The 5 Traits Of Successful Contractors

Starting a new business from scratch is never easy. But for the home improvement and construction industry, it is a task that can be especially daunting. This is a business with a lot of cutthroat competition, over-saturated markets in some areas, and with the burgeoning do-it-yourself movement combined with a weakened housing market and an overall bad economy, home improvement companies and home builders have been closing their doors in record numbers since 2008. For the survivors, there is less profit, skeleton crews and down sizing in order to stay competitive in a post-recession America. In business only the strong survive, and since the recession began I was able to talk with several successful contractors who have been in business for decades, and continue to operate their businesses despite the economic downturn. They all share common traits, and I would like to share with you 5 of their most basic tenets and philosophies.
1. PERSEVERANCE. There are many factors that can affect the future of a new business, but most important is the drive and determination of the person behind the business that will ultimately determine it’s success or failure. This is the most fundamental element of achievement, You must have a never-say-die attitude in order the face the daily obstacles that can cause your business to either sink or swim. Successful contractors have conditioned themselves mentally to overcome problems that they encounter in business, for them failure is not an option. Adversity becomes a source of strength, As we all know, that which does not kill you makes you stronger.
2. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. It is very easy to become discouraged and to have doubts about your abilities in the beginning. Jobs are few and far between, there is a lot of legwork and networking involved, and it seems that it will take forever to get your business off the ground. In our present-day society we have become accustomed to instant gratification and instant results, however in business the fundamental rules still apply! You must believe in yourself, your skills and abilities in order to become a success. We are builders, remodelers and specialty contractors by trade, and it takes time to build our businesses and to achieve our goals. It all boils down to self-confidence. The guys ( or gals ) that succeed in this industry are extremely self-confident, once you start believing there is something you can’t do then you won’t get very far. You Must Believe In Your Dream To Make It Reality.
3. PLAN INTELLIGENTLY. We’ve all heard the saying, ” He who fails to plan, plans to fail. ” Successful contractors meticulously plan and organize every aspect of their business. They delegate the right positions and jobs to the right people, streamlining their operations into a well-oiled machine, creating an effective construction company. you must learn how to master time management as well, in the home improvement and construction industry everything is contingent upon deadlines, so you must plan each and every project thoroughly …