Decorative Concrete – Functional To Fashionable

If you never thought that dull and boring concrete could be innovative and fun, companies providing Minnesota construction services might just have some surprises for you. Chances are that most of the developed surfaces you see use some type of concrete, wood, carpets, or tiles.
While many buildings are made of concrete, it is not necessary to keep this sturdy building material grey and uninteresting. Minnesota building contractors use contemporary ideas and technology to transform utility into decoration. To embellish the concrete, the commercial construction industry uses a variety of materials that can either be used during the pouring process or after the concrete has been cured.
Types of Concrete and Decorative Procedures Used by Minnesota Building Contractors:
Stamped Concrete is adding texture and color to the concrete to make it resemble natural products like wood, shells, stone, brick, and the like. This material has almost limitless possibilities, and its great durability combined with low costs makes stamped concrete very popular in new constructions and renovations.
Acid Staining is a coloring process involving a chemical reaction. The application of water, salts, and acid react with the existing minerals in the concrete to create new colors. This technique is more effective on indoor surfaces. A protective coating gives enhanced durability.
Water-Based staining this is not a reaction but more of a coating that bonds with the concrete surface. This is a nontoxic process.
Scoring is cutting shallow lines directly into the concrete. If done before the staining it gives a uniform color; if done afterwards, it exposes the natural color of the concrete. Each produces different effects.
Epoxy Paints come in a wide range of colors and offer durable and chemical spill-resistant advantages. These are applied over acid stained and/or overlays; also available in water-based forms.
Polished Concrete started as an answer to industrial floor problems and is now a very popular decorative concrete application. Here, mechanical Subcontractor Salary grinders and diamond pads give a hard-glossy finish to the surface. Acid stains and concrete dyes can be used to increase options.
Overlays a cement layer is poured over the existing worn layer. Polymer cement overlays have greatly improved this process’s performance and are more resistant to corrosion from salt, petrochemicals, traffic, UV, and harsh weather conditions.
Minneapolis Building Contractor Jobs Industry Uses Decorative Concrete Applications in:
Theme Parks Stamped concrete is gaining steady popularity in flatwork and pedestrian areas. This process lends itself wonderfully to variety.
Interior Flooring Stained concrete floors are popular with big retailers due to their cost effectiveness. Polished concrete is preferred in educational and medical buildings because of the reflective, attractive, and easy maintenance surface.
Green Building As the water-based applications are environmentally friendly and the high reflective surface reduces energy demands, decorative concrete is the preferred choice in green buildings.
Nowadays people expect more than the basic function of concrete. With improved techniques and materials, concrete offers value engineering not only through low costs and maintenance, but also superior finish and colors, designs, and textures to suit all tastes. Companies providing Minnesota construction services can offer all this and more.