence to support each change event?
These are not the only questions and there is perhaps one further, crucial, question:
6. Do the available records match those of the other parties?
They are ‘scary’ questions and it’s tough to provide concrete evidence on all of the above unless you have ensured from day one that you have the capability to capture that information. Reputations are at stake during delay and disruption disputes. Spreadsheet project management templates are simply not enough. Having professional construction project management tools in place to manage every programme, and learning how to use them to support project time management, project communications with the customer and good collaboration is one of the only ways to mitigate the risk.…

Protection Against Construction Job Injuries

Federal labor statistics show that of those who get injured on Builders In London Uk sites, those between the ages of 25 and 34 are the most likely to get hurt. The reason for this is unclear, but it’s quite shocking. To make matters worse, these injuries tend to be back injuries or spinal injuries, usually from carrying something awkwardly or dropping it altogether. While working in the construction industry can be lucrative, it is also obviously dangerous.
While not all injuries in the construction industry are fatal or serious, there is definitely a serious level of danger for all employees. Over the last five years, fatalities (deaths) have gone down, but part of that is because the economy has gone south and caused quite a few people to become unemployed. Those in the construction field have faced serious consequences, with layoffs costing countless people their jobs. There were some recent economic statistics announced that new home growth is down due to the fact that there are over 12 months were of new homes currently on the market.
In addition to the injuries, they are overwhelmingly happening to men in construction. For example, there were over 155,000 construction related accidents in 2003, and only a little over 3,000 of them involved women. To make matters worse, most of the injuries caused workers to miss a month or more of work. Workers injure their legs, torsos, backs and arms the most. Ultimately, one out of every ten construction workers will suffer some form of injury this year.
For anyone looking for a construction job (or who already has one), it’s important to get the proper gear to protect yourself from serious injury. Many construction accidents can be prevented, but poor equipment, poor safety and poor planning often lead to injuries, wounds or even fatalities. Without properly protecting yourself, you could suffer a serious injury due to a construction accident.
A few ways to protect yourself include:
Proper eye gear – Obviously the eyes are some of the most sensitive parts of your Residential Electrician Salary 2019 body, so wearing goggles whenever possible can help protect your vision.
Insoles – People know to wear good boots on a construction site, but the padding inside your shoes could protect your back, your legs, your neck and more.
Speak up if you are hurt – There is always a fear that if you complain, you’ll get fired. In the end though, missing work for two or three months due to an injured spine is worse than getting fired, because while you can always get another job, you can’t get a new spine.…

Obtaining Quotations For Alterations and Building Works

You’ve decided to alter and extend your family home.
You’ve employed an Architect and had plans drawn. The weeks have passed while planning permission is negotiated and has been obtained; you have received copies of your working drawings and also have your building regulations approval.
Finally you are ready to build, all the uncertainty and paperwork is out of the way and we can get on with Simple Floor Plans the build…right?…. Wrong. The next stumbling block….obtaining quotations for the work!
Although this process can be both time consuming and frustrating by going into this process armed with a little knowledge can help you receive accurate, competitive quotations saving both you and you chosen contractors valuable time.
1. Always request quotations by letter detailing the plan drawing numbers and revision details that are listed on the drawings from your Architect.
This will ensure that you have a record of the information that has been provided to the contractors and should eliminate the confusion of what is or is not included. In your attached letter state that you wish for all works on the plans to be included. You can also include additional items in your letter which may not be detailed on the plans, decorating, external works, etc.
2.    Give the contractor two weeks to return the quotation.
If no quotation is received by the deadline, remove from your shortlist. Do not continually chase the contractor for a price. If they are not interested enough to adhere to your requests (2 weeks being enough time for any contractor) or too busy when attempting to win the contract do not assume that this will alter if they win the contract.
3.    Advise the contractor of Subcontractor Taxes Calculator PC sums for kitchens and sanitary fittings.
PC sum stands for provisional cost sum. It is an amount a contractor is requested to allow for an item which allows you some flexibility of choice with the works but more importantly ensures that quotations are comparable, something which can often be missed. Tell all contractors to allow a sum of say £5,000 for kitchen supply and £2,000 for sanitary fitting supply. This means that you can compare the quotations on a like for like basis. You may miss the best price available as 1 contractor may have allocated £10,000 for a kitchen, giving distorted comparisons.
4.    Best price versus cheapest price.
In the paragraph above you will notice the phrase best price. This means best value, which doesn’t always mean cheapest price. If on receipt of 3 quotations, one is substantially lower than the others (as in more than 20% less) obtain an additional quote as a point of reference. 
A cheap price which is too low can result in contractors leaving sites unfinished as they cannot afford to complete the works or extras being charged on the project which bump the price to above the amounts quoted by one of the original, realistic quotations.
While it can be frustrating not receiving quotations from contractors once you have spent time discussing the plans and showing them your …

