Maintainenance & Taking Care of Your Future Home

Strange then, that new Krabi homeowners rarely pause to think about the care and maintenance of their dream villa – either before or after its Plasterers Near Me.
Of course, they may not realise that in this tropical climate, properties can deteriorate rapidly, particularly if not occupied year round. Unoccupied homes are much more susceptible to attack from termites and other pests, for example. Ants, lizards and other creatures are quick to move in when the owners are not around. Such invaders, coupled with fluctuations in humidity that make wood warp, can cause cracks and even structural damage to a home in a matter of months.
The monsoon season can also be a nightmare for home owners. Sudden and severe storms can flood ground floors; damage roofs and bring new leaks that necessitate major repair work both inside and outside the home; while persistent rains can transform manicured gardens into unmanageable jungles within a few short weeks – guaranteed to attract thieves and vandals.
Try to anticipate such common problems during the planning and construction process of any villa, knowing that the majority of clients are not able to live in their completed home year round.
Basic design features such as foundations laid on slab, which raise a building off the ground, help protect homes from flash flooding and termite invasion – both serious problems if left unattended.
Construction materials are specially selected for their durability in hot, humid climates, and their low maintenance requirements. For example, all wood (both decorative and functional) is replaced by Conwood, a stronger, high quality fibre-cement board that offers exactly the same appearance without the huge disadvantages of the natural product. Window frames are always aluminium, which again is durable and provides a better barrier for insects.
Roofing is another matter taken very seriously; Dry-Tech technology, a system that uses high grade silicone to provide a seamless Handyman Online Courses waterproof barrier, without the potential for areas of weakness and cracks in joints like the more commonly used cement sealant.
With precautionary measures like these incorporated into your house plan, and a good property management service after construction – you can rest easy when away from Krabi, knowing your valuable investment is protected.