Construction Estimating – Is It For Me?

Contractors and engineers know that Construction Estimating is one of the most important factors in running a successful business. When an engineer or contractor is building a structure or a house they rely on accurate estimating to avoid construction cost over runs. However, construction estimating is not always easy so it is crucial that all measurements and calculations are done right to avoid any pitfalls once the construction process is set in motion.
Keep in mind that a career in estimating is not for the weak at hart. You will either love it or hate it. Creating an estimate is like building the project in your head and you should have some knowledge of the construction process to start.
There are several aspects involved in making your estimate. Attention to every detail Roles Of Owner In Construction and experience as well as expertise is essential in drawing up a precise calculation.
Bear in mind that in construction estimating you are basically giving your client an idea of what the total costs of the entire project will be. Once your client has an idea on how much the cost of the whole project would be, he’ll be able to arrange for the finance.
It is also crucial that you likewise have all you’re financing in place before you start the project as a contractor. Remember that delays in payments to your laborers will definitely result in temporary setbacks in the project. This in turn will cost you more money than you expect. Therefore a constant cash flow is very essential to keep the whole project on schedule.
Furthermore, there are several aspects in preparing an estimate. Providing the estimator with all the details of the work is mandatory in order to prepare a competitive estimate. The job of the estimator is one of the most rewarding jobs in the Subcontracting Work industry.
Construction estimating can be a tedious task. However, you need to keep in mind that this is vital for the success of your construction business.…

As a Contractor, Is Construction Estimating Software the Answer to My Problems?

So many people in the construction industries, believe that construction estimating software is the answer to their problems. Most often, the business problems companies experience lie within their operations and processes. Construction software solutions like: estimating software, accounting software, and project management software does help, however, they will NOT help if you do not have your processes and operations clearly identified.
The rush is always to buy new accounting software at the start. Well, accounting software will just report information that has already happened, which is almost always too late. The key is to start thinking about how you want your company to operate procedurally. For instance, in New Home Construction Companies Near Me, no project or contract ever starts unless the project is bid on, or negotiated; and that all entails a price. The million dollar question then is HOW in the world did you get to that price? And there in-lies the major problem. The question you have to ask yourself is: How do I want my company to bid projects PROFITABLY, be COMPETITIVE, and Reduce RISK CONSISTENTLY? Well as you probably can see, Construction Accounting Software and Construction Project Management Software are good for after the fact, but first you need the contract award. The contract can’t be awarded unless you supply your bid or price.
Your bid or price is created by an effective estimating cost analysis process FIRST that you define, not necessarily automatically achieved by a Builder Contractor License estimating software program. Remember, construction estimating software should and must execute YOUR processes to be successful. No standardized software training on any program will ever work perfectly for everyone. So before software solutions or software training can be successful, you absolutely must have your internal processes well defined. Then you have to learn how to integrate YOUR operational processes into a construction estimating software application. Good software training would then be appropriate. It is important to note that, not all construction estimating software applications allow you to easily integrate your processes, so choose wisely.…

8 Errors In Estimating Construction

1. Wrong budget calculation may lead to errors in estimating Subcontractor License. Estimation requires labor costs, cost of materials and calculation of quantities. Some times any error happened may lead to loss of money. So you can use any calculator to calculate the amount required and copy it in a book for further review.
2. Normally budget required for House Plans 28X48 is estimated from the plans and drawings. Any errors in measurements and dimensions taken from plans and drawings may result in corresponding mistakes in the cost of construction.
3. Any fault on construction projects subjected to permits and inspections may also cause construction.
4. Sometimes the cost of constructing materials, machinery and equipment to a project can be very expensive. This may also affect the estimation. Also cost of transportation may sometimes become high due to poor roads and heavy traffic to and from supply sources.
5. Some labors do not complete their work in time. This may also affect the estimation. So select the labors who complete their job on schedule. You can appoint labors for overtime work in order to complete it in schedule. Overtime rates are fixed according to the labor agreement rule or labor union rule.
6. Any fault in visiting the construction site may lead to error. Visiting the proposed site of the project enables the cost estimator to inspect the plot.
7. Lack of experience in the field of construction may result in error. This may sometimes result in failure to review building codes and permits.
8. Failure to give the work to a good contractor may also affect the estimation.…

