People like to use statistics to either make a case or debunk some myth. Numbers are real and everyone can readily understand them better than flowery language or promises of work to be performed. To use the old cliche “numbers don’t lie.”
This is true for contractors as well. Most contractors that have a handle on their business understand their cost to doing business, their Garden Design For Small Gardens monthly income needs and their profit margins. But do you have a handle on the internet searches that are being performed in your area?
Most internet experts state that somewhere between 80% of 85% of people who use the internet to find a service in their local area will contact the service provider. Of that number, approximately 61% of the people will buy the service. So, let’s discuss a simple example. If you are a roofing contractor, then let’s imagine that 100 people in your local area used the internet to search for roofers. Of those 100 people, 80 picked up the phone and called the different roofers that they found on the internet. Of those 80 people, 61 bought a new roof. Would you like to sell 61 new jobs?
This may seem like an outlandish claim, but the numbers don’t lie. Recent information indicates that 77% of Americans have some sort of access to the internet. With the growing popularity of “Smart” phones and other devices capable General Contractor Requirements of accessing the World Wide Web, that percentage is bound to climb. If 77% of the people in YOUR LOCAL market are actively using the internet to look for a contractor, shouldn’t you have a website that they can find?

By Master