Pergola or Patio? Which To Choose?

Your back entrance definitely needs work. You’ve managed to squeeze the project into your budget and have started exploring the possibilities. But you can’t decide on whether to get a pergola or a patio, as both are extremely popular right now. Let’s see if this article can help you make up your mind.
The basic difference between a pergola and a patio is that climbing vines grow on the former. Aside from that, different people are at odds on how they differ. For some, a patio is roofless. Others say that a patio has a solid roof compared to a pergola’s lattice roof. A patio definitely What Electricians Do possesses a tiled or concrete floorboard while a pergola may not. Not all would agree that a patio must be connected to the main house and a pergola should not. There are even pergola-patios in home improvement magazines, which makes finding a difference even more confusing.
For the sake of this argument, let’s stick with saying that a patio is a structure made of a solid roof and floor that is an extension of the house. A pergola would thus be a freestanding construct with a trellis roof and a possibly tiled bottom.
Let’s look at cost in terms of monetary expense, timeframe, and real estate value. Should you use the same kind of materials for both, a patio would still be more expensive than a pergola because of the additional roof tiles and floorboards. As for time, a proper pergola takes longer to finish as its climbing vines would take at least a season to grow. When it comes to market value, the more stable patio would generate more worth than the aging pergola.
If your area is prone to harsh downpours, keep in mind that no matter how dense your vines get, your pergola’s floor will still get wet. A patio’s solid roof will offer better protection. A pergola will offer you a more visually stunning backyard as the seasons change and the flowering vines bloom.
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Ultimately, it’s all about preference. Gardening enthusiasts and those born with a green thumb simply can’t pass up Plumber Requirements the chance to own a pergola. A patio, however, is less maintenance and can offer more versatile design options.
Regardless of what you decide on, the beauty of your project would lie on how well you design, decorate, and maintain it. So put a lot of love into your work and you’ll find you made the right choice either way.