The Customer May Not Always Be Right, But They Are Always First

There is an old adage in the business world that says “the customer is always right.” Common sense and plain old experience will tell us this is just not true. However, if a contractor wants to continue in business and see positive results from their marketing efforts they should always keep the customer first.
What exactly does this mean? Peruse through the local paper, the billboards, the television ads and the internet websites and what do you see over and over again? You see honest, hard working and knowledgeable contractors spending all their time and money talking about themselves. “Here is my product and my great prices, buy from me” is a common theme. Another theme is to see a picture of the contractor is his nice uniform standing next to his shiny work truck with some catchy slogan. What does that have to do with the customer?
Most customers are in the same frame of mind as a business owner talking to a vendor. They want to know what is in it for them. When the contractor spends the time to Building Contractor Salary discuss a real problem that the customer may be experiencing and the solution to their problem, that is when the customer takes notice and contacts the contractor.
Whether it is a brochure, a newspaper ad or a website the contractor should focus on a problem and their unique way of fixing it. Notice that there is no mention of the lowest price or the quickest turn Construction Services India around. When people have a leaking roof, an air conditioner that does not work or cracked tile their first question is “Can you fix it?” Pricing is secondary when you are the one that has the answer.…

Construction Partnering Has Become The Critical First Step For Large Building Projects

We all know that every building begins with a solid foundation. On today’s large building projects teams draw from firms of architects, designers, general contractors and other construction specialists – all slated to be working together. A new trend has emerged within the industry whereby these teams are relying on first building a solid human foundation of collaboration, trust and enhanced team skills well before ground breaking. This process is Construction Partnering.
Starting Off Right
Construction Partnering is the critical first step; the building of a firm, solid foundation. It’s the forming of a high performance team from a collection of talented individuals. Partnering is the special establishment of critical and important relationships. It’s the agreement to work in a keen collaboration, in harmony, minimizing conflict while maximizing extraordinary effectiveness.
Construction partnering workshops facilitate the forming of high performance teams and preparing them for their biggest of games. The sought-after goal is to build sustainable partnerships, save time and money, build beautiful buildings and do it all as smoothly as possible.
With today’s modern building technologies taking exciting different approaches including Building Information Modeling (BIM), the notion of creating vital working agreements, as a unified team, becomes even more important.
Partnering workshops create a process necessary to contribute to critical and important working relationships.
A� Identify key milestones to build accountability to on time delivery
A� Get all stakeholders on the same page with respect to implementation challenges
A� Ensure a higher quality project
A� Building a shared vision and team goals
A� Agree to identifiable methods to ease and settle disputes
Partnering workshops create the unique opportunity to arrive at key working agreements, goals, expectations and strategies to work better together minimizing conflict while maximizing extraordinary effectiveness and efficiencies.
Partnering Workshops are not meetings to deal with day-to-day issues. Instead, the workshop is totally focused on the newly assembled team and its requirement for rowing in the same direction; team building. The initial task is to reach a level of understanding that can result in the development, refinement and maintenance of a special group, committed to take on a smooth running project.
A partnering workshop is more than a one-time event. Workshops create a culture of ongoing awareness and activity that focuses and fuels attention towards working better as a well-oiled unit. Though the initial workshop might take just a day, the partnering process is revisited regularly by successful teams as they continually adjust to the specific issues that arise in a complex building project.
The format of initial partnering workshops may vary, but in most cases the team will be exposed to these 6 core objectives:
1) Using experiential activity to discover for themselves the strengths and working styles of the individual members of the group.
2) Work together to articulate the various sub groups’ expectations, needs and goals.
3) Define measurable targets.
4) Work together to architect a compelling vision statement that actively serves and inspires them as they work together to complete the project.
5) To …