Renovate For Selling Profits – A Quick Bathroom Makeover

Renovate For Selling Profits – A Quick Bathroom Makeover

As you are aware renovating a bathroom can be an expensive and time consuming job. But here is a way to quickly improve the appeal of your bathroom for potential buyers.

One of the worst jobs in renovating is removing floor and wall tiles. Its hard work, you are likely to bang your hands if you are using a bolster and hammer, and of course, you have to get rid of the broken tiles. However there is an alternative.

Next you have to bring new tiles in and lay them. This of course requires some skill, some specialised equipment, such as a diamond cutting saw. If you are new to tiling, it’s certainly possible,but it will take some time and your back and knees will suffer.

But there is an alternative.

Whether you use this method will depend on your budget and the overall value of the property. If you have a high end home it may not be suitable, but even then you may have renovated some of the home and you have decided to leave the bathrooms for the next owners, but you want to freshen up dull worn tiles.

Maybe the tiles are just out of fashion. There have been periods of home decorating fashion that are best discarded. I recall in the seventies when mission brown bright orange and lime green where popular in kitchens and bathrooms. Wow was that look bad just a decade later.

Paint your Tiles. As I write this I am between coats on my bathroom floor. Yes it really works!

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I’m not joking. It actually looks really great. You don’t need special expensive paint, it doesn’t work as well as regular paint anyway.

OK how to paint your bathroom tiles.

1. Thoroughly clean your wall or floor tiles. Regular cleaners won’t do. You need to clean with paint thinners.

2. Lightly sand the tiles with a fine sandpaper. This will help your paint to key to the otherwise shinny tiles. Make sure you vacuum the tiles carefully. Any bits of grit will show up in the

3. Apply a product which helps the paint stick. I use ESP, a very useful product. Your local paint supplier will help you. Ask the expert not the 16 year old who is working after school. Apply the ESP, leave for 30 minutes and wipe off. This product is so good you can paint glass if you apply it.

4. Your first coat of paint is brushed on. I use enamel semi gloss undercoat.

5. Because I’m using white over a floor tile I will use two coats of undercoat.

6. Our last coat is a semi gloss top coat. Obviously you wouldn’t need to paint tiles if they are in good condition. So we choose a semi gloss, because full gloss paint would highlight any tile imperfections.

This process is done in a few hours, will save you a bundle of cash, but remember not to walk on it for 24-36 hours depending on the temperature.