Cash Is Calling – How To Close More Roll-Off Sales When The Market Is Slow

Roll-off sales are the icing on the cake when it comes to your company’s revenue. Whether you are in a franchised market or one where the competition is fierce, these roll-off dollars are somewhat of a surprise. You really can’t know how many people are talking right this very moment about remodeling their kitchen, tearing down an old building or helping mom and dad clean out their home. When those calls come in and begin with, “I need one of those big things”, smile. Cash is calling!

Think like a customer

This may be the first time your customer has ever called about a dumpster. TMI, too much information, will negatively affect your ability to close on the sale. Make a quick assessment of both the project and debris. Direct the customer to one suitable size based on your assessment. When you give too many choices, Overseas Construction Company the customer will become confused and tell you he needs to think about it more. In a franchised area, you don’t want to have the same conversation 2 or 3 times before you close on the sale. That isn’t efficient. In a competitive market, you don’t want to push the potential customer into calling the competition.

When it comes to your pricing, remember that most of the billing disputes with roll-off are regarding extra pulls, extra tonnage or rental fees. Customers tend to respond better to an all-inclusive price. It is easy to understand and they remember that number. If you charge separately for delivery, removal, tonnage and rental, work on a simple explanation. Example: The 20-yard container is $410.00. That includes delivery, removal of the contents and rental for 7-days. Make it simple and easy for the customer to buy from you.

How to sharpen your salesmanship

Don’t be scared off by someone who begins by saying, “I just want a price”. The customer is just telling you he wants to be in control of the call. That shouldn’t change your game plan to sell the service.

After you provide a size and the pricing, smoothly move right into asking when you can deliver the container. If your customer isn’t ready to set up delivery now, you want to flush out the reason why and have a strategy to overcome the obstacle. When it comes to roll-off, the most common reasons for not buying now are:

1. I need to talk to someone else

2. I don’t have a start date

3. I got a better price from someone else

Overcoming obstacles

I need to talk to someone else- Let your customer know you can make it easy and set up the delivery now. She can call back to change the size or date without any penalty. If the customer still declines, have a game plan to follow-up in a day or two. When you follow-up on unclosed roll-off sales opportunities, you will find that you end up with at least 30 % of those orders. It also demonstrates excellent …

Mattress Shopping: The Sales Pitch Vs What You Really Want

Buying a mattress is normally a chore. If your primary mattress at home has worn out and lacks the support and comfort you need to get a good night’s rest, then chances are good that you are not looking forward to the mattress buying process in the first place. Mattress salespeople know this, so it is easy to steer you astray and match you to a product that meets their needs rather than yours.
Contrary to what most people believe, comfort, price, and mattress construction are not the only things you have to look at when buying a new mattress. In fact, these are both secondary items to those items listed below. In some cases, it may seem they are the same, but trust me they are not. Let’s take a closer look:
Support, not Comfort
The easiest way to differentiate between comfort and support is to understand that comfort is what you feel and experience while awake. Often, it is the first impression you have of a mattress (“Ooh, this is cozy”) whereas support is how you feel the next day. If you feel refreshed and have no aches and pains to work through, then your mattress has good support. Buying for support means spending 15 minutes to 45 minutes on the bed in the showroom (most people will not say a memory foam mattress is comfortable at first, but put in your home and you will see that support really does count more than comfort).
Quality and Value, not Price
Price is what you pay for the product. Since there are mattress sales every week, it is important that you understand other consumer’s perception of the mattress’s quality and the value it offers. These are distinctively different from price, which is simply what you pay.
Warranty, not Mattress Construction
Mattress salespeople will show you how a given mattress is constructed, but no matter how great the materials and technology that have gone into building the product, if the warranty is substandard, there is no point in believing in that Math And Electrician (obviously the manufacturer does not believe in it because there is no backing it with an adequate warranty). Instead of hearing about how great a comfortable and seemingly supportive mattress is, ask about the intricacies of the warranty.
These are three very essential things you should be focused on when buying a new mattress. Although it involves work at a time when you are sore from poor sleep House Remodeling Ideas For Small Homes and possibly in pain from a non-supportive, old mattress, it will pay dividends in the long-term if you are able to keep your mattress salesperson on track.…

How To Achieve A Sales Driven Recovery For Your Building And Construction Business

The Australian building industry crisis continues to intensify as thousands of jobs are expected to be cut by June in an attempt by construction companies to reduce their costs. Due to the decreased demand for new homes, weak consumer confidence and stricter credit requirements, the building industry crisis continues to build well before its predicted recovery by 2013.

If your building and construction business is in trouble, it is crucial to take immediate action. You can still achieve a successful turnaround for your business by focusing on the areas of sales, operations and cash flow management. In this article, we take a closer look at the area of sales and how it can drive your business towards recovery.

Have a marketing strategy in place

You need to ensure that you have a very clear marketing strategy that results in strong lead generation. The more leads and potential customers you find, the better your chances of getting more contracts for jobs. Determine your target market and select the marketing tools that can effectively attract and convert your potential customers into new home owners.

If you are having a difficult time in developing a marketing strategy, consult with a building industry turnaround expert as they can assist you in designing and implementing an effective marketing strategy that can increase leads and signed contracts to grow your pipeline of work.