Introduction to Building Services and Construction

Building Services
Other than the term “Building Services”, other term that frequently being used is MEP (Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing), M & E (Mechanical and Electrical). This depends on the country / region preferences of which term to use.
Basically, M&E Services are all the services within one building, which without them the building is inhabitable.
M&E Services Standard Home Design Consist of:
1. Hot and Cold Water System Cold water system is a system that supports the supply of fresh water to the building from the external source. This fresh water source is provided by either a municipal water company or a private underground well. If the source is provided by a municipal water company, the water will pass through a water meter before it enters building. This meter is used to measure the consumption of the water within that particular building.
2. Sanitary System
Sanitary system is simply a drainage system dedicated for the waste water produced within a building to flow to an external water treatment centre which is usually operated by authority. After the water being treated it will then be discharged to the sea. This water treatment centre may be located at a few kilometers distance away from the building, so it needs a system/channel for the waste water to flow. This kind of system is what usually referred as ‘sanitary system’ in construction term. Not all regions within a country have such a system, since it requires more efforts and capital to build this kind of infrastructure. But however, this is one of the best practice systems
3. Gas System
Gas system is a system to provide gas supply through gas pipe to household. The gas pipe may travel few kilometers distance from the centre which is usually operated by the authority to end users (household). Again this service is also only provided in certain regions. So the region that has this facility, conventional method of distributing gas through cylinder gas tank might not be used anymore in the household application
4. Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation
Air-conditioning system is already popular in our society nowadays. Most of the households and offices in city already installed air-conditioning system. Air-conditioning system functions to create a comfort temperature room for human to stay inside. This is especially true when the ambient temperature is hot.
Mechanical ventilation is a system to create air circulation mechanically within a confined space which is achieved by installing fans. Logically thinking, mechanical ventilation is not needed if the air circulation within one space / room is alright. However this condition is not always true, especially within basement floor. Basement area is lower than the circumference level, so wind will blow straight from the surrounding level straight. As a result, area which is lower than that is hardly affected.
5. Fire Protection System
Fire protection system is the system to protect the building and occupants in case of fire. This service is a bit different compare to other services. It seems like …

Safety Engineer For Managing Workplace Safety in the Construction Industry

High rise buildings do not just sprung up – they are built. Constructing a tall building takes a lot of management and planning to become completed and safe from workplace casualties. Managing workplace safety is not an easy thing to do as most of the city administrators are strict with the OSHA Policy that are required for Home Remodeling Logo companies to abide by. Aside from the working and building permits, construction companies top priority is the safety of their workers.
If you happen to pass by an ongoing construction site, you will find a billboard posting the details of the project, their progress, and the safety index or number of accidents that have occurred so far. These are just some of the strict compliance most city administrators require all construction companies to post.
The construction company usually hires a Safety Engineer (SE) in the implementation of the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration) for a project. The SE has undergone special training and additional courses in First Aid and Emergency to qualify in the position. He is responsible for coordinating requires trainings, drills, equipment and tools for safety during the work period. He files up a report every day to facilitate his records of safety- the main concern usually about the possibility of falls.
He draws out different procedures and policies that are useful in the safety of the construction project. He designs Fall Protection Systems and designates levels of responsibilities to key persons. This is to help him manage the many workers in the field by groups or divisions and having one representative each to check on the level of safety every day for him as he goes around. He tries to resolve issues of safety by reporting them to the management.
He recommends methods for Fall Arrest Systems like lifelines or nets surrounding the edges of the levels. Construction Fall Protection devices like quality hard hats, including harness for workers or additional railings. He could even conjure plans for the installation of Fall Protection Netting around the perimeter of the building that are called Fall Protection Safety Nets. These are nets designed to catch falls of workers or debris to prevent harm from reaching the sidewalk or the ground below. He can also train some of his key persons in dealing with accidents and unseen catastrophes.
The Safety Engineers carries a very heavy responsibility. His license or job depends on the safety level of the construction site. It is not surprising to hear that some Safety Engineer was fired after one worker died on sight. He has to deal with different people every time.
In Aircraft Fall Protection, they use entirely different things but they share a common concern – the safety of others. Different tools and devices can make this job harder as it is more specific because of the specifications of an aircraft.
London Building Contractors List Industry should keep up their good record or else have to wait a little bit longer in getting …

