Adjusting to Today

Many of the builders we have talked to over the past year seem so wrapped up in the negatives of what has been going on in the home building industry since 2008 that they can’t see beyond it. We have all read and listened to the media talk about recession, depression, and the downturns almost to the point Residential Construction Quality Standards of ridiculousness. If all we do it listen to and think about and talk about the negative sides of things, there is a good chance those negatives are going to overwhelm us. And the more you tell yourself that something is negative the more negative it becomes and in most cases the more negative you become.
We have all known people that seem to have trouble, difficulty, negatives, and bad luck following them selves around wherever they go. Every time you meet them on the street there is another crisis, another disappointment. It never seems to end. And the truth is it probably never will, depending upon how deeply entrenched they are in their negative thoughts. And as one knows, the longer they are in those negative thoughts the more feelings they have attached to them and feelings then become real and then the cycle is really hard to break. And then what happens? If you do try to break the cycle you think about those feelings and try to avoid them which means your mind is still on them.
Have times been tough for many? Absolutely! And there has been good reason to be cautious and think things through a bit more than maybe was done in the past, but at some point we have to move forward. We have to sit back and look at things as objectively as we can so that we can honestly evaluate where we are, identify what options there are for us to turn things around and then determine what makes the most sense for us. If we don’t do that then where are we? Does it make sense to just accept what the media has to say and bury our heads and do nothing? Does it make sense to just keep doing what we have always done in the past and just hope they are wrong or that business will just take care of itself?
Only those that have big pockets can afford to sit back and just wait things out but the truth is they don’t do that. One of the reasons they have big pockets is because they can see opportunity where many don’t and have the foresight to take advantage of it. The one thing they don’t do is just ‘sit on their duff’. They look for the right situations and then move on them. It might be an opportunity to buy up some property they feel is very much undervalued. It might be a time to acquire some rentals with interest rates still low and homes definitely priced right. Or they might consider buying them to flip. The key is they look for the opportunities because they are out there.
So although things have been challenging, there are those that have adjusted accordingly and they are doing quite well. They are just doing Construction Contractors Salary it differently than in the past. They have seen through the negatives, found the opportunities, and made the adjustments to fit.