Green Remodeling – The Kitchen

You want to be green and remodel your kitchen, but you want to make the least impact on the Earth as possible -what do you need to know?
The simplest changes you can make include upgrading appliances to more energy efficient Energy Star appliances and replace the lighting with fluorescent or light-emitting diode (LED) lighting. Just these two actions will save you a bundle of money in the long run.
If you’ve decided to redo your kitchen from top to bottom, there are many sustainable countertops available – from stainless steel to paper composite to terrazzo to wood. Among many Industrial Electrician companies in Chicago, Taty Construction, can assist you with your green kitchen ideas.
When considering a wooden countertop, make sure the wood comes from sustainable wood or forests. If you’re not sure how to find sustainable woods, visit the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC). The FSC has created standards, which finds solutions for existing bad forestry standards.
Terrazzo consists of glass, stone and binders. Some companies use up to 100 percent of recycled glass. What makes concrete green? The manufacturing process requires a lot of input, but fly ash can be substituted for cement, which lowers the energy required to produce concrete. Concrete with 30 percent fly ash or more does not House Plan 4382 contaminate indoor air quality and is completely recyclable. Salvaged metal or recycled metal can be used to create sustainable steel countertops. And, no glue is needed when installing countertops, reducing the resources used and potential contaminants. Also, these countertops are extremely durable and have a long life span.
Flooring is also an integral part of green kitchen remodeling. Linoleum flooring and cork are extremely durable and are comprised from natural, renewable resources. Linoleum is derived from linseed oil, pigments and pine rosins and does not off gas volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Cork is derived from of the bark of cork-oak trees. Cork flooring sheets are produced from leftover wine bottle corks.
Other natural flooring options include bamboo or reclaimed or sustainable wood, such as Cane, Mango or Maple. This flooring should then be finished with natural oils or sealants.
Next is the cabinetry. Reusing your existing cabinetry is always an option. Other options include using low to zero-VOC panel products, FSC-certified plywood, rapidly renewable agrifiber boards, such as wheatboard or reclaimed wood.…

Electrical Requirements for Kitchen Appliances

Electrical requirements for kitchen appliances are listed in the National Electric Code or NEC. When wiring a new Building Contractor Salary house, your electrician should wire with energy efficiency in mind. Not all wiring on your house plans will be up to code or energy efficient. An electrician should suggest improvements to what is stated on your plans to achieve energy efficiency.
The refrigerator is one of the most consuming items in the whole house. It is still not code today to run a separate circuit for a refrigerator. Many times the circuit for the refrigerator is wired close to the maximum amount of the circuit. Code says you can’t go over 50% of the circuit if you have motor driven equipment.
Code lists ‘appliance circuits’ for your kitchen area as 2 circuits on a countertop. That means an appliance circuit can come off of those 2 circuits. But your electrician should place separate circuits for the microwave, dishwasher, and the refrigerator. Of course, lighting can go outside the kitchen to be wired with the dining room. It is critical to keep your circuits available. You may have guests over to your house for the holidays. If they plug a 1500 watt coffee maker into your kitchen countertop and you have refrigerator that is almost to the limit of the circuit, you could have problems. You would never have to worry about tripping those circuits if your kitchen was wired correctly in the beginning. Your electrician can exceed code and make that house safer for individuals.
Electricians usually wire according to what is drawn in the house plans. But not all house plans cover the problems that are in a house. Sometimes the homeowner goes with a commercial line of appliances. The electrician needs to check with the homeowner to see what kind of appliances they will be using. The electrician also needs to know the wattage of those appliances that they are going to be producing. Not every home is custom wired. Some general contractors will wire spec houses with the least amount of wiring in them to cut costs.
Many times the customer doesn’t know what type of appliances or devices they are going to put in their house. Homeowners need to know what devices they want in Can You Build A House For 50K their home as well as what type of appliances they will be using. Make your decisions in the early planning stages. It will save everyone a lot of frustration.…

Are Your Kitchen or Bath Cabinets Toxic?

