How Do Refrigerator Trailer Trucks Keep Cold?

Refrigerator trucks are enclosed trucks used to move perishable goods that cannot be left at room temperature from one place to another. They move the perishable items from manufacturer facilities to the retail companies that will sell the food. Common foods being delivered this way are raw meats, frozen dinners, frozen ice cream products, sherbet, frozen yogurt, these items and more are brought to your grocery store by refrigerator trucks.
Refrigerator trucks can go long distances without any rotting of the cargo with the use of ice and other strategies to maintain temperature. Refrigerator trucks used to line the interior walls of the space with solid blocks of ice leaving the main section open for storage of the products needing to stay cold. Now they use onboard cooling systems similar to how your refrigerators at home work, some trucks even use carbon dioxide to reduce and maintain the temperature in the trailer space.
Refrigerator trucks are also good for transportation of other forms of goods as well, goods that need to be kept at a certain temperature. Medical supplies such as drugs require constant temperature control as do organs for transplants, Latest Floor Plan these items travel via refrigeration trucks. Even archaeologists use refrigeration trucks to transport artifacts, this allows the artifacts to get to research facilities or museums with temperature and humidity control.
Refrigerator trucks are also not like other enclosed trucks that make frequent pickups and deliveries, with every stop a refrigerator truck takes it puts the cargo at risk of losing its cool temperature. In order to keep the temperate right where it needs to be the doors need to remain shut, if they were a pickup and drop off truck your perishables would be at risk of deteriorating. Take a summer delivery for example, it’s a hot 85 degree day and you go to do a pickup with the doors open for a good hour, that means everyone else’s items in that truck will have been exposed to those outdoor elements.
It is important that you be in communication with the truck company you are using for your supplies, be on the same page, there are no short pickups and drop offs with your products inside. Also, make sure they keep up with the maintenance of their vehicles, proper insulation for these trucks must meet the necessary Red Door Homes Los Angeles R-value (Thermal Resistance) to foster frozen, cold and chilled cargo. Refrigerator trailers have voids below the aluminum flooring and behind the walls, to provide space for foam insulation. The floor voids are an area for foam to be installed, give structural support for cargo and are very durable.
As for how long can they keep the temperature, that is a tricky one, it just depends, it greatly depends on how many times the truck doors are open and what the outside temperature is. It depends on how long the doors are left open, how many stops there are, are you constantly bringing room temperature items in, slowly making it more difficult for the truck to stay cold? It’s not as easy as a simple question, there are many factors.