Please Clients and Boost Your Reputation With a Specialist Builders Clean After a Home Renovation

Domestic construction work in a house that’s occupied comes with its own special problems for a construction company.
Perhaps you’re working on a Listed Building, which comes with its own special requirements for the materials you’ll need to use.
Perhaps there are small children and pets that you’ll need to be extra-careful to ensure there are no stray nails or other small bits of residue left behind that could harm them.
Naturally, you’ll have advised them to clear out and store anything that might get in the way of the work, or at the very least to protect items from paint splashes and the inevitable dust.
Although most building workers clean up at the end of their day’s work, what happens at the end of the job?
It’s inevitable that after any new build or part build some dust hangs around for a few weeks after completion.
It may be worth using a specialist Builders Clean at the end so you can hand over the property to the client with the least amount of inconvenience to them.
Client recommendations, word of mouth or testimonals are the source of many domestic building projects. It could be the detail that encourages them to recommend you to friends and acquaintances considering building and renovation work themselves.
If you do consider using a specialist builders clean company, you will Garden Supplies Bali want to be assured that they can handle the job to your satisfaction.
You’ll need them to be flexible and able to come in at short notice, having first walked round the job with you to understand how to deal with any specialist materials you may have had to use.
You’ll want to know if they can offer the full range of services that might be necessary including removal of debris and rubbish, cleaning of walls, window sills, skirting boards and lighting fixtures, removal of Home Construction India paint splashes, silicon and labels from glass, ealing and polishing of floors, perhaps chrome, laminated and wooden surfaces, vacuuming, spot cleaning and carpet shampooing, internal and outside window cleaning?
For your clients’ sakes you may want reassurance that any specialist cleaning products they’re using are safe to use in an occupied building, are non-toxic, non-flammable and give off no unpleasant fumes.
In a listed building they may need to understand the techniques of treating or cleaning surfaces, such as oiling wood, that can’t be done using modern cleaners.
At the end you’ll want a full report of what they’ve done and a list of any last-minute items that need fixing, anything they’ve spotted that has been left unfinished or damaged, and you may also want to know that they dispose of everything they take away in a safe and environmentally-friendly way.
It may sound like a lot but that little extra investment could make your company stand out from the rest and help you win more business.
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Build a Contractor Website to Boost Your Construction Business

Almost all kinds of business can get into the internet. Whether your business involves products, sales or services, it can be advertised online for the purpose of gaining more profits. Construction business is one kind that can be promoted on the internet. Many people are browsing the internet in search for a good construction company for their housing needs such as plumbing, remodeling, painting, and more. So to increase the client base, your construction company needs people to build a contractor website for your online marketing.
We recommend a credible contractor website builder. Why? It is primarily because How To Renovate A House With No Money industry is not an ordinary trade to be handled with kid gloves. Your construction business is composed of professional contractors, remodelers, painters, carpenters and builders; they are expected to render quality services to your clients. But how can you gain credibility with a measly website that is obviously free? Also, how can you get more clients and contracts using a limited web space? If customers need to find your company instantly, they will prefer you to be online. Don’t be too stingy. Sometimes you have to squeeze out some money in order to gain more.
With a contractor website, your construction company will be able to showcase its products, services and projects to a wider audience. You can choose your preferred design and web tools from the website builder’s portfolio. Some contractor website builders work closely with their clients. A website builder that knows how to professionally build a contractor website is the one that is specializing in web designs for the construction industry.
The most affordable plan is around $100, but the package is a great bargain which includes professional-looking web pages, custom logo design, flash clips, shopping carts, custom web programming and domain name registration. The more sophisticated website plan is a little higher at $5,000. But this plan has all the stuffs listed earlier, plus business assistance. The business assistance that a construction company would get in the said plan includes consulting, search engine optimization (SEO), site development and viral marketing. These offers will help you get more traffic which eventually will lead to contracts that are all in six to seven figures. You won’t get that huge amount in free websites.
So if you are planning to build a contractor website for your Subcontractors Jobs business, make sure to do it with a professional web builder. You have to be realistic. Not all free stuffs guarantee income generation, and you don’t want to invest time and effort in creating a website that will only appear as an eyesore in the midst of the best corporate websites. Remember that what little money you invest today will give you more at the proper time. And you don’t have to wait for that proper time to come, since after you had made your website, clients will flood in to give you more contracts. You have to sacrifice your money only once, for your …

How Upselling In Construction Marketing Can Boost Your Construction Business

Have you noticed whenever you buy a burger, the sales people always try to persuade you to ‘Go Large’, or have ‘extra fries’ etc. Have you also noticed at the checkout of every superstore are racks of things you would not have thought of buying, but as you stand there waiting at the checkout, you suddenly realise all the things you ‘need’! Scary stuff! Real profits come when you get the client to buy a larger, more expensive, or more comprehensive product or service.
This is how it works in the Simple House Designs 3 Bedrooms industry:
EXAMPLE A: The Remodeler, Home Refurbishment: in the business of building extensions, bathrooms, sun rooms, loft conversions etc. How about suggesting certain enhancements at the point of survey. Or ask them if they had considered extending the work to include the latest whiz bang disposal unit, designed to be 150% more efficient and thus delivering significant cost savings to your client.
EXAMPLE B: The Commercial Contractor: how about offering a Repairs and Maintenance service after the initial defects period following contract completion. This can deliver great benefits for your client because you already know the premises and can operate much more efficiently with the prior knowledge base you already have.
EXAMPLE C: The House Builder: If you are building housing schemes where a number of homes will be rented/leased you could offer and Liaison Officer based on site for the first 6 months after completion, to make sure people are secure in their homes, know where to find everything and are happy. You could offer this service as a free added benefit – this may be the deciding factor that will win you the contract over your competition! Alternatively, if the client/housing association/ local housing authority are intending to employ someone for this job, you could easily extend your business reach by supplying the right person for the job – someone who already knows the property and has proven qualifications to do the job.
EXAMPLE D: The Sub-Contractor: if you work for a number of larger contractors, the way you source the products you use is crucial. It may be that the main contractor already has an approved list of suppliers, but often good relationships can be established with individual Buyers to enable the Subbie to recommend where to source materials at competitive prices. A whole range of complex partnerships can be made to enable commissions to be paid and everyone benefits! Of course, it goes without saying that any deal agreed should be completely transparent and should ultimately benefit the client in terms of cost savings and quality products and services. One wrong move or ‘under the table’ deal can result in lost credibility and trust. So keep everything above board.
EXAMPLE E: The Architect: Design & Build contracts are one obvious root to establish good working relationships with construction professionals on a project team and can be one way architects can ‘up-sell’ their professional skills by working on a partnering basis. …