Going Green With Home Remodeling

What exactly is “going green” with regard to your home remodeling project?  It can be confusing, but remember that even the simplest things can make a big difference. 

Repurposing or donating items such as cabinetry, plumbing fixtures and lighting puts the items to good use.  Kitchen cabinetry being reused for an art area or laundry room are great examples

Energy efficient appliances and light bulbs save energy and run longer

Use automated climate control for your HVAC system or review conversion to a geothermal option

Tankless hot water heaters are both Red Door Homes Reviews energy efficient and space saving

Replace windows and doors with insulated versions

Insure your contractor purchases from environmentally responsible companies.  An example of this is the cabinet companies, which are certified by the KCMA Environmental Stewardship Program

By using the design/build approach and making your contractor the first and last point of contact on a home remodeling project, you can insure that all of your concerns to “go green” can be addressed and incorporated into your project, along with the usual concerns of Electrician Bad At Math, budget, design, engineering and selection of materials.

In selecting a design/build contractor for your remodeling project, it is important to thoroughly research any company you are considering. Make sure they have done similar projects on homes like yours. Ask for references and be sure to ask about their satisfaction with the process, cost controls and of course the end result. Ask is you can visit them to view the completed projects for yourself. And be sure you meet the person who will manage your project. You may also want to also inquire about the real time design capabilities of the firm.…

Green Remodeling – The Kitchen

You want to be green and remodel your kitchen, but you want to make the least impact on the Earth as possible -what do you need to know?
The simplest changes you can make include upgrading appliances to more energy efficient Energy Star appliances and replace the lighting with fluorescent or light-emitting diode (LED) lighting. Just these two actions will save you a bundle of money in the long run.
If you’ve decided to redo your kitchen from top to bottom, there are many sustainable countertops available – from stainless steel to paper composite to terrazzo to wood. Among many Industrial Electrician companies in Chicago, Taty Construction, can assist you with your green kitchen ideas.
When considering a wooden countertop, make sure the wood comes from sustainable wood or forests. If you’re not sure how to find sustainable woods, visit the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC). The FSC has created standards, which finds solutions for existing bad forestry standards.
Terrazzo consists of glass, stone and binders. Some companies use up to 100 percent of recycled glass. What makes concrete green? The manufacturing process requires a lot of input, but fly ash can be substituted for cement, which lowers the energy required to produce concrete. Concrete with 30 percent fly ash or more does not House Plan 4382 contaminate indoor air quality and is completely recyclable. Salvaged metal or recycled metal can be used to create sustainable steel countertops. And, no glue is needed when installing countertops, reducing the resources used and potential contaminants. Also, these countertops are extremely durable and have a long life span.
Flooring is also an integral part of green kitchen remodeling. Linoleum flooring and cork are extremely durable and are comprised from natural, renewable resources. Linoleum is derived from linseed oil, pigments and pine rosins and does not off gas volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Cork is derived from of the bark of cork-oak trees. Cork flooring sheets are produced from leftover wine bottle corks.
Other natural flooring options include bamboo or reclaimed or sustainable wood, such as Cane, Mango or Maple. This flooring should then be finished with natural oils or sealants.
Next is the cabinetry. Reusing your existing cabinetry is always an option. Other options include using low to zero-VOC panel products, FSC-certified plywood, rapidly renewable agrifiber boards, such as wheatboard or reclaimed wood.…

Some Thoughts on Home Remodeling

There comes a time when your house needs some good refreshing renovation. Regardless of the fact that homes need regular maintenance, home remodeling can have a great impact on your spirit and can change your mood tremendously. So whether it’s because What Electricians Do the old kitchen, bath or living room is in bad shape and out of fashion, or just because you feel like it, what you need next is to find a good home contractor whom you can trust and with whom you can work on your home renovation project.
Choosing the right home contractor for complete home renovation is a serious decision. The things one should check for when looking for a reliable home Old Farmhouse Renovation Ideas improvement contractor are primarily: good references and recommendations, good standing with the CSLB, and of course the license and insurance.
With creativity in design you can make your home look rich, comfortable and fun to live in, even with a limited budget. The choices of good materials for any home remodeling project are extensive, and a good home contractor can show you how you can achieve the home of your dreams even within your budget and without compromising the quality of the home improvement job, be it a kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling or a totally new home addition.
As a general contractor I meet many home owners for home remodeling estimate. Usually they are referred to me by clients with whom I worked already and recommended me for the job. In my experience, weather it’s a kitchen remodeling, room addition, garage conversion or you name it, home renovation can be a very simple experience once you make up your mind on the style, materials, colors, appliances and your budget. A good home contractor should work with you patiently on every detail and provide a good advice every step of the way. It is a big investment and a long term one which can also benefit you in terms of the resale price for the house if you plan on selling in the future, so follow the golden principles mentioned above and every thing should work in your favor.…

