The Customer May Not Always Be Right, But They Are Always First

There is an old adage in the business world that says “the customer is always right.” Common sense and plain old experience will tell us this is just not true. However, if a contractor wants to continue in business and see positive results from their marketing efforts they should always keep the customer first.
What exactly does this mean? Peruse through the local paper, the billboards, the television ads and the internet websites and what do you see over and over again? You see honest, hard working and knowledgeable contractors spending all their time and money talking about themselves. “Here is my product and my great prices, buy from me” is a common theme. Another theme is to see a picture of the contractor is his nice uniform standing next to his shiny work truck with some catchy slogan. What does that have to do with the customer?
Most customers are in the same frame of mind as a business owner talking to a vendor. They want to know what is in it for them. When the contractor spends the time to Building Contractor Salary discuss a real problem that the customer may be experiencing and the solution to their problem, that is when the customer takes notice and contacts the contractor.
Whether it is a brochure, a newspaper ad or a website the contractor should focus on a problem and their unique way of fixing it. Notice that there is no mention of the lowest price or the quickest turn Construction Services India around. When people have a leaking roof, an air conditioner that does not work or cracked tile their first question is “Can you fix it?” Pricing is secondary when you are the one that has the answer.…

Decline in Commercial Construction Industry Endangering Specialty Contractors

The last few years have been anything but kind to the commercial construction industry, especially the Specialty Contractors they employ. Specialty Contractors are being forced to re-evaluate and modify everyday operations to adjust to the volatile economic market that is threatening their demand.
Opportunities are few and far between these days, and every opportunity, big or small must be considered. For the majority of commercial Subcontractor Rights To Payment companies, their futures appear murky, at best. Businesses that have been opened decades long are most concerned of the looming future of the employment of Specialty Workers.
Through desperate efforts to stay in business, contractors are forced to take uncharacteristic jobs and must now scramble to stay competitive and profitable. Plenty of contractors have to cut their staff in half, or more, to merely survive. Even worse, several sectors of commercial industries are still in the midst of a downward spiral. A commercial construction stand still is often the best case scenario for some struggling businesses.
Timelines, deadlines, and budgets are all shrinking. Stress is more palpable, the workload is more demanding, and the competition more fierce than ever. Like all industries, success is measured by supply and demand. Right now there is just no demand for specialty contractors in commercial construction.
For example, Las Vegas and its commercial Northern Construction Palmer Ma commitments in the last few years have been severely affected by the commercial construction drought. At one point they were building as far as the eye could see, littering the strip with hotels, shops, restaurants, casinos.
With the huge lack of demand and vulnerable economy, the projects have only created thousands of square feet of vacant space. Commercial vacancies which include office space, retail space, etc., are all experiencing record highs. Las Vegas’ surplus of commercial space is so large that some predict the next project won’t take place for another decade.
Credit issues are another factor endangering specialty contractors. The criteria necessary for approval for large credit lines has become much more stringent and has proven to be a huge obstacle. Less credit approvals contribute to the decline in commercial construction and payment for work is significantly more challenging to collect. Combine the lack of demand with a volatile economy, and then compound that with the mounting credit issues. Most will be confronted with the grim reality of the challenges the industry will face to recover for years to come.
Many specialty contractors are coping by trying to be more aggressive and pursuing every possible lead or bid. Now their goals are just trying to maintain a workload to keep employees busy.
If anything positive emerged from the declining commercial construction industry, it yielded plenty of experienced, qualified specialty contractors enthusiastic to work. The few that are afforded the luxury should take advantage of each opportunity and maximize efforts by creating a strong sustainable team for success.
The decline in commercial construction is seriously endangering specialty contractors and their livelihood. With each project that launches, it is …

Australian Construction Industry Requirements, Laws and Guidelines – How Do They Apply To You?

Not happy with your recent renovations? Blame the contractor. Sure, you can do that – many people do and sometimes its justified but what if you’d rather avoid that situation altogether? If you want to ensure that your new deck, shed or patio looks fantastic, there are definitely some things that you can do.

A carpenter is paid for their physical skill but also for their knowledge. A qualified carpenter is aware of the laws and regulations regarding renovations and construction. For this reason, people hiring carpenters often feel that there is no particular reason for them to be familiar with any of the laws or regulations relevant to their project.

If you have done your research, then chances are you have contracted the services of a good carpenter, however, there is never any guarantee and if you have hired a random contractor or a “handyman” your risk level may be higher.

Even if you believe that you can trust your carpenter, you should always protect yourself regardless. The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) developed the National What Is A Qualified Builder Code (NCC) to incorporate all on-site construction requirements into a single code. You can check the guidelines for your specific renovation or building plans for yourself.