Estimating Software Programs Give Contractors the Tools to Compete

The technology explosion has changed the Wiring Technician Job Description industry fundamentally and irrevocably. No single task impacts contractors today more than estimating yet the number one reason construction companies lose money results directly from untimely and inaccurate estimates.
While we at Construction Digital still talk with veteran company principals who reflect wistfully about the days of paper, a slower pace of conducting business, and getting by on guile and the seat of their pants, none are na?�ve enough to ignore the need to embrace technology at every level if they are to remain successful.
Speed, efficiency, cost management and guaranteed ROI is the name of the game – especially in a recessionary economy where more companies are competing for fewer jobs – and that starts with the abundant availability of bid estimating software that offers industry-specific solutions with advanced integration capabilities and ease of use. Many of the top general contracting firms now have secure online bid rooms that allow subcontractors to download and review specs before submitting their bid on jobs.
Here are some of the top products available to contractors today. Though not inexpensive, once implemented they generally pay for themselves in short order.
ProEstA� was developed by Construction Management Software, which has been developing software for construction companies since 1976. ProEstA� is in use by more than 6,500 firms and produces quick, accurate and competitive bids. Built on Microsoft SQL technology, ProEstA�can be integrated with most leading accounting programs, implemented across trades and features industry-specific templates and localized, updated databases.
ProEstA� also comes with pre-built databases for general, electrical and mechanical contractors and can be customized to fit the requirements of niche businesses. ProEstA�also runs RS Means, Electrical Technology Degree required for companies working with government agencies. RS Means databases are complete with city indexes that are used to accurately calculate costs for specific cities or regions.
Bid4Build is a recognized industry leader and winner of numerous awards. User friendly and designed for general and subcontractors of all sizes and specialties, Bid4Build relies on an extensive database that generates bids, creates cost estimates and reports quickly and accurately across a broad range of projects.
The program’s Estimate Advisor Wizard walks users through a five-step process for building an estimate. Perhaps Bid4Build’s most attractive feature is the fact its extensive item cost database can be customized by adding, deleting or changing both line entries and line item costs.
Sage estimating tools have long ranked among the industry’s most respected and reliable. Sage Timberline Office construction software provides tools such as multiple take-off options, specific pricing databases and integration with accounting systems that build profitability into each job. The databases are easily modified to fit company-specific requirements. Timberline Office also provides the capability of integrating with RS Means for working with government agencies.
On Center Software was founded in 1988 by a group of construction professionals. Since then the company has been driven in its development of fast and accurate takeoff and bidding software. The company’s premier program, …

Construction Estimating Labor Using a Subcontractor Lump Sum Quote

This discussion assumes that you are acting as a General Contractor, Home Builder, or Construction Company Reviews Manager that does NOT self perform labor in specific areas of work.
This process is very similar to the Subcontractor System unit cost approach. However, in this discussion, you have absolutely NO pricing histories from Subcontractors, just a Lump Sum quote, making it almost impossible for you to qualify the quote. Possibly, the only way to qualify quotes, is to compare quotes across all Subcontractors in a specific specification section or category hoping that none of the subcontractors or vendors left something ( material, equipment or labor) substantial out of their Lump Sum quote. Another MAJOR concern is, what happens when you do not get any or enough quotes in a specification section or category? Needless Journeyman Electrician Job Description to say, this method is very risky for your company. Whereas, in the Subcontractors System Unit cost process, you could possibly have some pricing histories from some subcontractors who have bid to you in the past for specific types of work of past performance. But equipped with only system unit pricing histories from those or some contractors probably will not provide you the time or pricing analysis to help reduce risk to your company or make your bid more competitive. That is mainly due to your mindset being in the Lump Sum quote expectation mode, in lieu of thinking about or preparing your analysis in a scope or system outline.
Now don’t be offended here, but this process is probably one of the most used processes, so it is highly suggested that you explore a hybrid estimating process, scope estimating process, or subcontractor system unit cost process. Those areas expand on the concept of checking Subcontractor quotes in a little more detail that will help you to qualify quotes. One of the reasons this Lump Sum Quote process is so popular is not because it is efficient or accurate for that matter. It is strictly a time saver, since you are just soliciting for quotes or bids from vendor or subcontractors. So this process does not allow you to have an understanding of (what is in the job or bid) the bid items (or complexity of the project) or of the way you expect bids or quotes are going to be coming in to you in the last two hours or twenty minutes of a competitive bid to an owner. So essentially, most people land up taking the low subcontractor lump sum quote without really understanding the extent or scope of the quote, where the volatile risk to your company is really high. Some would agree that bidding like that is just like flying blind, so please research the other estimating processes mentioned above.…