The Building Life Cycle – Preconstruction

The phrase ‘Building life cycle’ refers to the time that the building is in existence. The building life cycle relates to the longevity that a building attains in its economic duty. It involves the following distinctive stages;
1. Preconstruction
2. Construction
3. Occupation
4. Retrofitting
5. How To Become A Building Contractor Disposal
Preconstruction refers to the period between the conception of the idea to build up to the time of ground breaking for the process of construction to begin. This is usually a preparatory period, with most of the activity involving planning for a successful implementation of the project at hand. The following are some of the particular activities common in this phase;
A� Project conceptualization: refers to the process of coming up with a project, based on prevailing factors and conditions like finances, market demand and so forth. The product of this process is a project brief, usually in a very basic form and citing the general items particular to the project at hand. It is in most cases given as a project proposal.
A� Project appraisal: Once the proposal is accepted, the next process kicks in. This is the process of studying the feasibility of the project and its appropriateness. It answers questions like why should someone commit their money into such a project and how much is to be expected from it. The product of this is a feasibility study report, answering the simple question, ‘Is this project worth the trouble’.
A� Appointment of project team: this is where the composition of the project leaders is appointed. These will be sought from the developers, construction professionals, legal agents, et cetera. These will either be picked up all at once or as the need arises. The members of the project team is then allocated specific duties, most of which are geared towards the clarification of all the implications and intricacies of the project at hand.
A� Project design and approval: This involves the design of the project, either Contractor For House Construction in part or in whole and the ratification of the same by all relevant authorities.
A� Acquisition of funds and land for construction:
A� Mobilisation for project to start: This is the stage whereby the construction team is given a go – ahead to start the work. It includes the selection of contractors and acquisition of project site.
The preconstruction phase of a building is as important as the construction one. It determines the success of the project in terms of economy, market competitiveness, return on investment and compliance with all the necessary regulations. It also gives an opportunity for combining the views of all the stakeholders and as such minimize mid-construction problems as may be occasioned by the lack of enough prior arrangements.…