A hardcopy version of the NCC is available at various outlets throughout Australia for viewing. You can check out the locations near you on the ABCB website. You can also view the National Construction Code 2012 by purchasing a 12 Day (for occasional) or 30 Day Monthly (for short-term) web access for under $100 (Prices checked 19th January 2012.) See the end of the article for links.

Another set of guidelines that it is good to be familiar with is the Local Environmental Plan (LEP) in your council area. Depending on the size of your project, your carpenter may have been required to lodge a Development Application (DA). Prior to submitting an application, you should contact your local council to obtain any relevant Development Control Plans (DCP) or guidelines and familiarize yourself with them.

If you see work being undertaken that appears to be in breach of any of these guidelines, you can address the issue before the project goes any further. Show a copy of the NCC, LEP, DA or DCP requirements to your carpenter and tell them you are concerned that the work being done might not meet them.

If you aren’t satisfied with the response you get, phone your local council or the Building Services Authority (BSA) on 1300 272 272 and ask them to do an assessment of the work being carried out.

The BSA is a fantastic organization that actually offers Smart Building and Renovating Presentations. For more information you can call them, or check the link for their website at the end of the article. You can also contact them to find out whether there are any other laws or guidelines not mentioned in this article that you need to be aware of in your State …

Travel Concerns For Guam Construction Workers

If you are a construction company from the United States and are considering placing Guam construction bids there are a few things you should know about traveling out of the country. There are specific requirements even though you are visiting a US territory, and these will apply to any employees you have traveling to Guam.
PassportsEven though Guam is a US territory, you may need a passport to travel to Guam. If you travel via one of the international airlines that stops in several international airports on the way to or from Guam you will need a passport. Flying Hawaii airlines will not require a passport, so before you or your crew heads out to complete Guam Floor Plans For Small Houses projects you need to determine your travel plans.
ImmunizationAnytime you travel out of the country, it is important to have your standard immunizations up to date. These include MMR, DPT, polio and others; in addition to traditional shots, you may need protection from diseases not native to your home country. For example, anyone traveling or working in the South Pacific, which includes Guam, you will need protection against Typhoid and both forms of Hepatitis. H1N1 is also a concern throughout the world and is another issue that should be discussed with your physician before scheduling your flight.
InsuranceYou never know when an emergency could present itself, and many travelers choose to take out insurance for unexpected hospitalizations. If you have no coverage you should be aware that any medical expenses will be your responsibility and while you can go to the emergency room in the US without upfront payment the same is not true everywhere in the world. Check your current medical coverage before you leave to ensure you are covered if the unthinkable should happen while you are overseas.
ConclusionGuam Industrial Electrician projects are gearing up and look to provide untold opportunities for workers of all kinds. Nevertheless, you and your crew need to be prepared before flying out. Advice all employees to schedule a routine check up with their physician several weeks before setting out for foreign destinations. In some cases, an individual will require a booster to their immunization; this will depend on the person’s health and any underlying medical issues.…

Construction Project Bidding With Online Lead Services

All around you, every day, there are more and more construction projects that are being launched. You can see them on your way to your children’s schools or on your way to take a quick jog in the park. These soon-to-be structures are being built for different reasons and they have different owners to gratify. Construction projects are usually classified into three types: the new structures, add-ons and remodeled units. Each day, new projects are being set up with varying purposes. As industrial plants, warehouses, office buildings and skyscrapers rise up, so does construction project bidding.
The greatest way that you could find construction opportunities for your company is to find the places where you could place your project bids. In so doing, you would be able to make use of your available time and be able to look for the best jobs that would rake in the most revenue. There are construction leads online which would point out the best projects that you could choose from. In fact, there are various directories on the Internet where construction leads can be found (e.g. and ). These directories provide lists upon lists of procurement services and construction bids. There are also links to companies that offer bid leads on planned construction jobs or new construction projects.
Sadly for most contractors, instead of going online and outbidding the rest of their competitors, they waste their time worrying about trivial matters such as where they’re losing their money when the only way that this can be solved is by getting the bid.
Online construction project bidding is more of a skill than established science. Although there is now bidding software in the market which could make your job much easier for you, bidding still requires gut feel and experience. Bidding is all about planning projects, computing the materials costs, and coming up with motion and time studies. These require a human touch that would not be achieved even by the most efficient software.
Northern Contracting project bidding also means giving useful estimates. The cover letter and proposal should be professionally presented to the client where most, if not all, of the client’s questions are answered from the onset. This method of presenting your proposal might not be applicable with most government or corporate project bidding but it would also make your company stand out from the rest.
Also, time is of utmost relevance to any project bidding. You have to have ample time to handle any interruptions or delays that might come up. Such delays include a drastic change in the weather or the sudden need to deliver some Housebuilders materials.
As with any other forms of bidding, the rule is pretty simple-the highest, unique bidder gets to win the project. Knocking out your competitor means outbidding him but there are many factors which would make you the ultimate winner of the construction project.
All in all, construction project bidding is all about having analytical skills and keen judgment in order to make …

