Airport Facilities

As any air traveller will be aware, airports such as Gatwick and Heathrow offer numerous airport facilities to customers aside from the basic fabric of the building and the hangars themselves. These facilities and buildings need to be well-maintained by specialist airport contractors in order to maintain a high-quality level of service that is both safe and functional to customer. Contractors that specialise in providing high-quality airport services ought to be highly-experienced in the industry and have a well-established relationship with the airports.
Other important factors to look for when searching for contractors in airport facilities, is whether they are accredited by the industry standard assessment schemes. These include schemes and approvals by CHAS (The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme), BAA (British Airports Authority), GAL (Gatwick Airport Progression Payment Limited), and ISO 9001. Contractors who specialise in these services should be well experienced with the complexity of BAA and airport regulations, as well as government regulation and ‘red tape’. This experience can help to streamline airport projects, and deliver scheduled work on time and to a good standard.
In addition to this, suppliers of airport facilities should be airside and Fast Track approved, meaning that the contractors are able to use Fast Track security channels to gain quick access to airside areas when work is due to be carried out. This removes the burden of security and adherence from the airport and companies commissioning the work, Electrician Work and places the responsibility with the provider. Fast Track approaches to airport requirements can also include a number of things such as CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings to be issued for approval before any work is permitted to be scheduled, which can delay work if the contractor is not experienced in complying with such regulations.
Services from suppliers of airport facilities can include office refurbishment, building maintenance, general building works, electrical, painting and decorating, flooring and carpeting, metalwork fabrication, plumbing amongst many other things. In addition to these services, many contractors will also offer fire compliant services, meeting with BM TRADA standards, which is very important in ensuring the risk of fire is reduced to a minimum.