Use a costing template

Develop a precise costing template for quotes based on target gross profit required for each job and make it a standard template for your Overwhelmed By House Renovation sales team to use when quoting potential customers. In this way, you can easily make a projection of your profit per signed contract.

Know your conversion rate

Know your conversion rate and your average lead time from lead to quote and then from quote to contract. You also need to know the average time from signing of contract to commencement of works on site and the average time it takes to complete a job. With target weekly invoicing already determined when the target cost structure was established, it will then be easier to calculate the following:

Leads required each week, both number and value

Quotes required each week, both number and value

Contracts required each week, both number and value

Value of Lead pipeline required

Value of Quote pipeline required

Value of Contract pipeline required

Value of jobs in progress

Record and monitor these weekly and get your sales team to meet the weekly leads, quotes and contracts requirement.

Monitor the performance of your sales team

To achieve a sales driven recovery for your business, it is vital that your sales team is performing well. A good number to target is an average of $200,000 per sales agent, per month in signed contracts. Your sales agents must be spending most of their time on California Abc Test Uber field calls, selling to potential customers. If any of your sales agents are not performing at these levels, then replace them with those …

Four Types of Real Estate Sales

I see people asking about foreclosures all of the time. The supposition is that foreclosures are the best deals. Some people think that the banks are so anxious to get the foreclosed home off their books that the homes are priced 10% or more below market value.
Here are the four types of sales:
New Construction: This is when you purchase a home from the builder. In our area, these homes typically sell for 3-10% above market value. People value being the first person to live in a new home. There is value to being able to pick out your finishes and live in a super-clean home with that new-home smell. But much like a new car, when you sell, you are selling a “used” home and that 3-10% extra value is gone.
Resale Home: Also known as a traditional sale or “normal” sale. This is when the owner of the home decides to put the home on the open market and sell it. This is essentially the market value of homes in an area.
Foreclosures: Foreclosed homes are owned by a lien holder (typically a bank or a loan holder like Fannie Mae). Sometimes these homes need work, sometimes not. Unlike resale homes, there is no value to holding the home (renting it out or living there). So, the bank is more motivated than a home owner. Banks typically sell their inventory for 3-5% below market value.
A quick example since some people confuse the 3-5% discount with a discount for condition of the home. Let’s say that there are two substantially identical homes right next door to each other (same size, condition, room counts, schools, views, finishes, everything). One was foreclosed and is owned by a bank. One is owned by the people who live there. Let’s say that they non-foreclosed home is worth $300,000. In this case, I would expect the foreclosed home to sell for $285,000 to $291,000.
Next example: same two homes. Now the foreclosure home has been abused. It needs paint on the inside. The carpets are torn and the previous owners took all of the appliances with them. Total damages $20,000. In this case, I would expect the foreclosed home to sell for $266,000 to $271,600 (95-97% of $300,000 – $20,000).
Short Sales: A short sale is a home where the owners owe more on the home than its current market value. They want to sell, but don’t have enough money to bring to make the difference to the lender. They are asking for forgiveness of a certain portion of their debt. The owners hire a Realtor and put their home on the market for a price low enough to attract buyers willing to wait for the bank to forgive some of the debt, but high enough for the bank to accept. In our area, about 2/5 of short sales ultimately get approved and closed. (Fairfax County 41%, Loudoun County 45%, PW County 44%)
A short sale is not for the impatient. You …

Buying A New Construction Condominium? Bring Your Own Real Estate Agent To The Sales Office

Most people are unaware that when they go into the sales office for a new condo development, the sales staff there to help you work for and represent the interests of the builder so it’s a good idea as a potential buyer to have your own representation with you.
Retaining your own real estate agent to represent you in your new construction condo purchase won’t cost you anything and could actually end up saving you plenty of time and money. A good real estate agent not only represents you in the transaction with the builder, but also ensures you understand the process of what you are buying and clarifies all the hidden costs of your purchase.
In buying a new construction condo prices are not negotiable however your real estate agent can negotiate that certain charges like builder administrative fees or community and education levies be taken out or capped.
In launching a new condo project, builders have VIP events in which they invite real estate agents to bring their clients prior to opening the project up to sell to the general public. This gives your realtor the opportunity to obtain the best floor plans and the best prices for you.
Even though your own real estate agent’s commission is paid by the builder, your agent is independent of any particular condo developer. Therefore your agent can educate you as to all the new developments that may be coming up without bias to a particular builder or condo development.
How do you know the price the builder is asking is fair? Price guidance and comparison may be the most important asset of retaining your own real estate agent when buying new. Not only can your real estate agent inform you of current market conditions in the new construction and resale markets, but your agent can also provide you with asking prices of units in similar developments and what comparable units in newly built buildings are selling for on MLS.
A good real estate agent will be able to give you insider knowledge of the neighbourhood as they are aware of new Construction Contractor License proposals for both new residential and commercial building projects that are coming down the pipeline and even paint a picture as to how the neighbourhood skyline will look two or three years down the road when your new condo building is finally finished.
Why limit yourself to just one project? The builder’s sales staff are only familiar with their own units in their own project. Not only does your own real estate agent have access to information on all the new condo developments in your neighbourhood but a good real estate agent is also aware of buying opportunities of new construction units for you in the resale and assignment markets as well.
If you like the idea of living in a new condo but you don’t want to wait a few years for the project to be built then exploring the resale market of newly built …