Home Improvement Contractors – Get More Referrals With These Customer Care Tips

Complaints against home improvement contractors and Contractors Definition contractors regularly rank in the top five complaint categories of annual consumer affairs surveys, reports the Consumer Federation of America National Association of Consumer Agency Administrators. The most complaints received from customers involve poor construction contractor work quality, and inaccurate completion estimates. Ensuring a positive home improvement experience for your customer leads to future referrals.
To present your company as honest and well run, you’ll want to ensure you’re providing your potential customers the following information when you have your first formal meeting.
• Copies of your state license and registration
• Correct and current contact information for at least three references in your customers area
• Proof of contractor’s insurance
• Copies of any professional certifications you earned
Explain the significance of each item so your customers feel engaged in the construction process and don’t feel like you’re unnecessarily increasing costs. For example, if presenting a copy of your professional certification from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), explain to the customer that NARI only awards s certificate to established, professional contractors with a clean background checks who’ve passed a written comprehension examination.
Providing yours customer with the above items upfront says:
• You and your company are organized and proactive in attitude.
• You and your business are transparent and in compliance with the necessary regulations.
Pricing Transparency
Low-ball price estimates might attract initial interest, but they won’t boost your client referral rate in the long-term. Customers are less likely to feel cheated if they understand the pricing details before you begin the project. Review the price estimate with your customers and explain why a specific brand or material type is necessary for the project. Always provide a print-out of your comprehensive estimate along with a basic contract that includes the following information.
• A fully itemized list of estimated required materials including the brand and quantity.
• Estimated hours
• Total anticipated cost
• Also include possible scenarios that may increase costs such as discovering mold or unexpected rotten boards.
During Construction
• Check in with your customers frequently throughout the project. Inform them immediately Construction Management Fees Percentage 2019 of any unexpected obstacles and explain how this will affect the project price or timeline.
• Contain your construction-related mess whenever possible. A simple tarp or clear panel over the doorway keeps your customers from inhaling dust and residue. Always ask the customers’ permission before moving furniture or altering the home beyond the scope of the project.
After Construction
• A construction contractor with integrity will call customers within a few weeks of completing the project to answer any questions or concerns they have and address them as necessary.
• Provide extra business cards to make referring your services easy.
Distinguishing yourself professionally as one of the best home improvement contractors through superior customer service will ensure future business opportunities.…

Business in South Africa

South Africa is a colourful country with an equally vibrant and violent history. Located at the southern tip of Africa, it is surrounded by both the Atlantic Ocean on the one side and the Indian Ocean on the other. With a large diversity of cultures and languages, two of the eleven official languages recognised in the constitution are of European origin: Afrikaans and English. Although in the public and commercial life English is the predominant language, it is only the fifth most-spoken language in the country.
Their economy is a mixed one, with a high rate or poverty and a low GDP per capita. According to the UN, South Africa is a middle-income country that has an abundant supply of resources, well-developed financial, energy, legal, Subcontractor Salary communications and transport sectors. Their stock exchange is ranked amongst the world’s top twenty and their modern infrastructure supports an efficient distribution of goods to the major urban centres around the whole region.
Durban, Cape Town, Pretoria/Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth see the majority of advanced development throughout the region. Beyond these four centres of economic activity development is subsidiary. There is also still much poverty despite the government’s efforts to eradicate this. The majority of South Africans are quite poor however recently a few key marginal areas have experienced some rapid growth in terms of their respective economies.
These areas include Mossel Bay to Plettenburg Bay, the Rustenburg area as well as both the Bloemfontein and Nelspruit areas. The Cape West Coast and the Kwa-Zulu Natal North Coast have also seen such growth.
Despite the high unemployment rates and the effects of Apartheid on black workers’ earning less than white workers from 2004 economic growth picked up quite significantly. After the affirmative action policies were put into place there has been a significant rise in black businesses and economic wealth.
Due to South Africa’s being a popular tourist destination a substantial amount of revenue is raked in due to tourism. With the scenic coastal lines, the vast vineyards and the dense game reserves, the tourism industry in South Africa is booming, with all kinds of travel, accommodation and food businesses doing well. It is these South African tourism businesses that rely quite heavily on travel seasons for a large portion of their revenue.
South Africa also boasts developing agriculture, manufacturing and construction industries and has good export relations with Germany, the US, Japan, China, Spain and the UK. These, as well as a number of other African countries.
With the 2010 World Cup being hosted in South Africa recently the tourism industry, already thriving, saw an exponential boost in the past few months. Expectations Subcontractor Rights are the ripple effects of the large numbers of foreigners having had a memorable time in South Africa during the World Cup will be positive and long-lasting.…