Construction Industry Tradesmen – Need to Retire Earlier

The government seem determined to make construction industry tradesmen work until they drop or better still, until we end up in a wooden box. People in the UK on average work a lot more hours than our European counterparts in general, but this Conservative/Liberal Government want us to work even harder. Construction industry tradesmen need to retire early.
Does anyone ever consider the physical efforts Handyman Roof Repair Near Me involved in a particular industry?
Work hard and you get respect. Work hard and you get 2 homes and a car with heated seats. Work extra hard and spend half your life working with people you don’t like, never see your children, never see the wife, but earn loads of money they can spend. Work hard in a construction trade and all you will achieve is a Bad back, Tennis elbow, Hearing Loss and if you are really lucky… a Knee replacement. Now the government is trying to make construction workers spend even more time at work. Only God himself will know what joys in retirement constructions workers will have, that’s if they ever get to that age. Some well being advice can be found at , which may help people have a better quality life.
Let’s look at one particular trade and try to work out the actual stress that will be put on the human body in the course of their natural working life. It’s difficult to work out exactly, so let’s do some calculations that may just help people realise the effects such hard work will have on the “Old Bones”.
• Concrete Blocks: 34, 000 tonnes per working life
• Mortar: 10,000 tonnes per working life
• Concrete Lintels: 1000 tonnes per working life
• Shovels of sand: 800,000 per working life
• Trowels full of mortar: Millions
The reality
Now this is a very broad estimate and would not be the same for everyone, but do politicians think all construction workers sit in a nice warm office, always have access to hot food, access to clean toilet facilities and drive a car that is fuelled by tax payer’s money. The reality is totally different on a construction site. Work in very adverse weather conditions for 7 months of the year, no hot food, very bad toilet facilities that quite often don’t even have hot water and a car that thrives on being filled up with overpriced fuel that they can little afford. People often have either of the following 2 philosophies:
Live to work
Get up at 05.30 o’clock, shower, breakfast and merrily go to work. They come home from work at 7 o’clock in the evening with a sense of satisfaction from their achievements and have a sense that it was all worth it. For some it would be the huge salaries often achieved in certain industries, for others it’s the power over people they think or know they have.
Work to Live
For this work ethic people view work as a bind …

A Secret Gem of a Great Place to Retire in Florida

There is a little gem in Florida that is not too well known yet. There are no T-shirt shops here. No traffic to speak of although the traffic does get heavier when the snow birds come back. Even then, a traffic jam is not likely. The town is quaint, but there is plenty to do.
Where am I talking about? The secret gem is a small town called Homosassa. Homosassa is located approximately an hour north of Tampa on the Nature Coast in Citrus County.
The Nature Coast is filled with, well, nature. The biggest attraction here is the Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park. Here you can learn all about the manatee, a large mammal that is found here all year, but come in numbers to live in the warm waters of the rivers during the winter. There are many guided tours to take you to swim with the manatee. These gentle giants are unlike anything you have ever seen before.
Although small in stature, you will never want for something to do in Homosassa. The fishing is excellent. The canoeing and kayaking are great. The boating is so much fun. You don’t even have to own a boat. There are all kinds of places to rent them.
If you need a break from the water, there are golf courses galore in the county. So many that they have their own directory at the front of the phone book. In addition to the challenges of the sand traps and ponds, you will have your other natural challenges such as alligators, caves and cliffs.
There are also numerous tennis courts in the area. Tennis is big in Citrus County. You can find open tennis at a number of places. All you have to do is show up. If you are a more serious player, there Building Floor Plans Pdf are many USTA leagues. If you wish to learn to play, find out where in the newspaper or by calling the Chamber of Commerce. There are numerous instructors in the area to help you improve your game.
Birding is another hobby that is enjoyed here. Guided trail walks can make you a bird enthusiast in no time. There is nothing like seeing the Roseate Spoon Bill, Sand Hill Cranes, Herons and Egrets.
When you are done playing, dining at one of the fine waterfront restaurants and eateries Old Farmhouse Renovation Ideas in Citrus County is a great way to try our fresh shrimp and stone crabs.
If you are looking for a great place to retire in Florida, check out Homosassa. You will be pleasantly surprised.…