You have likely heard by now that there will be massive Guam Construction Company Reviews projects beginning in 2010 and proposed to last until 2014. The US plans to move 8,000 military personnel to the island very soon as per an agreement with the Japanese government.
The initial influx of new citizens is estimated to be around 14,000 with family and another 25,000 or so are expected as construction crews arrive to begin shoring up the islands aging infrastructure and commercial port. One area of construction that is going to be particularly prominent is concrete.
It is expected that a large number of Guam bid requests will include some type of concrete work; this is due to the very location of the island. Guam sits in the south pacific and is the largest of the Mariana Islands. Its geographical location is in the middle of what has been called typhoon alley. The island is threatened by typhoons mostly during the rainy season from July to November but they are possible year round. These destructive storms have forced the replacement of most wooden structures with concrete buildings and utility poles with steel and concrete constructions.
In order to handle the large number of people who will soon be flooding Guam, there will be a large number of Guam bid requests going out. There will be a large need for increased housing, roads, bridges, water treatment facilities, schools and hospitals not to mention the huge military base that will be constructed on the island. All of this means tons of concrete work!
Final Thoughts
There is a great opportunity here for many home accent decor accessories companies and sub contractors alike. Proposed budgets for this construction and reconstruction are in the billions of dollars. This is the perfect time for crews to pay attention and get their Guam bid requests submitted. Guam construction may be a boon to the economy both there and here in the states. Bids and awards are projected to go out in force in the latter part of 2010 and beginning of 2011. Construction companies that are on the ball look to make a good deal of money from this project.

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