How Upselling In Construction Marketing Can Boost Your Construction Business

Have you noticed whenever you buy a burger, the sales people always try to persuade you to ‘Go Large’, or have ‘extra fries’ etc. Have you also noticed at the checkout of every superstore are racks of things you would not have thought of buying, but as you stand there waiting at the checkout, you suddenly realise all the things you ‘need’! Scary stuff! Real profits come when you get the client to buy a larger, more expensive, or more comprehensive product or service.
This is how it works in the Simple House Designs 3 Bedrooms industry:
EXAMPLE A: The Remodeler, Home Refurbishment: in the business of building extensions, bathrooms, sun rooms, loft conversions etc. How about suggesting certain enhancements at the point of survey. Or ask them if they had considered extending the work to include the latest whiz bang disposal unit, designed to be 150% more efficient and thus delivering significant cost savings to your client.
EXAMPLE B: The Commercial Contractor: how about offering a Repairs and Maintenance service after the initial defects period following contract completion. This can deliver great benefits for your client because you already know the premises and can operate much more efficiently with the prior knowledge base you already have.
EXAMPLE C: The House Builder: If you are building housing schemes where a number of homes will be rented/leased you could offer and Liaison Officer based on site for the first 6 months after completion, to make sure people are secure in their homes, know where to find everything and are happy. You could offer this service as a free added benefit – this may be the deciding factor that will win you the contract over your competition! Alternatively, if the client/housing association/ local housing authority are intending to employ someone for this job, you could easily extend your business reach by supplying the right person for the job – someone who already knows the property and has proven qualifications to do the job.
EXAMPLE D: The Sub-Contractor: if you work for a number of larger contractors, the way you source the products you use is crucial. It may be that the main contractor already has an approved list of suppliers, but often good relationships can be established with individual Buyers to enable the Subbie to recommend where to source materials at competitive prices. A whole range of complex partnerships can be made to enable commissions to be paid and everyone benefits! Of course, it goes without saying that any deal agreed should be completely transparent and should ultimately benefit the client in terms of cost savings and quality products and services. One wrong move or ‘under the table’ deal can result in lost credibility and trust. So keep everything above board.
EXAMPLE E: The Architect: Design & Build contracts are one obvious root to establish good working relationships with construction professionals on a project team and can be one way architects can ‘up-sell’ their professional skills by working on a partnering basis. …

Marketing on The Internet for Contractors

People like to use statistics to either make a case or debunk some myth. Numbers are real and everyone can readily understand them better than flowery language or promises of work to be performed. To use the old cliche “numbers don’t lie.”
This is true for contractors as well. Most contractors that have a handle on their business understand their cost to doing business, their Garden Design For Small Gardens monthly income needs and their profit margins. But do you have a handle on the internet searches that are being performed in your area?
Most internet experts state that somewhere between 80% of 85% of people who use the internet to find a service in their local area will contact the service provider. Of that number, approximately 61% of the people will buy the service. So, let’s discuss a simple example. If you are a roofing contractor, then let’s imagine that 100 people in your local area used the internet to search for roofers. Of those 100 people, 80 picked up the phone and called the different roofers that they found on the internet. Of those 80 people, 61 bought a new roof. Would you like to sell 61 new jobs?
This may seem like an outlandish claim, but the numbers don’t lie. Recent information indicates that 77% of Americans have some sort of access to the internet. With the growing popularity of “Smart” phones and other devices capable General Contractor Requirements of accessing the World Wide Web, that percentage is bound to climb. If 77% of the people in YOUR LOCAL market are actively using the internet to look for a contractor, shouldn’t you have a website that they can find?…

