Electrical requirements for kitchen appliances are listed in the National Electric Code or NEC. When wiring a new Building Contractor Salary house, your electrician should wire with energy efficiency in mind. Not all wiring on your house plans will be up to code or energy efficient. An electrician should suggest improvements to what is stated on your plans to achieve energy efficiency.
The refrigerator is one of the most consuming items in the whole house. It is still not code today to run a separate circuit for a refrigerator. Many times the circuit for the refrigerator is wired close to the maximum amount of the circuit. Code says you can’t go over 50% of the circuit if you have motor driven equipment.
Code lists ‘appliance circuits’ for your kitchen area as 2 circuits on a countertop. That means an appliance circuit can come off of those 2 circuits. But your electrician should place separate circuits for the microwave, dishwasher, and the refrigerator. Of course, lighting can go outside the kitchen to be wired with the dining room. It is critical to keep your circuits available. You may have guests over to your house for the holidays. If they plug a 1500 watt coffee maker into your kitchen countertop and you have refrigerator that is almost to the limit of the circuit, you could have problems. You would never have to worry about tripping those circuits if your kitchen was wired correctly in the beginning. Your electrician can exceed code and make that house safer for individuals.
Electricians usually wire according to what is drawn in the house plans. But not all house plans cover the problems that are in a house. Sometimes the homeowner goes with a commercial line of appliances. The electrician needs to check with the homeowner to see what kind of appliances they will be using. The electrician also needs to know the wattage of those appliances that they are going to be producing. Not every home is custom wired. Some general contractors will wire spec houses with the least amount of wiring in them to cut costs.
Many times the customer doesn’t know what type of appliances or devices they are going to put in their house. Homeowners need to know what devices they want in Can You Build A House For 50K their home as well as what type of appliances they will be using. Make your decisions in the early planning stages. It will save everyone a lot of frustration.

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