Resume Help for Construction and Real Estate Industries – The Market Will Rise Again

Like the phoenix, whatever falls will rise again – the same can be said about the real estate and construction markets. Sure, its been a difficult 2-3 years in these flailing markets, but the it is slowly beginning to turn around. Even with states like Arizona, Florida, and Las Vegas experiencing significant issues with foreclosures and incomplete construction projects, even these markets are starting to gain some steam.
Let’s take Las Vegas for example: the number of foreclosures has reached an all-time high, BUT, if you’ve ever been to one of these Foreclosure Auctions, you would find that there are just as many people, mainly investors, ready to purchase as many of these foreclosures as they can. Some of the investors are planning to hold the note and simply ride out the market until it improves, and then sell it for a profit, but this is NOT the norm. Most of the investors are actually looking to purchase the homes, renovate them, improve them, use them now as a rental property to generate some income and then sell it in the future for gain.
This is where YOU come in: If you are on the construction side of the fence, then this would be a great time to start papering the Owners, Owner Representatives, Agents, and GC’s with your resume. Let them you’re out there. Let them know that you can perform the work that needs to be done at a fair price. While your profit margin may not be as great as it once was, this is the perfect time to build your reputation and penetrate the market once again. As your reputation grows, so will your client base – you will be in demand and have a chance to charge more money for service, and increase your profit.
On the flip side, many of these investors are not astute, and do not have a business sense for real estate. Many of these investors are simply buying because the news media tells them it’s a good idea. They know nothing about property management, dealing with GCs and SCs’, what a Project Manager is, where Home Remodeling Project Plan Template they would obtain a building permit, or what a city ordinance. This is where YOU come in. This is the time to start researching the owners of REOs and Foreclosures in your area, sending your resume to the owners of these companies, letting them know what you can do, and picking yourself back up.
What Next: Make sure you have a GREAT RESUME! As a Certified Professional Resume Writer with extensive experience in the Real Estate and Construction field, I know how important it is to make sure that your resume, (e.g., your FIRST IMPRESSION) is effective. Do not trust the resume to an amateur – make sure you hire someone who knows the Construction and Real Estate Fields, and can help you get back on your feet!
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Industries That Boom During Tough Economic Crisis

Jobs were cut down and economies fell. Still few industries wee standing still to face and positively change the circumstances. Many manpower consultants tried their level best to retain a good position in the market by capturing orders through those though companies but, a handful of them succeeded. A capable recruitment agency could only understand the needs of such companies and cater them with apt talent. Finding those defensive and tough companies was another challenge for the manpower consultants.
It crafts sense that, as financial statements felt the strain of an economic downfall, people revolved around industries that offered them the most for the least. FMCG industries would anyhow do better for the constant use and demand of consumer durables. Besides, the retail markets and distributors were no far Cost Effective Architecture Design from churning out a good output even in the financial crisis situation. Though they sold goods at a less profit margin on the basic food essentials however, we cannot say that they faced loss anyhow. However, the farmers or manufacturers did see a downturn in their financial status within few past years.
Besides, the Great Contractor Reviews industry did its best to sustain this crisis driven situation and come out of it proud and clear. If we consider the facts, we would find that most investors and builders were hopeful between the time frame of 2001 and 2007 by the upcoming residential projects they had in hand. The commercial property rates and other real estate assets were not that far from profit line. Though they too faced a less margin of success as compared to their previous investments and returns but, since the profit margin was huge thus, they were successful in beating the hard hit recession. Engineering sectors including civil, mechanical and electrical jobs were also affected by this situation.
Jobs were cut no doubt and those who sustained experienced a tough time. Thus, it was a major responsibility of the respective manpower consultants or recruitment agencies to hunt the right talent for a stable company in their respective work sectors.
The U.S. Bureau of Labor figured out that approximately 6.0 million Americans were enrolled in the construction sector in the year 2009. The figure came down to 7.2 million (in 2008) and 7.6 million (in 2007). The real estate employment figures too came down from 1.5 million in 2008 to 1.4 million in 2009. Though with the hard work of industries, their respective employees and the evident contribution of manpower consultants and human resource firms the conditions as per the U.S. Bureau of the Census.…