During the ten years in which I worked as a kitchen and bath sales designer for a big-box home improvement center, all of the cabinet lines available through that company offered cabinet Building Contractor Salary options of either “all plywood” or medium density fiberboard (MDF). I learned that these are essentially the only cabinet construction types available in the United States. Customers looking for “solid wood” cabinets must either buy them from Canadian companies or have them custom-made of solid wood by a professional cabinet-maker; such alternatives are, for most people, prohibitively expensive. Therefore, unless some new construction substance has been developed over the past year, when buying cabinets in the United States market today, you will (unless you have unlimited funds) be choosing from cabinetry built of either plywood or MDF.
But how might the consideration of cabinet toxicity impact your cabinet purchase? On researching which of these United Built Homes Corporate Office materials would be best for me to recommend to my customers, I found that one objection to MDF is that it contains formaldehyde. But, guess what! plywood is made of layers (the “ply”) of wood held together by glue which also contains formaldehyde. (Looks to me like “six of one and a half-dozen of another”.) Considering that “all plywood” construction is more expensive than MDF construction, “all plywood” must at least be the stronger of the two, right? One might also expect greater strength in plywood by the fact that when it is assembled, the grain of each wood layer is set perpendicular to that of its’ neighbors. But the reality is that under conditions where MDF might have problems (excessive moisture), plywood can split or warp. Coincidentally, my kitchen cabinets came from a cabinet line which offered only MDF construction and they’ve been in use for more than ten years now without posing any problems whatsoever: no shelves bowing, no drawers sticking, no hinges coming loose, etc. Can it be possible that the MDF used in cabinets made by a cabinet company which offers both types of materials may be of an inferior grade to that used by a manufacturer offering only MDF? Wouldn’t you and I like to know? Because all-plywood cabinets are more expensive than those using MDF, that component must benefit somebody; and the winner is – the designer who is competing to get the highest sales dollar volume as well as the company he/she works for. Consequently, in the final analysis, it may be that no cabinet company any longer exists that offers only MDF construction. Only God knows!
Therefore, we must conclude that your kitchen and/or bath cabinets are, more likely than not, toxic (the only “unlikely” event is if they are effectively antiques) and that when buying new ones, you will not be able to avoid the problem. But another question comes up: isn’t just about everything in our contemporary household world toxic? And the answer is: “probably”! In fact, while recently reviewing accumulated e-mail messages in my “Inbox”, …

Green Kitchen Remodel Tips

If your idea is to do some kitchen remodeling, then you need a plan and a budget. While making your plans you should consider a green kitchen remodel.
A green kitchen remodel could be healthier for your home and the environment.
As a healthy side note, if your home is older and you plan on ripping out anything you may need to check for lead based paint and asbestos.
With these two items checked and resolved High Paying Electrician Jobs Overseas – if needed- it’s time to make your plan.
If you would like to go green but you are afraid you don’t have the green to spend you will be interested in the first low cost green remodeling tip:
• Keep the same kitchen layout and renew as many items you have now. As an example, you could reface your cabinets, or paint, or stain them.
However, not all items should be renewed. You could paint your appliances and give them and updated look. But, if you have the money, you should update the appliances, and buy energy efficient ones. You should also consider energy efficient windows, doors and skylights. A skylight would add additional daytime lighting.
After planning on all the new windows, doors, and appliances you may decide to go green entirely. If you do, then I have the second green remodeling tip that is good for the environment:
• Remove items from the kitchen carefully. In this way they could be reused by someone else. Donate to a local reuse shop or list in newspaper or online.
Now that the kitchen is gutted it’s time to get green. What is green? Listed below are some green options:
Cabinets- Will take a big chunk of your kitchen remodeling budget. When choosing green cabinets, buy natural or sustainable harvested materials. Choose low VOC finishes and for your adhesive the book, “Prescriptions for a Healthy House,” recommends solvent free carpenters glue as the adhesive. If you are ambitious, you could make your own cabinets with formaldehyde free plywood and buy your doors.
Countertops and backsplashes-Recycled materials can be used, such as stone and glass tile. You could make concrete countertops, or use stainless steel, or even butcher block.
Efficient Lighting-LED lights can be added for efficient task lighting. Compact fluorescent light bulbs should be used in your other lighting fixtures.
Faucets- according to the website “For maximum water efficiency purchase aerators that have flow rates of no more than 1.0 gmp”
Paint – Use only low List Of Construction Companies Near Me or no VOC paint.
Flooring – Do not use vinyl on the floor. Instead you can use bamboo or cork, or sustainable harvested wood. However, if you like the styles of vinyl then choose natural linoleum instead.
As you can see it is possible to save green and go green in a kitchen remodel. If your budget allows and you can go completely green that’s great. However, if you can’t, even a little green is better for …