Safety and Security – A Need for the Construction Industry

Imagine yourself being part of an industry that helps people in building their dreams and aspirations in life. Imagine yourself being able to share hopes that everybody can achieve what they have lived for years just to have. You manage their requests and eventually turn them into projects of either small or bigger residential, if not, commercial entities that could lead their way of living in a newer standard by their choice. In the eyes of other people, what could you most certainly be? Yes of course, you could either be an engineer, an architect, a carpenter, or whatsoever related to the line.
As people these days go on living with the society and trend they are in, they tend to feel the need of having something that they can: either call their own; either call it as their way of helping other people; and either as their medium for their own benefit of maintaining their lifestyle through profit making. But after anything of those dreams, what comes into our minds next? Some people say: “A thorough and sure plan would be nice.” But something better is worthily done for these queries: Action.
In the most common field of architecture and engineering, Subcontractor Vs Vendor is the highlight and the essence of the job itself as it is usually considered as the process of assembling, building, and putting a certain architectural project into life. Other than the data (geographic, etc…) gathering, resources forming, and many more, it also caters much on how effective the personnel in charge is with regards to his proposed structure and his plans are; how he puts things into motion, and how he responds to every request of the people lower than him that involves wise decision makings.
For the sake of the project’s success, those who are under or involved with the design, purpose, and nature of it must thoroughly scrutinize every result it might touch: environmental impacts, budgeting, scheduling, and most of all, the security and safety measures itself not just for the site, but also for the construction workers as well. But with every construction, the success and stability of every worker would also depend on how equipped they are not just mentally, but also physically. It is common for every construction worker to be strong, and dexterous. But what factors do they also need to consider that they must have to be efficient? Yes, they must be dressed well to keep them resilient from any accidents.
As most people in the industry knows, Construction Company Association is the most dangerous land-based work in Europe as the yearly fatal accident is almost 13 workers per 100,000, compared to other industries like fishing and hunting that commonly reaches for about 5 workers, per 100,000. In the United States, 1,225 fatal injuries were noted for the year 2001 with an incidence rate of 13.3 workers per 100,000. Most of the reasons of these fatal accidents that caused not only injury but also fear to most mediocre workers are unknown. But precisely, many in the line have considered it as inevitable, and very difficult to control in a vast changing work environment.