My first step to building a quality house, and my number one recommendation, is to find a quality builder or contractor. This one step will save you hours, days, or even a lifetime of grief. As Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “When one has finished building one’s house, one suddenly realizes that in the process one has learned something that one really needed to know in the worst way – before one began.” Builders, who have been through the process many times, hopefully won’t be learning anything new while building your house. Finding a quality builder is in itself a task that should be explored thoroughly.
For review, the major steps to building a home include: choosing a location, choosing a plan, getting insurance and permits, getting a loan if needed, survey the site, excavate, set stakes, set forms, pour concrete or build foundation or footings. Then you’re going to frame the floor, frame the walls, frame the roof and roof the house, complete the wire and plumbing. After those are done you need to install heating and cooling, exterior walls, interior walls, molding, flooring, fixtures, and insulation. Then you’ll need to paint, install cabinets, hinges, handles, doorknobs and possibly complete a hundred other tasks.
If the last paragraph wasn’t enough to convince you to hire a builder or a contractor then have at it; make sure to get some quality guidance. I, being a major do-it-yourselfer, gave up soon and decided to find a great contractor. Here are the steps I took to find mine.
First you need to find some builders that you might want to build your home. You can start with friends who are happy with their home, the Better Business Bureau, your local Chamber of Commerce. A great source is the Guild Quality website which states that they provide customer satisfaction surveying and reporting for quality-minded building and real estate professionals. You’ll find general information about builders in your area and member ratings and comments. Try some open houses and take a close look at the quality of the work both inside and out. If you know anything about framing, painting, electrical, take an extra close look at that work and make comparisons. Also make sure to look at the quality of the landscaping if you plan to have the builder or contractor subcontract that part out. If you are skillful at doing research on the internet try some searches for your builder followed by the words quality, complaints, and reviews. For example: Jeff Benton Homes Reviews or Jeff Benton Homes Complaints. You’ll find the good, bad, ugly, and unfortunately the lying so be careful to cross-reference.
Once you find some builders make Math And Electrician sure to do the following:
– Get a least three estimates Home Construction Design for the same exact job.
– Make sure the contractor or builder that you choose is licensed in your area, state, county, and city if required.
– Ask for references and make sure you follow-up. You never know what someone might tell you and you can sometimes tell of the client wasn’t so happy with the work when they give you a less than enthusiastic response
– Read your contract carefully or hire someone to go over it for you. Make sure you are getting the warranties and quality materials first specified.
– Make sure everything meets code and all building permits have been obtained. This shouldn’t be a problem if you do your homework and make sure you are working with a quality builder.
Take your time and find the right location, the right plan, and most importantly the right builder and you’ll enjoy years of happiness in your new home.

By Master