Your Home Renovation Has Started – How Can You Maintain Some Control Over What Happens?

I spent a great deal of time and trouble to measure and sketch up everything, make notes to describe what you wanted and you even drafted, discussed and signed an agreement with your contractor. Now the contractor is about to get started, and your job is done…
Are you General Home Repair And Maintenance sure?
This could be true but are you really just going to walk away and assume that everything will go perfectly and/or the way you want it? This is probably not the best thing you could do, no matter what your signed agreement or your contractor says.
Remember “Murphy” of Murphy’s Law? Murphy will undoubtedly materialize at some point. How long he stays is always up to him (however, to at least some extent, you can minimize the length of his visit).
Think about this: Your absence during the construction process will eventually become apparent to the contractor and especially to the workmen on your project. Because of this there is a good chance things will be covered up that shouldn’t be covered up, things will not be done that you won’t know about (for a while, at least), things will be done wrong or left undone until it’s too late, etc., etc.
There is also the question of what happens a few months or years from now when you might want to add or change something but you have no clue where the wiring really went or where the plumbing piping was installed and such as that. You saw some of it once but now it’s all covered up by sheetrock, paint, wallpaper, cabinets, shelving, etc.
Would you like an Long Term Contractors easy solution?
Keep your digital camera in a convenient place (NOT in or directly visible from the construction area. Otherwise your camera may well disappear). At least once a day you or someone in your family methodically photograph the construction area. It is best to set your camera to show date and time if that option is available. Try to take the photos in the same sequence of locations each time so you can end up with a more or less “time lapse” sequence for each wall, ceiling area, or other area of the work. This process will give you a pretty accurate and traceable record of what was done, when it was done, etc.
If you had the foresight to prepare them you can also take your original ‘scope of work’ plan sketches and add notes (dated) as you go along to supplement the photos and, of course, you could use a portable “pocket” recorder as you take the photos.
This process will give you a good, clear and concise record of the construction process from start to finish. Much more importantly it will also indicate to the contractor, subcontractors and other workmen that you are keeping an eye on and a record of what they are doing. Trust me, they will “behave” much better under these conditions, especially when the …

Reverse Auctions for Home Renovation Saves Home Owners Money

Reverse bidding auctions for Home Renovation jobs, Contract Employee Rights jobs, government projects are win-win for both sides. Homeowners looking for home renovation services get the opportunity to get required services they need with little hassle and no expense. As a matter of fact they get to choose the best price from a competitive bidding environment of qualified service providers. Sometimes it’s not just about price and other factors such as experience will influence your final decision, so the reverse auction model also lets you all see qualifications of bidding contractors and provides you the ability to ask them questions.
For the Service Providers and contractors looking for jobs, the reverse auction model provides a single point source of potentially available jobs. The no cost of viewing and instant notification of local projects as they become available saves on advertising costs. Once a project becomes available that suits yours business, you can decide whether your interested in bidding or not bidding. Service providers and contractors who choose to bid on a project also get automatic notification, Electrician Pay Grade if they have been outbid by another contractor. If this occurs they will be able rebid on the job if they so choose. There’s nothing worse than losing a job to a competitor when the difference may only be a few dollars. The reverse bidding auction provides you with all the information on where your bid stands in comparison to other contractor bids. No more driving around or sending out flyers to drum up new business. You can get it all done right from the comfort of your office.…

Try a Specialist Builders Clean After a Home Renovation to Minimise the Risks of Dust Allergies

With some planning and forethought you can work with a family to minimise the effects of dust on allergy sufferers living in a house while your company is doing building work on the site.
Some dust is unavoidable during building work but it can trigger allergic reactions and as allergies are on the increase this can add to the challenges of a job.
Dust is actually an assortment of minute particles of bug fragments, mould spores, and other particles. The allergic reaction is actually caused by the tiny dust mites that live in dust.
It’s usual to meet the family on site before the job starts and then you can help them identify those possessions Beautiful Back Gardens most likely to absorb and retain quantities of dust, such as soft furnishings, carpets and upholstery.
Preferably they should be put into storage during the work but if not they can be moved, stacked and protected with dust-proof coverings.
It could also be worth asking whether the family has the details of any other materials or chemicals that they know affect the allergy sufferer and trying to find alternatives you can use for the job.
While suction cleaners are used by most builders for clearing up at the end of the day they won’t completely clear the air, so if it’s possible it’s a good idea to try to block off the area where the work’s being done to reduce the spread of dust to the rest of the home.
Paying attention to such details and showing that you have made an effort specially for that family could be the deciding factor What Is A Construction Contract that encourages them to recommend you to friends and acquaintances considering building and renovation work themselves.
At the end of the job you could also arrange a specialist Builders Clean to remove as much lingering dust as possible.
If you do consider using a specialist builders clean company, you will want to be assured that they understand the specific situation and are able to adapt to any special requirements.
It will be important to ensure that any specialist cleaning products they use are safe to use in a family home, are non-toxic, non-allergenic and give off no unpleasant fumes.
Many specialist cleaning companies use environmentally friendly products these days and this could be vital in a household where family members have allergies.
It would also be helpful if they used dust extraction equipment powerful enough to suck up as much as possible of any dust, particularly from floorboards, under skirtings and in any corners that are hard to reach.
On completion you should ask them for a full report of what they have done and the materials they’ve used for your records and you should also make sure they have disposed of everything off-site safely and in an environmentally friendly way.
Your extra attention and effort could lead to a happy family that’s had as little inconvenience as possible and knows you’ve done your best …

