New Year, New (Or Re-Sale) Home

The beginning of a new year is upon us and with a new year, comes a new start. What are your goals for 2013? Perhaps you are thinking of making a financial investment towards your future. Or maybe this is the year you are going to move you and your family into the home of your dreams. Is it time for a bigger yard, extra bedrooms or more closet space? Maybe like most of us, your goal is to finally get your life organized. A large storage space in your basement or garage would make that possible.
The spring is only a few months away and with the change of seasons comes a rise in the real estate market. Now is the perfect time to prepare for buying or selling. If you are in the market to purchase, knowing exactly what you are looking for can save you a ton of time (and possibly snag you a great deal) in the long run. A good starting point is figuring out if you want to buy a resale home (private sales or MLS listings) or a shiny brand new home (from a builder or create your own custom model). Each option will offer a different set of costs incurred and what works better for you will depend on your individual lifestyle and what type and amount of work you want to do.
New Home Construction:
Many people are surprised to learn that they actually can afford to build their own home from the ground up. While the large, custom built mansions are definitely available, it is actually much more common to find a new three bedroom, average sized and affordable new home. This option might be for you if you want complete creative control and enjoy the clean, crisp lines that modern designs have to offer. You can choose your Commercial Building Contractors Near Me own model from a builder’s portfolio, or have a hand in the design and layout. If finishes, flooring and paint colors are really important to you, building your own home gives you the chance to have exactly what you want the day you move in. There’s no waiting for your dream kitchen or the need to knock any walls down and breathe in drywall dust because the work is already done for you before you walk in the front door.
Some new homes have a bigger price tag than their resale counterparts, but many do not. Like all homes, it will come down to what’s inside and what’s surrounding it. A little bonus- more often than not, the monthly bills are cheaper than the older homes. Most new builds are done with the latest high efficiency products and are freshly insulated and sealed, saving your money from literally going out the window. On the flip side, a financial downfall of a new house is that while you won’t need to do any renovations, you may need to do some of the ‘add-ons’. Depending on your contract with the builder, things like paved driveways and fences may not be included and need to be budgeted separately and done at your convenience. From an investment side of things, the last few years has shown that new homes can be profitable because the values have consistently increased. These homes are usually built in good and upcoming areas that will see a high value for property. But overall, one of the biggest bonuses of a new house is that it’s new. No sneaky money pits hiding behind the walls and you will even be presented with a nice bundle of new home warranties.
Resale Construction Electrician Salary Canada Homes:
Resale homes are a bit trickier because they encompass everything that isn’t brand new and direct from a home builder. These homes include all price ranges, neighborhoods and state of properties. You could find a dilapidated fixer upper or a beautiful home that is move-in ready. A big bonus of a resale home is that if it probably already has all the extras (fences, yards, basement, driveway) already done for you. The downfall is that if the house is getting up there in age, some things may need a re-do or a makeover. Typically (but not always) the lot sizes on an older home in Sault Ste. Marie are larger than their brand new counterparts, which can be a positive or negative depending on if you are a young family looking to increase space, or a retiree downsizing to cut down on household maintenance duties. Aesthetically, many older homes are valued and coveted for their unique character and rustic, solid interiors that are much harder to find in a newer home. On a downside, one of the biggest pitfalls of a resale home is the age itself. Some people will flee from a house that requires money and good old fashioned hard work, others will run towards it, seeing a personal project or investment opportunity.
Each type of home has great plus factors. It comes down to your own set of specific needs and vision of your dream house. What will work best for you?
Happy New Year and all the best in 2013!