Is a Pocket Office Worth the Cost?

As more employees work from home or do significant portions of their work in the home environment, home offices are becoming increasingly popular. While it is simple to convert an unused room into an office, for some this may not be enough space, nor is a general environment always appropriate for a given job. Similarly, many homes builders must consider floor space and may not be able to easily accommodate a large office.
Every situation will vary, but this article will address whether an office is worth the cost and how much space it is wise to invest. A typical pocket office is a square or rectangle with sides between What Is A Subcontractor Agreement six and eight feet in length (roughly two to two and a half meters). The primary question is how you want to use your pocket office and whether this size will be adequate to fit your needs.
Though small, a pocket office can be a useable space in very many different conditions. It is likely a safe assumption that the work done within will be through a computer or primarily with paper files, so only a desk and chair is needed. In Craftsman House Plans design, however, it would be wise to make sure that the room has an Ethernet port or is relatively close to a wireless hotspot in order to make certain of consistent internet access.
Privacy and noise are also concerns, particularly for homes with multiple residents or children. Pocket doors may be priced slightly higher than normal doors, but they allow for small rooms to be effectively created that can be shut off from the rest of the home. Even a room as small as 5×5 may be adequate for a great many needs, and this should probably be viewed as a starting point unless you need a particularly small pocket office due to preference or necessity. A small location will not allow for bookshelves, closets, or other options that may be desired, if not standard.
It is worth considering what the primary use of the office will be. Clearly, a pocket office is created primarily for work, but take into account your own work habits and the work itself. If you intend to be moving in and out of the office for the entire day, it needs to be situated carefully in the home and allow for easy access. If you want a coffee maker or other luxuries nearby, or intend to use the room for any secondary purpose, this will likely require the room to be larger than the base values.…