Construction Industry – Work in Building Alternative Energy Projects Dries Up in 2012

Have we come to a please where we’ve brainwashed the public and all the college kids graduating of the concept that bringing alternative energy projects forward through public funding will increase jobs, save the environment, and lead us into a new era Rc Construction Waterford Mi of clean energy? It seems I can’t even go a single day without reading an article, or talking to someone who has been sold on this concept of alternative energy, on how it will actually help our economy and create jobs as we make the changeover.
The reality is that any viable alternative energy source would be highly disruptive to our economy, and our jobs, whereas, any of these projects that are not viable won’t work, and therefore we shouldn’t spend the money on them, as they certainly won’t produce jobs long-term or really very many jobs in the short term either, especially considering the ratio of job creation to the amount of money spent.
We complain about welfare onto our citizens, and we complain about corporate welfare – but isn’t this push to develop a new energy economy by crushing the one we already have while throwing billions of dollars at it essentially the same thing – worse, it isn’t working, we should inherently know that, and yet we try to cover our losses by creating yet even bigger projects, and putting in regulations which increase the cost of energy that we already have so the new energy can compete with it. In other words, we are modifying and manipulating the free-market system to bring forth unreliable, unviable, and uneconomically feasible clean and green energy projects.
There was a troubling article for those who are hoping to ride the wave of money flows for alternative energy construction projects. The article appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle on March 18, 2012 titled; “Report: Recession Cost State Green Jobs,” by David R. Bakker. It turns out that the “Core Green” economy shrank 3% with a decrease in overall green jobs since the 2008 economic crisis (between January 2009 and January 2010), same with the construction jobs in new green projects. The Green Building sector dropped four percent.
It appears for all the publicity and political push, along with all the money thrown at the problem, not to mention the many big headline disasters such as Solyndra and others which have shown completely dismal performance by those Garden Design For Small Gardens who promised us they would take charge and usher in a new era of clean energy and millions of green jobs. Turns out they actually lost jobs and billions in the process of implementing their so-called utopian green program.
In a perfect world and in a utopian society we would have abundant clean energy, essentially for free. Still, what we are doing is producing a vast amount of energy at a low price currently, and although we could hope for the other, all this government intervention is not producing what all these brilliant academics …

DIY Wind Turbine – An Inexpensive Alternative Energy Solution

When you think of the windmills, you may be reminded of postcard pictures of Holland, but the modern DIY wind turbine construction is a very different proposition.
Those bulky structures are history and the windmill is replaced with modern technology that generates efficient electricity for the home and small cities. Don’t be fooled, the DIY Wind Turbine is a project any dedicated DIY enthusiast can take on.
These windmills are the perfect alternative energy solution because inexpensive and not difficult to operate. The DIY Wind Turbine can be Udemy Home Repair built with all your standard workshop tools and as little as a few hundred bucks or less if you use materials from the recycling center!
You can mount a secure frame on your roof, and you will have a great site for your DIY Renovate Old House To Modern Wind Turbine. There aren’t as many moving parts in this modern day, lighter turbine.
You can grab a kit set online, which is required for mounting the gearing and blade to the frame. It wouldn’t hurt to check out a nearby operating windmill if you can, before you build yours. This will help you answer the questions you would not have thought of prior to starting your project.
You will want to investigate the local building codes, noise limitations, and things such as height and where the majority of wind will come from. This information is nearly as important as knowing how to build your unit. DIY wind turbines come in all makes and sizes, so getting the right one for the right site, and amount of energy you will need will be time well spent.
Generally, the installation should only take few days, unless you are thinking of building everything from scratch. Your driving force is the blades, and wood or fiber composite blades are less expensive and do not vibrate or make as much noise as metal one. Your DIY wind turbine can become fully efficient by adding a tail assembly to keep the unit facing the wind.
You will need to get the DC motors and gearing, usually online, and bolt them together. If you are not sure about putting a wiring plan together, consider getting an electrician to help you and provide a final stamp of approval on your project.
This is a cool and simple project, but the DIY Wind Turbine is not a toy. Once it is operational, the blades can be fatal, and all electrical must be well insulated. You will want to restrict access to the windmill from all pets and children specifically. Using fencing that deters adventurous climbers, and security lights too. This will prevent unwanted access.…