Lindapter And Conventional Construction Systems

The Lindapter Who Is Responsible For Subcontractors Work system used a series of clamps instead of the normal drilling and nut and bolt construction system for steelwork jointing. The system originally required no drilling of beams which made assembly very simple and also retained the integrity of the steel beam concerned. This integrity is not vital if the steelwork has been designed correctly and it is quite common to find that the two systems marry together quite well.
Lindapter have now developed a Stainless steel Hollo Bolt, which is designed to hold steel beams together without the need of a nut or a clamping system. The Hollo Bolt is a system in which the two beams or steel pipes or girders which are to be joined together are first put into position and clamped or supported so that they do not move. When this has been achieved then the next stage is to drill a hole through both the beams, which is just large enough to accept the Hollo Bolt, The bolt is then inserted into the hole and then tightened.
The construction of the Hollo Bolt is such that there is a central bolt which passes through a separate sleeve with the end furthest away from the bolt head cut at intervals down the length to leave a small complete collar at the other end. At the far end is a small round screwed collar tapered with the smallest end fitting inside the collar. The bolt when tightened pulls the tapered collar onto the sleeve and as it pulls inside the cut end of the sleeve it pushes these leaves outwards in a fan like shape. Thus when the bolt is inserted through the two steel sections to be joined together the joint is tightened by the screwed collar opening the steel collar leaves and pulling the two faces together.
The advantage of this system is that it is used in places where there is only one side where access can be made. That is to say that it is impossible to get a bolt with a nut fitting in position and / or tighten using a spanner. The joint can How To Start A Concrete Construction Company be very strong and if a few bolts are put into position then the joint can be made as strong as any made by conventional means. The Hollo Bolt can be bought in a number of different sizes and also they can be bought with a semi flush fitting.