Joinery Manufacture For the Construction Industry

Many of the larger construction companies still have a joinery workshop as part of their overall resources but many of the medium to smaller sized companies have had to close part of their production facilities and out- source joinery and other skills to sub- contractors. This makes sense financially as work is made to order and there are no overheads, such as paying for utilities/wages when there is little work on.
As recovery in the construction industry starts to happen which there are definite signs of, there will be a demand for specialised products- joinery, metalworking, etc. With no” in house” production available, contractors will be sub contracting even more work than before.
So we need to start looking at ways of production which will help kick start the regeneration.
One possible idea is buying in component items for minimal assembly but achieving great cost savings. Windows and doors are both available in kit forms, in a variety of timbers and styles. Maybe even the larger companies will look at this idea. Lets take windows as an example. If you are building a large number of similar houses, the chances are that multiples of the same window style and size will be required. Why not have the windows made off site in component form, transported to your business for assembly ( this is easily done because the windows take up much less space and are less likely to be damaged) and then on to site for fitting and glazing. Assembly is very straightforward and can be carried out by semi skilled will work as long as the company who is given the task of producing your windows is set up to do this. Research them carefully and seek references before ordering.
A good joinery company will be able to tailor a product to suit your requirements. Stormproof style or traditional, a variety of mouldings depending on the look and various timbers to suit all budgets.
Some companies just want the fully assembled and painted window on site with glazing ready to fix. This will increase the unit cost but saves time on site. Again look at the quality of what is on offer- What Is A Qualified Electrician frame thickness, timber quality, paint finish and ironmongery if it is provided. Visit and talk to the company to gauge whether they have the resources and skills to manufacture exactly what you want.
Doors can also be supplied in component form but generally customers want them fully assembled and quite often pre-hung in a frame with all ironmongery fitted and then removed. Once on site, the door frame just needs fitting in the frame and checking it is plumb, before refitting the door and ironmongery. This saves time and effort on site and usually prevents problems like locks not operating correctly as they have been pre- tested during initial fitting.
The advantage of fully assembled items is that they can be be pre-finished with paint or lacquer, again saving time on site.
It is not unusual to see “pod” type units being delivered to site, especially for bathrooms- where the unit is pre tiled and all items fitted. Once on site the water and drainage connections are made and the unit is practically complete. The speed of building using these new pre-fabs is incredible. Wall sections including cut outs for windows and doors can be built by very few workers in a matter of hours.
I think that with the population due to increase, we need more affordable housing for all and new ways to reduce build time. Maybe its time for a change of attitude.
The government also needs to take renewable energy such as solar power and invest in the technology. All new houses should have a solar panel and these are now available in “tile look” which means you don’t even see the unit once its installed. This has to be the way we start to think.
Hope you agree.
Give me your thoughts.
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