Frequently Asked Questions About Remodeling Your Home

Sometimes it happens in a store, sometimes at the gas station. It happens once in a while when I’m picking my daughter up at school. It always happens at parties. As soon as someone finds out that I am a contractor I get asked. It usually goes like this: “So you do home remodeling, what would it cost to remodel my home?”
My favorite answer is actually a question of my own: “What does it cost to eat dinner in a restaurant?”
The answer, to both questions, is “It depends.” If we are talking about dinner, it could be $3.99 at Roberto’s or $399.00 at the Hotel Del. It depends on the food, the environment, and a million other details. If we are talking about remodeling, it depends on whether you want a simple extension of your family room, or an entire second story master suite complete with fireplace and luxurious bathroom. The bottom line is that what it costs depends on what you want.
The next question is usually some variation on “How long would it take to remodel my home?” Again, Home Construction Materials this is like asking how long it takes to cook dinner-and the answer is the same: “It depends.”
The actual Home Builders Ranch time varies according to the size of the project-of course remodeling a bathroom is going to take less time than building a whole new second story. Sometimes simply getting to the start point seems to take forever.
 Most remodeling projects require City approval in the form of a permit, and this process can be very lengthy. In the beach areas, you may also have to get approval from the Coastal Commission, or if your home is on a canyon, you may have restrictions because of endangered species living there. Researching and resolving these issues must be done before anything is built. This adds time to the job, and we have little control over how much.
Usually when I start explaining the permit process and zoning regulations the question becomes “Why can’t I do what I want with my own home?”. In terms of permits, I use the restaurant analogy: the Building Department issues permits for building like the Health Department issues permits for food service. The City wants to insure that structures are safe to occupy and resistant to hazards common in the area (e.g., earthquakes, floods, etc.). I’m sure you want that too- after all you wouldn’t want your neighbor’s house to burn up (and possibly cause yours to burn too) because the electrical system was installed improperly.
In regard to zoning, I can only say that the planning groups that determine zoning regulations and review any exemption requests are made up of civic-minded folks that want the best for our City. You may not agree with all their decisions-I don’t always agree with them either-but you must agree that it’s a difficult job to accommodate everyone’s needs and desires for their community.
When I meet someone who has already …

Business of Home Remodeling

People are doing lot of business at a time, but starting the business from the beginning is not an easy thing to do. It demands lot of dedication. Home remodeling business is one of the hot choices of people now days. The major reason is the selling and buying of new and old house in all seasons. Some People sell their house for making profit, but they definitely do some renovation first for renew old house. So, they contact any home remodeling contractor. And those people, who buy the old houses, also want some renovation work. They also need some home contractor. In fact, mostly owners do remodeling and changing immediately during their first year.
Home remodeling is not difficult and expensive business like other businesses and someone can do this as part time job, and if someone have interest then this job can be very beneficial as well. But still it takes little time to become a professional home worker or contractor.
Here are some important points regarding those people who want to do home remodeling business.
Firstly, choose a unique name for the company. Someone have to register the name and the name of the state first in order to do business legally. And if the state is not same as the living place then it can be started as sole proprietor or from other company. LLC, and C -corp. are other types of ownerships. Interested people can contact well before with some authorized home contractor/builder. Someone should have a bank account. There are also some tax issues which have to be paid to the company.
Next step is that apply for license. Every home remodeling company needs to be license. In Mostly states, someone would have to acquire some license and insurance. Some states take a test before issuing the license regarding the home building, and some requires the previous experience of work under any verified home contractor/builder. Experience can vary in different states.
Buy a book keeping software and learn how to use it. It will help to reduce the accounting work like estimations and tax calculations Electrician Apprentice Salary at the beginning as in the ending of the work. This will help to reduce errors and provide a way to keep things simple and efficient.
One of the most important things in business and home remodeling business is advertisement. Use the main sources to advertisement like newspapers and websites. Post the ads in all the major newspapers for quick results. Some people use phone book also for home renovation work. Make a new connection and give it into the phone-book. Business card is another good option. Take and give to other friends and family members. Keep in touch with neighbors. Meet the major home contractors of the area and their clients and let them know about the profession.
Find the ways to separate the business from others. Purchase new and latest tools from the market to help you out with the new home remodeling company. …

