Securing Your Property in a Few Simple Steps

Having a secure property is something that is incredibly important to everyone, particularly home owners who put countless hours into renovations and landscaping. It’s not easy to do all that work and then come home to find someone has trampled through your flowers or put graffiti on your new siding, so it’s important to think of some basic security measures that will leave your home with the same style and look you’re accustomed to but protect it as well. You don’t want a fortress, just something a little less inviting for mischief makers.

The good news is that your average burglar isn’t a life-time criminal, it is someone who sees an easy opportunity and takes advantage of it. Simple things like an open windows or garage door are often too much for someone to turn up, especially if things are tight. All you really need to do is make the risk/reward ratio a little different by making your house look less like “easy-pickens”.

Automatic/Timed lights are one of the least expensive ways to make sure it always looks like someone is home. You can place them in different rooms around the house as well as putting motion-activated ones outside in the yard. Often just having a light come on when you’re in someone’s yard is enough to make you want to go to someone else’s.

A dog, if you like dogs, is the next best thing to get. Not only will it protect your house, it’ll love you and keep you company. However, whether you get a dog or not, the most practical investment in your homes security is a solid aluminum fence. Getting an aluminum fence with powder-coating is like surrounding your house with 20 years of safety. The material is made to last, doesn’t rust, and comes in incredible styles that will make your property just glow (while making it appear like a trap to those with bad intentions). Nothing says “stay out of my yard” like a 6 foot aluminum fence.

By Master