Revealed – Understanding Common Paint and Finish Strippers For Woodworking – Designs and Plans

Over the years, there have been many changes in the types of paints that we use as well as paint strippers. Commercial Electrician Vs Industrial They have certainly become a lot safer when we compare them to the old lead paints that were used.
One of the most important things to remember is always read the instructions on any of the products. Don’t assume because you have used one manufacturers product that they are all the same. Also always use good ventilation as most often the fumes can be very harmful.
As we said, misuse of these products can be very detrimental to ones health. The most common ingredient is Methylene Chloride and is most often found in paint and varnish strippers. It is toxic and may be a carcinogen. It should not be used by people with heart problems because it makes the heart work hard. It forms carbon monoxide in the blood through metabolism. Products containing this ingredient should not be used by people with heart ailments. It comes in various strengths and may be a liquid or a paste.
Acetone, Toluene and Methanol or ATM are usually found in Lacquer thinner. As a combination, they are very aggressive. These types of strippers work well on old paints and finishes. Although they are in a sense safer to use, as they don’t have the health concern that MC has caution is still important. They are a source of air pollution and they are flammable. If the particular brand you are using contains alkali then it will stain some hardwoods.
N-Methyl Pyrrolidone works slower and not as effective on epoxy, polyester or baked coatings.
Di-basic esters are the least effective of them all that we have mentioned so far.
NMP/DBE Combo strippers are now becoming popular as the DBE reduces the cost compared to the NMP.
NMP and DBE for finish removal. NMP/DBE combination strippers are generally less toxic although some manufacturers will add solvents such as xylene, which makes them toxic, air polluting, and flammable.
Lye is Sodium Hydroxide works well but is dangerous to work with.
Ammonia Hydroxide is used to fortify and strength the solvents.
There are new products coming out on the market all the time. The best solution is to ask the supplier where you are purchasing your products, which is the best to use for the particular task you are facing. Once he has made his recommendations read the label before buying. Now that you have an understanding of some of the ingredients, you will understand the safety issues that are involved. If there are, ingredients that we have not mentioned here then take the time to Cheap Building Materials Near Me list them and review them before purchasing the product. Although these are wonderful products, your health and safety are the major concern. They have been allowed on the open market provided they are labeled with explicit instructions as to their use. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to follow all …

What is Reaction Wood and How it Affects Woodworking Furniture and Projects?

Many individual woodworkers’ even seasoned ones don’t really understand the term reaction wood. This is where a piece of wood has a flaw or imperfection in it but one cannot see it easily. Then what happens is when a thin strip is removed from this type of wood it warps or twist. Then it could also pinch the blade and you end up with burns in the wood caused by friction or the blade stalls.
The culprit of this is that the piece of wood you are working with as been cut from a tree that had a lean in it. If it happened to be one of the softwood trees that it came from than the reaction wood will be called compression wood because it comes from the lower side of the lean. You may notice that this type of wood is very dense. Additionally it will be hard and brittle.
With hardwood trees, the compression wood comes from the opposite of the softwood types. In this case, now the reaction wood takes place on the upper side on the lean. It is now called tension wood. You may notice with tension wood that you get a lot of shrinkage in the length and it will have that wooly surface appearance to it.
If at all possible you want to avoid buying the reaction woods. To begin with if it’s the hardwood then the density it going to give you a problem when you go to stain it. The stain will not take evenly. This will be noticeable when you put it with the other parts of your project.
Another problem with reaction wood is its weakness. It won’t accept a heavy load. Then also, when you go to put your nails or screws into it the wood is liable to crack or split easier. If you are using this type of wood for carving or getting it to take any type of shape you are going to find its not very cooperative. It will react adversely to moisture changes as well.
The difficult issue about this whole problem is how to be able to identify what is a piece of reaction wood. For the untrained Construction Business Ideas eye, it’s almost impossible but there are a few common place things that you can look for that may be of some help.
If you take a close look at the piece of wood you are thinking of buying and you notice there is a sweep to it or it seems crooked then don’t buy it. Most likely it is reaction wood. If you are familiar with the type of wood, you are looking at and it seems out of character then use caution. If you find that the piece seems harder than usual or dense, it’s most likely reaction wood.
If you see that, the wood looks fuzzy or there are cracks that are pulling Building Contractor Salary away from the board that’s another sign of the reaction wood.…

