Con Artists Even Work in the Construction Industry

I would like to share another construction story with you about a contractor who desperately tried to take advantage of one of the people that I was working for. This was an intelligent contractor who had been in business for 10 years.
Even though I was 10 years younger than the contractor I was working for, it seemed like I had more business sense or some sort of intuitive way of processing information. I told the Home Construction India contractor I was working for, that he should watch this particular guy and to try to avoid paying him anymore than necessary. Something about this guy just didn’t sit right with me.
To make a long story short, this guy took advantage of the general contractor I was working for and it wasn’t long before the general contractor was using this guy for work that he wouldn’t have ever dreamed about hiring him to do.
This guy was installing doors at the beginning and within a few months he was doing all sorts of odd jobs for the general contractor. I watched in amazement as the guy took advantage of a street wise, common sense, intelligent General Building Contractor and it wasn’t long before the guy disappeared and never came back.
I ask the general contractor one day, how much money the guy ended up getting away with and his reply was shocking. He told me that the guy owed him over $2000 and he didn’t want to talk about it, ever again.
This is usually what happens to con artists like this guy. They get away with something and the people that they took advantage of, don’t want anyone else to know that someone actually took advantage of them. The story never gets told and these types of people continue to scam and con other people.
It might sound a little unrelational, but you should try to avoid getting caught up in other people’s problems. This is what happened Construction Contractors License to the general contractor that I was working with. He felt sorry for the guy and it wasn’t long before he became one of his victims.
If you don’t overpay anyone, you’re probably not going to end up in a situation like this.…