Girls Interest In Construction Is Growing, But More Women Are Needed In The Industry

Years ago it was unheard of for women to be employed in the Electrician Job Description Pdf industry. Today women are slowly and progressively making gains and finding jobs in that sector.
Both in the U.K. and abroad more and more females are finding work as builders, bricklayers, carpenters, tillers, fitters and framers.
The construction industry is usually one of the biggest in most economies. There are always public sector initiatives, private developments and housing projects that are being built regardless of economic circumstances. And so it makes sense that at some point ladies will begin to move into this sector as more and more women become employed.
In the Britain, the build industry is worth more than A�100bn which represents about six per cent of the total GDP. The sector has been affected by the economic downturn, but things are expected to stabilise in the next few years, with growth forecast for 2013 and beyond.
However, while women make up close to half of the workforce in Britain, they are only about 10 per cent of the construction industry. This is something that will in fact damage the country’s ability to recover when the economy improves, as well as its competitiveness.
In other countries the picture is a bit more positive. In Canada for example the number working in construction in some provinces is increasing. In Quebec, the number of women workers in the industry has grown since 1997. By 2011 the number of employed in construction in the French-speaking province was 2,067, or nine per cent more than in 2010. They use many initiatives and activities to get more people involved in building. One of the most successful is a competition which aims to promote the industry to other demographics. The competition offers scholarships to those who want to study and work in the building sector.
In the UK the tradition has been for ladies to be drawn to the more creative sides of building and home projects. They have found work as interior designers and until recently as architects. However, according to the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) the number of female architects Subcontract Definition has fallen by seven per cent since 2009. A survey done by RIBA at the beginning of 2012 showed that more than two-thirds of them suffered from sexual discrimination during their career and that 35 per cent believed the recession would decrease pay parity with male counterparts.
RIBA expressed concern about its survey findings and has said it is committed to helping them with these issues and committed to addressing inequalities through initiatives such as the Architects for Change and Women in Architecture groups.
In other areas however the news seems more positive. Do-it-yourself projects are undergoing a renaissance and a survey done by Ideal Home Magazine revealed that people are taking on more home improvement projects than ever before. Interestingly, more and more females across the U.K. are attending DIY classes and are keen to learn about wallpapering, plumbing, basic …

What Are the Tools Needed to Build a Shed?

Nobody thinks that one of the most important and often over looked tools needed to build a shed is a good set of detailed construction plans. You may not think of this as one of the tools needed to build a shed but I guarantee that without it you will squander a lot more time and money than is necessary and your shed project may turn into a real never ending nightmare of returning to the building supply store again and again.
When you have your plans you will be able to easily see and make up a list of what type of wood, hardware and materials you will need and then you can make one Gc Project Manager trip to the building supply store and get everything you need in just one trip. You will also ensure that you will have the proper tools to complete the job.
In a basic tool kit you will always need a good quality framing hammer, a power or cordless drill, an electric circular saw, and you will also need an assortment of hand-tools like screwdrivers, wrenches and pliers. You will also need a level, a framing square and chalk line for laying out your construction plans. Also, if you are going to construct a permanent foundation you will probably need a shovel, post-hole diggers and a wheel barrow to mix concrete in. You will need a good set of work gloves as well to keep the blisters away.
You will need to use some sort of exterior finish for your shed so you will need to purchase paint brushes or rent or buy a paint sprayer as well. It is always a good idea to have a reciprocating saw for odd cuts on wood that you may come across, but this is usually not necessary with the proper planning. Again, the best tool of all that you can have in your tool kit is your set of construction plans.
All kinds of shed plans are available for free and are easily found on the Internet but don’t be fooled most of them don’t give you enough information to completely build the shed. I have not found any that will give you a list of materials or a cut list. I order to find all this you will need to purchase a set of detailed construction plans. The price you pay for these plans, however, can be recouped in the money you save in materials and trips to the supply store.
One of the most important things about a high quality set of blue prints is that it will also list all the cut sizes you need to make. You can then simply give this list to the lumber yard and for a small fee, most will cut all the pieces to size for you. You can then simply put everything General Contractor Checklist together like a big puzzle. As you can see this is one of the most critical tools needed to …

Construction Industry and the Crumbling US Infrastructure Upgrades Needed – A Think Tank Topic

When President Bush and the Congress passed a 10-year Department of Transportation funding to improve our roads and highways, along with the infrastructure which was overdue, everyone applauded. It is paramount that we keep everything Inspiring Gardens in working order. Consider if you will our transmission power lines, our dams, and our rail lines, or our highways and freeways, sewer treatment plants, our airports, and our ports. That is a lot of infrastructure to take care of.
Perhaps this is why the topic came up about our crumbling infrastructure in America and the upgrades we need at a recent online think tank e-mail discussion. Below are some of my thoughts on the matter;
We seem to have a real problem in the US as we have bridges which are getting old and unsafe, and the number of dams in the US deemed unsafe is completely alarming, it’s one disaster after another just waiting to occur. Our road ways, rail lines, ports, airports, all need an increase in monies and upgrades.
These priorities are critical, and critical infrastructure upgrades are way overdue. Municipalities have lots of challenges ahead, but no money. State governments well, they are bogged down like cities with pension obligations, costs, and they too have massive needs for upgrades. The Federal Highway system could use $700 Billion right now, not to mention the power lines another $800 Billion minimum. Water infrastructure, desalination plants, etc, is beyond the point of no return now, it’s in crisis mode.
This year has been a wet year, good snow fall, good water supply, five years from now we will be back in drought mode, only much worse, than last time, as now even minor droughts become a huge problem. The Obama administration Landscape Garden Images has set forth billions of dollars as part of the stimulus package for shovel ready jobs up and beyond the amount of money already previously allotted by the Bush administration for Department of Transportation funding.
This proposed money was supposed to kill multiple birds with one stone; namely, provide shovel ready jobs, which it didn’t seem to do, put additional funds into the economy, and we know now that very little of that was spent, and fix the infrastructure that is starting to crumble. There were some serious projects slated, several dams, many bridges, and fixing of some of our highways.
Money was given to municipalities and states to fix potholes, and there was even some money for high-speed rail. As you know none of this occurred, well very little anyway. Now we are being told by the current administration; it’s the thought that counts. No it’s not, it’s performance that counts, and I hope you will please consider this.…