How Can You Restore the Aroma of Your Cedar Chest and Cedar Lined Drawers – Woodworking Designs

Many of us throughout the years have had cedar chests passed down to us as a family heirloom. Some are in better conditions than others are but if there is a memory attached to it then that condition is secondary. What you might want to keep in mind though if you plan on keeping this exquisite piece of furniture to go down to through the lines of ancestry then you may have to take some steps to restore it now so it can withstand the hands of time.
One of the most significant things that you may have noticed is that familiar cedar odor is gone. You may remember as a child perhaps when you grandmother would open the chest you Landscape Design Jakarta would get that woody cedar aroma. Just the thought of it brings back memories. Sadly, though you noticed it is no longer the case. Now when you open the chest there is nothing.
Fortunately, you can restore this. Aside from it creating wonderful memories for you, the cedar has a useful side. It is a natural bug repellant. That s why it was such a favored wood for building these chests. This is where precious items were stored and everyone wanted to ensure they would be where pests would not destroy them.
Over the years no matter how preserved the cedar chest was dust gets into the pores of the wood and clogs them. Or it has been a cedar chest that was in continuous What Is A Subcontractor Agreement use then the pores may have become pinched shut. So what has happened now is the aroma that once emitted through these pores can no longer do so.
The objective is to open the pores to restore the aroma that is waiting to be let loose. There are a couple of ways you can do this. One method is to very lightly sand the surface using a fine 200 grit sandpaper on a sanding block. What this will do is the sandpaper will penetrate the pores and will open up pockets in the wood where the precious cedar oil is contained. Be very careful with the sanding though as you don’t want to end up with scratch marks. This is avoidable if you sand in the same direction as the grain. You will find that it’s not going to take much sanding before you smell the aroma of the cedar once again.
There are times though when the cedar is just too old for the sanding technique to work. Before going to all that work try sanding a discrete area to see what the end result will be like.
Another way of doing it is to rejuvenate the piece. You can do this with extracts like cedar and some cedar sprays.
You may want to try putting some good grade cedar chips in a nylon and tying it tightly. Place this at the bottom of your cedar chest. Although not as good as the actual odor …

Woodworking Shed Construction Design Tips and Tricks For Woodworking Beginners

To commence any woodworking project, a woodworking action plan is needed and if you are willing to think, plan and execute, this will be awesome for making cool woodworking designs and woodworking construction plans and outputs.
And if you are a woodworking beginner, these Builders Near Me 3 following questions have to be answered:
1. Why do you really need a woodworking shed for example:
Do you want to make a chicken coop, a shed for keeping garden equipments? Is it that you want to keep all your sports equipment in the sports wood compartment, or you really want to construct a family shed? Or is it going to be a shed for the dog to play inside? It depends on the woodworking ideas that you have in the mind and why you are willing to make a woodworking design and shed. Be it for any type of purpose, remember failing to plan is planning to fail; so get your action plan ready once you decide on which woodworking design you will be working with.
2. Determining the size of the woodworking shed:
In this step, you will try to gauge the flexibility of your woodworking output in the sense that if one is constructing garden equipment then; one has to also think about the future use of the shed. This means that if in the future you want to put more gardening tools inside the shed, one won’t be able to do it if the woodworking Building Contractors is restricted in size. So it is very important to allow for flexibility in the woodworking construction of the shed prior to building one. Hint: Also think for the years to come and not just for now!
3. Placement of woodworking shed:
In this case, landscaping is critical as no one wants his woodworking shed to be an eyesore or blocking accessibility in the area. Therefore look out for the best location to put your shed so that everyone can easily access it and also that the woodworking shed gives out a pleasant look in the surroundings.
Remember whatever woodworking design, ideas and constructions one is dealing with, is the right balance of these three initial questions that is paramount. It doesn’t matter whether one is a woodworking beginner or an advanced professional in woodworking, the basics remain and basics and without those your woodworking shed would be a failure. Hint: be creative and let your mind overflow with cool woodworking ideas!…