How to Get the Most Out of Pictures With Contractor Marketing

It is undeniable that pictures can do a much better job of selling a product or even a service than simple words. With the right strategy and a little technical knowledge, a one-man contractor shop, or even a place with 40 employees, can significantly increase their workload.
Let’s use a remodeling contractor working on a kitchen as an example. And we will also discuss an internet hosting service called Flickr.
The contractor makes an appointment to visit the home and prepare an estimate. During the process of measuring cabinets and asking the home owner different questions, the contractor takes pictures of the kitchen. After getting a firm idea of what the homeowner has in mind, the deal is set and the work begins.
A few weeks later the contractor is finished with the job and asks the home owner if he can take a few more pictures to add to his portfolio. The home owner agrees and the contractor snaps a few more pics. These pictures are later added to the Flickr site. At the bottom of Contractors Near Me Free Estimates the picture is a description explaining the company name and website address responsible for this “before and after” collage. This slideshow of pictures can then be emailed to friends and clients as well as being linked on Facebook, the contractor’s website and on Twitter.
Try it for yourself. Go to and type “Kitchen remodel” in the Search function at the top of the page. You will find some pictures that have anywhere from 200 to 1,700 views. If 250 new prospects Adair Homes Floor Plans saw pictures of your handiwork, how many of them would be enticed to contact you? How many new jobs could you land if you could SHOW your work to clients rather than TELL them about it?…

Internet Marketing and the Construction Industry

When we talk about the Electrician Benefits industry, there are tons of different companies and trades involved with projects in this field. Whether you’re a contractor who is looking for a subcontractor to hire, or you’re someone who would like to get your name out there as a subcontractor, by utilising the power of the internet, people can easily and quickly find your company. Using a company that you can launch internet ads on to get your name out to hundreds of millions of people will guarantee an increased amount of business for you.
A contractor’s main responsibility is to talk to subcontractors in order to negotiate the best price for a specific project. So what do you think is the easiest method of finding all these individual companies to submit bids for projects to? The internet is without a doubt the easiest and quickest way of finding these companies. By searching on Google, a contractor can pull up results on hundreds of different companies. Wouldn’t you want your company to feature at the top of the search engines? If they saw your company before they saw any other, don’t you think that’d be beneficial for your business?
The main priority of internet marketing is to maximise where your company is featured in the search engines. An internet marketing company will use the appropriate keywords that will put your company website at the top of the search engines, meaning, your Prime Vs General Contractor site is the first site visitors see and as always, first impressions are always lasting ones. There are a number of internet marketing companies that are capable of helping you build a website with the best template for visitors to navigate though, increasing your chances of attracting prospects and increasing your work portfolio.…

How To Handle Pre Contract Issues In Construction Marketing

Construction marketing is not just about getting tenders through the door. The committed marketer will ensure the right follow up takes place after that crucial pre-contract meeting.
So for anything bigger than a simple small business prospect, the stage after the pre contract meeting would normally be to agree contractual arrangements for the project so at the conclusion of the meeting, a time frame and lead-in time for the project should be discussed, minuted and actioned. Therefore at the List Of Construction Companies Near Me meeting it is important for you to agree working parameters: exactly what is to happen, how it is to be done, whether a cost is attached, an incoming tender date, tender return date, project on site date and scheduling, completion date and the resources needed agreed and applied to the programme of works.
Make sure you summarise very concisely the main points of the meeting and the details of what was agreed, particularly focusing on its purpose and outcomes, from the prospect’s point of view. This confirmation must include all necessary parameters to ensure no misunderstandings develop and that the contractor’s and prospect’s expectations are met.
The document outlining the above parameters should be copied to the relevant people in both may be asked to put together a Budget Tender proposal at this stage. This is more likely to happen with a Private Developer and your judgement at this point is crucial. If you assess that the client is a good prospect for reliable future work opportunities, it is worth getting your Estimators to put together a Budget Figure for the project. However, you should proceed with caution because the less reliable characters will simply use your figures as a short cut to getting a deal elsewhere. You will have done all the hard work and may not reap the benefits.
Having flagged up this problem, budget tenders, if handled well, can provide a lucrative sales pipeline resulting in negotiated work which is much preferred to competitive tendering.
During the survey stage you may be required to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire. For a large prospect organisation, this survey stage can be protracted and complex. It may be necessary to continuously review during the survey process to check understanding and interpretation. Permissions and access may need to be agreed with different sites or locations in the prospect’s organisation, and this should all be managed sensitively by the marketing person.
Some Average Plumber Salary marketing organisations have dedicated people who write project proposals or quotations. However, the marketing person should have the resources to add weight and substance to this process by supporting with supplementary material relevant to the proposal. This could be material to do with Health & Safety, Equal Opportunities and Quality Assurance.
The presentation of the proposal is also crucial and the marketing person should be able to support the estimators in putting together a professionally bound presentation pack which should include an Executive Summary, Index and further material as appropriate such as illustrations …