Choosing A Home Contractor: The Most Important Step For Home Remodeling

When planning for home renovation one must think about the basics before choosing a home contractor. It would be good to consider various aspects of the renovation project to come up with an effective strategy which can help maximize the benefits. Roofing always occupies an important place in home remodeling. It would be good to come up with a good solution if you need to rework that roof structure. You can always think of what material to use in roofing or what types of style would be suitable for your needs.
There are several material available which can meet a variety of needs in terms of roofing. One can use metal roofing for greater strength and durability of the structure. You need to be aware of any repairing needs if that is required in existing roof structure. How Long Does It Take To Become A Plumber Hiring a roofing contractor for the job would be good who would specialize in dealing with the issues which can arise in roofing. Different aspects of home renovation must also be considered apart from roofing when planning a project of this magnitude.
One must be aware of any shortcomings in utilities and security systems which can jeopardize the safety of the place. It would be important to ensure that electrical systems, plumbing and other utilities are effectively installed and taken care of to ensure smooth functioning of the place. One must also work on plans of power saving, waste disposal and other aspects while planning a home remodeling. Choosing a home contractor for such a job would be not a small thing and you need to be extra careful.
The two aspects of style and functionality of the place can only be enhanced with efficient planning and implementation of such plans in keeping with the individual needs of the user. It is important to keep these aspects into consideration when planning to rework on your home. Without doing it, you may end up with improper strategy to handle such a large project which can result in loopholes. Managing the entire task requires skill and expertise.
This is why choosing a home contractor can benefit you from his wide ranging experience, knowledge and expertise on the matter. If you are looking to enhance the quality of your living experience it is the best opportunity to make right changes in your How To Renovate A House With No Money home and enjoy the results. You need to start with the basics and keeping your focus on functionality, you need to slowly bring in that aspect of aesthetic appeal which is so essential to creating a good and vibrant atmosphere in your living space.
It is important that you place due value on your indoor and outdoor living space to be able to utilize their potential in the proper manner. You have to understand the finer aspects of planning to synchronize various aspects of your home into an integrated strategy which delivers positive results. Your home contractor …

Tips to Minimize Contractor Change Orders When Remodeling

Performance Tip #1 – Contractor Delays
When a trade gets behind in his work, it not only impacts the schedule but it also impacts all the trades that follow his work.
If the trades that follow are then required to accelerate their work to maintain your schedule, they can incur overtime costs that they will seek to recover through a change order for a cause not of their making.
Contractors or trades who fall behind in their scope (and not due to you as the owner or to project impacts outside their control) should have the understanding upfront that they will be required to take necessary action to meet and maintain your job progress, without additional compensation. Any costs associated with accelerating work, if required to meet schedule, then becomes an issue handled between the contractor and his trades.
Performance Tip #2 – Material Delivery Commitments
Change orders in construction often occur when the contractor fails to timely secure orders for materials. The contractor, as a best practice, needs to timely secure delivery commitments, place orders for materials, equipment and services required in connection with the Work to avoid delays and maintain the scheduled timeline.
Often contractors will wait to order materials until just before the time they are due for scheduled installation. Many times they will find out that particular item is no longer in stock or unavailable, resulting in a potential schedule impact. This happens frequently when a contractor does not have the storage capacity for items ordered early and does not want to pay for storage.
There are also many instances where a specified product or material becomes discontinued and that can be a schedule impact if a new alternate product needs to be selected and approved. Selecting a new product and/or taking a late delivery impacts the schedule, the overall work flow and can result in change order requests.
Discuss with the contractor, in advance, any items on your project which he may see as a potential delay so alternatives can be discussed or substitutions selected.
Performance Tip #3 – Drawing Dimensions vs. Field Measurements
Change orders in construction generally occur when dimensions provided on contract drawings have not been field verified.
Drawing dimensions rarely correlate to actual field conditions which is why measurements should always be field verified. The contractor and his trades need to be responsible for taking necessary field measurements before fabricating materials to ensure the work will fit and function properly with other work.
It is not uncommon to have actual field dimensions off by not only inches but feet which can impact the integration of any work that follows. Improper measurements or failure to field measure can result in potentially costly rework and schedule impacts.
Avoid change orders for this condition by making it their responsibility to field measure in your contract language.
Performance Tip #4 – No Substitutions Allowed
If your contract drawings call for specified product, model, color, serial number, manufacturer, or series, then the contractor is contractually obligated …