How to Establish a Level Line For a DIY Construction Project

The first step is to determine where your project will be located.
If you have restrictions or setbacks that are required, you must comply with all governing bodies. By the way a setback is the distance from the property line to where your project can be built. It must be set-back (whatever distance) from the property line.
So for the purpose of this article, we will assume that either you have the setback already measured out or you live in the middle of a larger property where setbacks do not matter.
Either by measuring from the property line or by sighting in where you want the edge of the project to be drive a couple of stakes to establish the edge of the building. Using a level determine a level line and mark the point of level on both stakes.
There are several levels available for you to use. However, the simplest level to use is a string level. You can usually buy a string level and a roll of builders line at a hardware store for a few dollars.
To use a string level, you first must drive a nail into one Construction Electrician Salary of the stakes and tie one end of a string to the nail.
Then stretch the string tightly to a nail on the other stake. Place the line level in the middle of the distance between Extension Builders the two stakes. This is important. The string should be tight and the line level should be in the middle.
Looking at the bubble on the line level, adjust one end of the string up or down in order to establish a level point. Once leveled, you can then mark both stakes at the level point of the string.
You can then adjust the height of your building by these two marks. You can either raise it or lower it by moving the marks equal distances on each stake. You will still have a level line.…