Starting on Site

The first thing you should consider when you move on to the plot is the site strip. You will need to hire a JCB & driver for the day to carry out this work if it is not included within the Groundwork’s Sub-Contract package.
You should start from the rear of the plot and remove any vegetation and top soil etc that is not required, stockpiling it at the front of the site, ready for removal. The area within the footprint of the dwelling and including any detached garages and out-buildings etc, should be stripped down to formation.
The formation level will be determined by the Construction Electrician Navy of the floor slab including any screed down from the Damp Proof Course (DPC). Any paved and drive areas around the footprint should also be stripped at this time down to a level of 250mm below DPC to allow for the sub-base.
Once the plot has been stripped you will have a stockpile of spoil to be removed at the front of the site, and a stockpile of topsoil to be retained. This topsoil should be stored at the rear, front or split between both the rear and front of the plot depending on later usage.
Once the spoil has been removed from the site, you should consider importing all of the stone (Type 1 MOT) that is required for the floor slabs, paved and driveway sub-bases and any hard standing for accommodation, storage containers etc. Significant savings can be made by purchasing stone “loose” as opposed to 1 Tonne bags. If you have had your building costs estimated, you will have a full breakdown of the quantities of stone required. This can be purchased from a reputable heavy side builders merchants Types Of Contract In Construction Management such as Gilmore Building Supplies. You should pay close attention to the quantity that you require or you will end up paying for fresh air! A “Full Load” of stone is between 16 & 20 Tonne depending on the wagon size (there are approximately 2.2 Tonne per cubic metre) and it is sold in Full Loads. You will pay for a full load whether you require 20 Tonne or just 5 Tonne. Therefore if you require say 12 M3 of stone, it would be prudent to purchase 1 full load and the balance in 1 Tonne bags.
Stripping the site and exporting the spoil should be the first consideration when your take over the plot.

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