Darnell Brings Emotional Intelligence to Contractors in “The People Profit Connection”

Since Emotional Intelligence has hit the mainstream sometime back in the mid-nineties, most of us have at least seen an Oprah episode about the what Emotional Intelligence is how it can be applied to the workplace. I’ve found that some (mostly women) Running A Successful Construction Company Pdf look at EI as a very crucial aspect of interpersonal relations that apply inside and outside of the workplace. I also found that some (mostly men), on the other hand, tend to look at emotional competencies as frivolous, weak, and even embarrassing.
So what better industry to introduce emotional intelligence than to the most alpha male of them all – construction. Brent Darnell is a motivational speaker, personal coach, and consultant that works primarily and specifically with the construction industry. I just finished reading his book, “The People Profit Connection”, and I found it to be an excellent introduction to emotional intelligence for anyone in the construction industry.
It’s tough to argue with the concept of emotional intelligence – treat people better, think positively, act with empathy towards others, and most would agree that this is a good way to deal with friends and family members, or even a stranger off the street. However, conventional wisdom has long preached that in order to make money in the world of business you must be fist-pounding, cut-throat, and as Mr. Darnell puts it, “kick ass and take names”.
The truth is that this is just not the case. Darnell associates EI with what everybody knows and loves – profit. He gives examples and case studies of how improved emotional intelligence can help projects become more successful and organizations Construction Business Development Courses more profitable. I would love to go back to the companies for which Brent Darnell did his EI training and look at their financials. Of course it would be difficult to isolate the EI training as a cause, but it would be interesting nonetheless.
We all know that construction is a confrontational and adversarial industry. We also know that this confrontation leads to costly delays, contract disputes, and often litigation. With the industry going in a much more collaborative, and integrated direction (also know as Integrated Project Delivery), emotional intelligence, and overall social competence will become even more advantageous and yes, profitable, than it is now.
Perhaps we can all take a page or two out of Darnell’s book, or maybe even read the whole thing.…