Centaurus Project to Uplift the Image of The Islamabad Real Estate Sector

The Centaurus project is a massive mixed-use development project which is near to its final completion in Islamabad. The project is located in the capital city of Pakistan in a place called Blue Area. Blue area is itself very popular for its luxurious and modern style commercial properties. Centaurus project almost covers 6.6 acres of land and it is being constructed on one of the most expensive areas in Pakistan. Centaurus complex is designed by Atkins, whose stands among the most designers of Dubai and UAE. It is wished to uplift the image of not only Islamabad property market but property market of entire Pakistan. This is a project of the Pak Gulf Building Construction Process (Pvt) Ltd which has joint venture between Al Tamimi and Sardar Builders.
The Centaurus project features five floors of fully air-conditioned Shopping Malls and two luxurious Residential Towers with a Corporate Tower for perfect business ambience and a five star Deluxe Hotel to experience the lavishness and luxury of the whole world. This world class complex is said to be specially designed to withstand up to 9.5 magnitudes of earthquakes. This magnificent $350 million project will be so huge that it would easily accommodate 2,000 plus vehicles. This project will surely uplift the image of Islamabad real estate as it will become a symbol of pride for Pakistan. It is also intended to symbolize the growth of Pakistan and will surly enable Pakistan to host international conferences and seminars in Islamabad.
Up till now this project has gathered the attention of a lot of investors willing to invest in Pakistan properties market. They are now looking towards Islamabad property sector as a symbol of wealth and glory. The prices of other properties near Centaurus have been greatly surged within some time as people are now able to see the Bricklayers Near Me grand structure of Centaurus. This project will be one of its kinds in Pakistan as it will have endless facility in it. The property prices around the Centaurus project in Islamabad have already started increasing and it is hoped that by the completion of this project prices in Islamabad real estate sector will further rise.
There are not that much projects in Pakistan where people can invest their money and get amazing benefits out of it. Centaurus project is wished to bring that opportunity for investors in Pakistan. Therefore, the Centaurus project in Islamabad will definitely bring in investment in Pakistan and uplift the image of Islamabad property market.