Branding Your Construction Business

In uncertain economic times, anyone planning a new Custom Built Homes Near Me business should make sure they get started on the right foot by developing a branding strategy to help sell themselves and their services. A professional graphic designer can be of great help here in getting you set up with a good quality business card, logo and letterhead.
Let’s take a look at your logo design, one of the key elements in branding your company. The right logo can really define you as a professional, and make you stand out from your competition, so it pays to have some ideas in your head early on. Your logo will be the first impression of your business that your customers get when looking at your business card so it should convey something about your business – both the fact that you are in construction, and the values that are important to you. The obvious choice for a graphic logo is a tool or piece of equipment related to construction. But think outside the box, and away from the dodgy clip art of the 90s. A silhouette, cutout, or even just some elements from a piece of equipment might be enough to brand you as being in construction – leaving a lot of room for your designer to convey other information about your business and your values.
Color is also an important element. Think about what feeling you are going to give by the use of different colors, and balance this with the need to catch attention – but not be garish. Sometimes a bright color can work very well if it is matched with simple design elements so that your business Electrician Wiki card is not too busy, for example. At other times, it might be better to use more quiet, calm colors – this really depends on your knowledge of what your local market is looking for and expecting. Of course it is up to you whether you decide to challenge or conform to those expectations!
Whatever design you settle on, always remember that your branding is critical in allowing you to be seen as a professional in the same league as the major corporations. There are two kinds of small businesses – those that are around to put in the minimum to make money, and those that care about the quality and professionalism of everything they do. Which way would you rather be perceived?