Important Steps For A Successful House Demolition In Sydney

There is a possibility that your house looks absolutely good and strong on the outside. However, there are chances that your house is very weak on the inside and needs demolition.

Below are the couple of reasons why House Demolition In Sydney is required.

  • When the foundation of your house is extremely weak
  • Your house is very old and has not been renovated or repaired
  • When your house contains some extremely hazardous materials, like asbestos, moulds, etc
  • When you wish to sell your house to someone

House Demolition In Sydney can be very successful if followed the below steps correctly and precisely.

1)   Begin with consultations:

  • The first and the most important step for house demolition in Sydney is consulting
  • Getting your home inspected, collecting necessary information regarding the how-to, acquiring important council permits is essential
  • Your house demolition expert in Sydney will use this information to provide with an appropriate quote or estimate

2)   Work on the quotation:

  • Your chosen house demolition in Sydney will provide you with the quotation
  • This quote is most probably inclusive of the cost and the nature of the work
  • The quotes are provided free of charge
  • However, it is wise to take such quotes from multiple house demolition experts in Sydney
  • Different experts provide different quotes which can eventually aid your decision making

3)   Get the necessary permits:

  • While you begin with your on-site demolition, Development Application (DA) is required
  • You can apply for DA via Local Council
  • You can also go for Complying Development Certificate (CDC)
  • CDC can be issued by your demolition company
  • Having a permit for house demolition in Sydney is a prerequisite

4)   Disconnecting all the existing services:


  • It is vital for you to disconnect all the services at least 6 weeks before the demolition
  • Air conditioning should be degassed
  • Electricity and water should be disconnected
  • It is important to disconnect services before house demolition as it can lead to a casualty

5)   Manual work begins:

  • Once, these above steps have been completed, demolition can now manually begin
  • This step usually involves the removal of asbestos or any other dangerous materials
  • Also, recyclable items can be recovered

6)   Rubbish Removal:

  • Once the demolition work is complete, removing debris is crucial
  • Your demolition company can help you remove the rubbish
  • They can help you with the clean up by charging a little extra, sometimes

7)   Demolition Clearance Certificate:

  • You will be eligible for a Demolition Clearance Certificate after all the above mentioned steps are completed
  • This certificate is important as it mentions the safety and security of the house

These are the most important steps for house demolition in Sydney. By following these, be assured to get a successful house demolition.