Communication Planning – The Backbone of a Successful Construction Project

Dependable quality control demands efficient communication of quality-related information. Advanced preparation helps organize the details. A well thought out communication plan ensures that your quality assurance team understands the inspection particulars of each project. Successful planning enables effective creation, collection and distribution of quality control-related details that are specific to your construction project.

A fully developed How To Become A Contractor quality assurance program eliminates wasted time. Knowing what is expected, required, and enforced concerning each construction project removes the guesswork related to unexpected circumstances. Efficient communications make it happen.

Basics of Successful Communication Planning and Construction Project Quality Management

The processes that drive effective communications fit into the natural flow of day-to-day construction management activities, including:

Standard production control meetings

Daily and weekly status reports

Current records How To Become A Contractor and documents

Toolbox talks

Shop drawings, material data, samples, and other submittals

General contact methods, such as email, text messaging and telephone calls

The Basics of a Functional Communication Plan

The best methods prescribe a set of standard quality control features, including a point-of-contact list within the quality assurance section of the project manual. Every individual construction project should also include the name of the acknowledged quality management controller.

Clients appreciate reliable information. They feel more confident when their construction project includes evidence of efficient communication planning and a dependable set of quality assurance procedures. Identify QC team members by name and title. Organize the information and the communication plan according to the natural project timetable and sequence of events.

Details: Quality Control Communication Planning is all About Details

Cover every angle of the project. The successful construction project will incorporate the following elements into its quality control communication plan:

A Contact List

An Organization Chart that defines the role and the members of the quality assurance team

Detailed Pre-Construction Meetings that establish the expected path of ongoing QC management

Weekly QC Meetings that reinforce employee awareness of critical quality control requirements

Work Task Preparation Meetings that enable the superintendent to establish on-site unity concerning the expected measure of quality assurance

Quality control and management Record Keeping that establishes daily details concerning inspection results, performance success, and matters of fundamental audit feedback

Reliable Means for Measuring Quality that clearly communicates to all involved parties the effectiveness of installed checkpoints

Methods that reinforce a Quality Culture in which every team member understands the value of making things right on the first go around.

Short Answers to a Major Task

Plan ahead. Schedule regular quality-related communications. Identify the QC management team. Write it all down and include it as part of your construction quality control plan.…

Planning a Drop Ceiling With Local Contractors

Most guys who are home owners are sort of weekend warriors when it comes to doing their own home improvements. They can use a hammer and drive a nail into a wall, but more than likely won’t hang their stuff straight. There’s no shame in having How To Start A Home Building Company limitations when it comes to mechanical skills but if you fall into that category it’s probably best to let the general contractors take a crack at your home improvement projects – like a drop ceiling and other smaller remodeling projects.
One size does not fit all
In the case of a drop ceiling, one size does not fit all certainly is the case as every project is going to be different. You have to understand that every room in your home has a different sized ceiling. Dimensions are going to vary from one room to the next in many cases and so what you may need to do in say your family room may be a totally different matter if you’re going to do your kitchen.
Speak with the professionals
With this in mind, getting the advice from a few contractors can help you to begin your drop ceiling project, and what tools and materials you will need in order to finish your project. You may even ask a contractor to come to your home and give you an idea of the cost with a written estimate. Many contractors will give you an estimate for free, or in some cases may charge you a small, nominal fee. Look at that small fee as an investment, because there will be a lot of useful information on that contractor’s estimate.
Arm yourself Electrician Job Salary
Some of the information that you will be able to take away from that estimate will include the actual labor involved that a professional would charge you, so that right off you’ll know if this will be a single weekend affair or if you will have to devote a few weekends to get the job done. You will also have an idea of the cost of the materials that you will need to get the job completed, and if you’re lucky the contractors may have even mentioned the actual brands of materials. If you have that information then you can go to your local home improvement store and do your own comparative cost analysis to see if you can get the needed materials on your own at a cost savings.
Ready to get it done right
So, now that you have all the necessary information, it’s time to decide if this is an actual job that you feel comfortable doing on your own, or if the requirements are really beyond your scope and you need to either not do the project or spend the necessary money to have the job done by one of those contractors who you’ve already spoken with. And if you decide that you need to hire a contractor to get …

Planning Ahead to Ensure London 2012 Legacy

As the Commonwealth Games in India come to an end, thoughts turn increasingly to the London Olympics in 2012. And the main thought from a construction point of view is to avoid the problems and last-minute panics that Delhi has had.
The signs do appear to be promising, with construction of the Olympic Stadium well-advanced and other parts of the project moving forward at speed. Indeed, despite the Games being almost two years away, plans are well developed in terms of what happens to the site once the closing ceremony has finished. The Olympic Park Legacy Company, which will take possession of the site once the Olympics are over, is charged with obtaining the best value out of the development.
West Ham Utd Interested…
The company has been in discussions with over 100 firms about future plans for the Olympic Stadium. However, with the passing of the 30th September deadline for official bids, only West Ham FC, in partnership with Newham Council, has registered a bid. This proposes to use the A�537 million venue as West Ham’s new home, reducing the capacity from 80,000 to 60,000 and retaining the running Home Construction Materials track so it is still available for athletics events. Although previously hostile to the retention of the track, the club now accepts that it has to stay as a key commitment made to the International Olympic Committee by the London bidders. Indeed, West Ham is pushing its position as a leading football club as a means of boosting athletics attendances and developing new talent.
With modern stadia needing to earn revenue all the year round, West Ham has held talks with entertainment giant AEG regarding a possible partnership. Concert promoter Live Nation has also come into discussions and there are other plans for the stadium, including its possible use as a venue if England’s 2018 World Cup bid is successful.
The Olympic site’s high-tech media centre will be used by around 20,000 media staff while the Games are on. After that, there are plans to convert the 90,000 square metres of facilities into a digital and media complex along similar lines to the Googleplex complex in California. The legacy organisation has invited bidders for the communications facilities, although allowing only nine weeks for proposals to create a business district with offices, education facilities, culture spaces and studios. The hope is that around 8,000-10,000 jobs will eventually be created on the Olympic site.
Plans for Athletes’ Village to Become Residential Homes…
Plans are also moving forward to convert the publicly owned athletes’ village into homes. The original plan had been for the athletes’ village to be privately funded but prospects fell through when the recession hit and the government was forced to invest an extra A�324 million into what became a A�1 billion project. The Olympic Development Authority (ODA) is now looking to recoup at least some of the government’s investment in the project in Stamford by getting private sector companies to take over the village. It is …