The Architects Role in Your Construction Project

Its a brave person who takes on a self build without the aid of an architect. While there are off the shelf plans available for thousands of different styled and sized homes it can still pay in the long run to hire a professional.
When you mention architect to most people they imagine the guy sat in the office with a drawing board and blueprint designing his latest project but there is more to their services than that.
To work out his fees the architect breaks his part in your dream build into 5 phases and these are:
The Dream. At the start you have a dream and it is the architects job to make it feasible and transfer it to the drawing board. This initial phase can take a while and you will most likely meet regular to discuss ideas and workarounds. He will provide sketches and an estimate of roughly how much the build will cost.
The Design. This is where the dream takes more shape. Again you will be working closely with your architect as he will need you to choose more detail. Things like type of windows, heating, doors etc. are added Electrician List at this stage as is defining the living spaces. Sketches will now be redone in scaled rough drawings and your architect will also update the estimate as this point to a more accurate price of total cost.
The Planning. Once you are both happy with the design stage your architect will draw up the blueprints for the contractor. These will be detailed and include spec’s and material lists so the job can be put out for bids.
The Bidding. Your architect will assist in selecting a pool of companies to accept bids from. He will know the standard of work of most of your local builders so is in a perfect position to aid you in the selection process. He will leave the final decision to you but will help to negotiate price and draw up the contracts.
The Build. Your architect will make site visits to advise on quality of workmanship, discuss change requests with the contractor, make amendments to the plans etc. This is particularly handy at each payment stage. For instance your first payment is due once the foundations are in. Your architect can come and inspect for you and make sure everything is to his liking before you write the check.
One important note about the build process is that your architect can visit Modern Contractor Solutions and advise you but he is not responsible if later a defect is found.
The AIA says this about the subject:
“The architect does not supervise construction. The contractor and not the architect is solely responsible for construction methods, means, techniques, sequences and procedures.”
Basically this means that while your architect can advise you on the work being done by the contractor it is your contract with the contractor that will be under scrutiny should faults be found at a later …

Construction Jobs For Architects

While architects used to be confined to a drawing board, the advance in the construction industry is forcing a lot of architects out of their offices and even out of their familiar role of design. With the modern demand on efficiency and with managing risk such a big issue, the construction industry has seen a significant shift away from architecture and unto construction. Architects are no longer the principal contractors and they are no longer “running the show” on a building project.
Architects were notoriously bad at bringing projects in on time and on budget. For most of the it was more about the integrity of the design than it was about making money. because of this, there was a constant battle between contractors and architects and eventually even clients started realizing that it was in their best interest to side with the contractors who eventually have to deliver the jobs.
The major shift was in the way contracts are administrated. Today, the model is what’s commonly known as design-and-build which places the entire responsibility on the shoulders of the contractor. he is the one who has to “design and build” the project within a set budget and within a set time. the architect is merely a consultant in this scenario and is employed by the contractor.
Architects despise this as it shift a lot of the focus from quality of architecture to contractor profits. In the commercial Southern Living House Plan Sl-593 world however, this is working well and it just seems to make a lot more sense financially and in terms of managing risk.
Out of frustration a lot of architects are now walking over to the “other side” and are starting to work “all in one” service to their clients. Whether this is a Certified Electrician Salary good or a bad thing remains to be seen, but for the time being architects actually have to opportunity to work for contractors and make some money for a change.…

Dealing With Architects and Engineers

One of the biggest problems I have with architects and engineers, is the fact that most of them perceive contractors as problem creators, not problem solvers. On most of the projects I worked on, I was the one solving most of the problems and it didn’t take long for the engineers and architects to catch on.
I knew what I was talking about and most of the time, I was the one providing them with solutions to their problems. Yes, that’s right, I’m patting myself on the back here. This was often embarrassing for them, whenever we were surrounded by other professionals. I wasn’t interested in embarrassing anyone, I would usually talk to these people in private, unless I knew them.
If you’re having problems working with architects and engineers, you might need to feed their egos. I’ve worked with quite a few who needed their egos fed often. I even had one structural engineer tell me what to do on my job. I asked him as nice as I possibly could,” Remember who’s paying your bills, you’re working for me, I’m not working for you.”
That was the last job I use that structural engineer on, and he went out of his way to delay any corrections that I needed, for the rest of the job. I would have been better off, making him feel more important than putting him in his place. I was the one who got penalized, because someone else needed to feel important. Don’t let this happen to you, this particular structural engineer cost me a lot of money.
Be careful working with architects and engineers, because they can create Electrician Salary Union problems and delays. If you do find yourself having problems with an architect or engineer, you might need to replace them, if you have the power to do so. If you don’t, remember that the few kind words usually go a long way.
You’re the best architect in the world. I don’t think anybody could have done a better job than you did. I just wanted to call you and tell you, how much I appreciate you sending us the building correction, in a timely manner. How about some tickets to Friday nights basketball game. Great contractors know how to motivate other people.
Here’s an additional heads up for any contractors looking for more work. Engineers and architects can provide you Construction Company Reviews with a lifetime supply of customers. I worked for one architect for one year, without working for anyone else.…