Construction Progress Pictures In the Age of Personal Tech

One of the smartest things to do as a contractor and something that is completely appreciated by the owner of the property or building once it’s completed is if you take progress pictures. As the grading is completed, the trenches are dug, the foundation is put in, and the building takes shape it’s nice to have pictures along the way. This has always been quite common in the construction sector, but many contractors are so busy they never seem to get around to it. However, it’s a lot easier today than it ever has been in the past.
Consider if you will the reality that everyone has a digital camera in their smart phone, and there are new 3-D apps for the Apple iPhone. It’s easy to take all these digital renderings, and even build a 3-D model day by day as the work progresses. I suppose the future holographic imagery and spectral imaging will be part of this, as all those pictures are made into holograms. So you can see the building being built in real time in one sequential video. Perhaps you’ve seen this on YouTube where a building just gets built and you can watch it all in a three-minute video. That’s pretty cool.
Being able to do this for your customer, and also having it available to show future customers puts you on the leading technical edge, and sure works great for presentations at planning commissions to show the great work you do. It’s definitely a digital keepsake and it’s New Construction Enterprise, Al nothing like the old days where you would take the pictures, and then go down to perhaps a local Walmart to have the film developed. Then you would have a stack of pictures to hand to the owner, or perhaps you would have them mounted in a scrapbook and then hand it over.
Usually, the contractor would make two scrapbooks one for himself and one for the owner. The scrapbook for himself would be kept in his office to show future clientele how things were done. Now, all of these things can be put on YouTube and people can subscribe to your channel, and they can look at all the projects you have ever done and watch it all unfold as you did it.
What amazing new technology, and what a wonderful application for the List Of General Contractors industry, and the long-term entrepreneurial contractor that wants to grow his business. It is my sincere hope that you will please consider all this and develop your digital progress construction strategy in the new age of personal tech.…

How to Get the Most Out of Pictures With Contractor Marketing

It is undeniable that pictures can do a much better job of selling a product or even a service than simple words. With the right strategy and a little technical knowledge, a one-man contractor shop, or even a place with 40 employees, can significantly increase their workload.
Let’s use a remodeling contractor working on a kitchen as an example. And we will also discuss an internet hosting service called Flickr.
The contractor makes an appointment to visit the home and prepare an estimate. During the process of measuring cabinets and asking the home owner different questions, the contractor takes pictures of the kitchen. After getting a firm idea of what the homeowner has in mind, the deal is set and the work begins.
A few weeks later the contractor is finished with the job and asks the home owner if he can take a few more pictures to add to his portfolio. The home owner agrees and the contractor snaps a few more pics. These pictures are later added to the Flickr site. At the bottom of Contractors Near Me Free Estimates the picture is a description explaining the company name and website address responsible for this “before and after” collage. This slideshow of pictures can then be emailed to friends and clients as well as being linked on Facebook, the contractor’s website and on Twitter.
Try it for yourself. Go to and type “Kitchen remodel” in the Search function at the top of the page. You will find some pictures that have anywhere from 200 to 1,700 views. If 250 new prospects Adair Homes Floor Plans saw pictures of your handiwork, how many of them would be enticed to contact you? How many new jobs could you land if you could SHOW your work to clients rather than TELL them about it?…