There are many types of lifting equipment on the market for various industries. The construction industry demands the most rugged pieces of lifting equipment which have to be tough enough to withstand heavy loads. The following is a list of the kind of lifting equipment to be found on a construction site.

One man access platform

A one man access platform is a good place to start when making a list of the kind of equipment found on a construction site. This piece of equipment is incredibly sturdy and can hold up to two men. They are designed to safely lift workers up to the desired height. Various attachments can be added as an optional extra. These can include;

A tool Industrial Electrician Red Seal Study Guide tray.

Safety harness

An overhead guard.


The humble crane is often used for the deconstruction of buildings and is widely used in the construction industry in general. A variety of cranes are available for the construction industry and serve many different purposes. Cranes that are used in the construction industry are generally needed on a temporary basis. They come in two varieties, those that are fixed to one place and those that are situated on the back of a vehicle. Cranes are also used to manufacture heavy equipment. Types of crane include;

Telescopic crane. This type of crane has an extendable boom the length of which can be increased or decreased depending on the situation it is needed for.

Mobile crane. This is a common type of crane which is mounted on a mobile platform. It features a boom which is hinged to the Diy Home Renovation On A Budget bottom of the platform. The platform itself can be a cat truck or a rail; it depends on the situation it is needed for.

Crane mounted on a truck. This type of crane is fixed to a rubber tired truck and as a result of this it has a great level of mobility.

Loader crane. This crane is powered with the use of hydraulics. It features an arm that is fitted to a mobile unit. It features multiple sections and these can be compacted when it not in use for easy storage.

A rough terrain crane. This crane is perfect for those jobs that require a vehicle that is capable of off road work. It features an undercarriage with four rubber tires. They generally have only one engine which powers the vehicle engine as well as the crane.

Tower crane. These are fixed placed cranes that are ideal for lifting heavy objects. They also have the advantage of being a great height from the ground.

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