How to Save Your Budget Through Backhoe Rentals

Often times it is indeed wiser to buy or hire certain types of equipments that can be used in any types of works. It will help you save much of your time and money because you no longer need to find another equipment to finish all of your tasks. One of the most important details of having a strong type of equipment is that you will no longer worry how to transfer heavy equipments in a small period of time. You can also protect your men from any sorts of danger if you are using reliable types of construction equipments such as back hoes.
There are some instances that you must consider if you are planning to have your own construction company in your place. It would be helpful if you know how to manage your very own company especially if you have a small budget to start on. The best thing about planning ahead about your dream company is that you will have the idea on the necessary things that you need to acquire for the possible success of your company.
The first thing that you need to consider is your budget. You must be very flexible with your budget because your future company mainly depends on your budget. If you have a good budget for your future company it is better if you are going to know the estimated proportion between your men and your construction equipments. It will prevent you from wasting your money on things that are no longer needed in your business.
Meanwhile if you have a small budget you must think of an alternative way to compensate the future of your business company. It is also wiser if you are going to start your business How To Hire A Contractor For My Business with a small number of people since you still need to observe if it is indeed feasible or not. It will help you and your company to improve gradually as time passes by.
The best way to compensate your small budget is to find another company where you can rent some of their Home Remodeling Courses equipments. You should also decide on what type of equipment you are going to rent in order for you to manage your budget. It is also wiser if you are going to settle in a single type of construction equipment such as backhoes.
Backhoes are proven to be the most versatile type of construction equipments at this present moment. You can use a back hoe if you need to transfer and carry heavy equipments which is impossible for humans to perform using their own strength. However the operators of your backhoes must have the knowledge and skills to manage this type of equipments to prevent any accidents.
There are several types of backhoes that can be used in different fields of work. The best thing about backhoe rentals is that you can still manage to have your own company without spending too much. If you …

What Is Project Management in The Construction Industry?

Managing a High Paying Electrician Jobs Overseas project is different from any other stream of management. High level of knowledge in advanced management techniques and the process of construction are required for the efficient management of a construction project. A project always has a well defined start and end date with a set of predefined objectives. The project is scrapped as soon as the goal is accomplished. The challenges and the targets of a construction project are specific. These projects are temporary in nature, and the management practices are different from that of repetitive business as usual activities. In spite of differences in procedures and technological requirements, a construction project has many similarities with projects in the filed of pharmaceuticals, energy, or aerospace sectors. Project Management Institute defines project management as a form of art that helps to reach a set of predefined goals in terms of scope, time, cost, satisfaction, and quality throughout the duration of the project with the use of advanced techniques of management and coordination of human, as well as material resources. The overall perspective of the management of a business or industry in general has a much wider scope and continuity. However, the principles of general management are widely used as effective project management tools because there are many similarities between the two.
Proper grasp of the advanced general management techniques and the specific domains relating to Do Contractors Supply Materials is considered to be imperative for successful project management. Knowledge of computer science and decision theory is also important in the context of efficient project management. Decision support systems and computer aided information systems were once considered to be no more than supporting tools in management. However, these are now the basic tools of any discipline of management. Other techniques of operations research like network analysis and linear programming have also become commonly practiced general management tools in the modern day management fraternity. Management of projects in the construction sector involves different types of conflict resolution. The operational objectives of a construction project get impacted heavily due to resource related constraints. Commonly conflicts take place due to constraints pertaining to manpower, finance and material resources. There can also be conflict between the different predetermined objectives of the project like quality, time, scope, and cost. It is extremely important to assess the chance of such conflict at the time of inception of the project so that proper agreements can be made without delaying the progress of the project.
Creating a blueprint of the project plan and the mission of the project is the foremost task of a project management team. This should involve selecting the project personnel, and clearly setting the performance standards for the project. Scheduling, budgeting, and clear demarcation of scope should also be a part of the blueprint. The project team must ensure efficient utilization of all resources by adhering to plan for the procurement of equipment, material, and labor. The team must be empowered within the organization to exercise control over …

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