Please Clients and Boost Your Reputation With a Specialist Builders Clean After a Home Renovation

Domestic construction work in a house that’s occupied comes with its own special problems for a construction company.
Perhaps you’re working on a Listed Building, which comes with its own special requirements for the materials you’ll need to use.
Perhaps there are small children and pets that you’ll need to be extra-careful to ensure there are no stray nails or other small bits of residue left behind that could harm them.
Naturally, you’ll have advised them to clear out and store anything that might get in the way of the work, or at the very least to protect items from paint splashes and the inevitable dust.
Although most building workers clean up at the end of their day’s work, what happens at the end of the job?
It’s inevitable that after any new build or part build some dust hangs around for a few weeks after completion.
It may be worth using a specialist Builders Clean at the end so you can hand over the property to the client with the least amount of inconvenience to them.
Client recommendations, word of mouth or testimonals are the source of many domestic building projects. It could be the detail that encourages them to recommend you to friends and acquaintances considering building and renovation work themselves.
If you do consider using a specialist builders clean company, you will Garden Supplies Bali want to be assured that they can handle the job to your satisfaction.
You’ll need them to be flexible and able to come in at short notice, having first walked round the job with you to understand how to deal with any specialist materials you may have had to use.
You’ll want to know if they can offer the full range of services that might be necessary including removal of debris and rubbish, cleaning of walls, window sills, skirting boards and lighting fixtures, removal of Home Construction India paint splashes, silicon and labels from glass, ealing and polishing of floors, perhaps chrome, laminated and wooden surfaces, vacuuming, spot cleaning and carpet shampooing, internal and outside window cleaning?
For your clients’ sakes you may want reassurance that any specialist cleaning products they’re using are safe to use in an occupied building, are non-toxic, non-flammable and give off no unpleasant fumes.
In a listed building they may need to understand the techniques of treating or cleaning surfaces, such as oiling wood, that can’t be done using modern cleaners.
At the end you’ll want a full report of what they’ve done and a list of any last-minute items that need fixing, anything they’ve spotted that has been left unfinished or damaged, and you may also want to know that they dispose of everything they take away in a safe and environmentally-friendly way.
It may sound like a lot but that little extra investment could make your company stand out from the rest and help you win more business.
Copyright (c) 2010 Alison Withers…

Choosing a Home Contractor For Renovation

If you are a homeowner, you will most likely want to re-stylize and update the rooms in your home, or perhaps even make additions or alterations to the structure at some point as your house becomes older and outdated. You will need to find the right professional home renovation contractor to safely and expertly manifest your remodeling ideas. It helps to write down in detail the changes you would like to see to your residence so you can research and reflect on the ideas before deciding on any major overhauls.
You can browse through the list of service providers with varying skills and experience on internet forums and online bidding sites, or simply find references by word-of-mouth, getting advice and recommendations from your friends, co-workers, and family. Depending on the type of renovations you desire, specific licensing or qualifications held by the professional will be something you should research and note. A licensed professional conducting business with worker’s compensation insurance as well as general liability insurance is fairly standard.
Your contractor can work with you to obtain the correct building permit needed in your city if the renovation plans require one. It is wise to double-check with your city’s permit requirements and make sure he or she has completed all the necessary steps. If a How To Choose A Contractor project begins work without a legal permit, you could be fined and forced to reverse construction.
It is also important to keep in mind that after the contractor has fully completed the renovations, the concerned area will need to be professionally inspected to ensure that all the changes are up to code. An occupancy permit is needed after the project passes inspection so that you can prove that the residence is safe to inhabit. Taking care of the appropriate permit and inspection paperwork in a timely and organized manner can save your money and possible legal trouble in the future.
Before your home renovation contractor begins Affordable Homes Built On Your Land Florida on the house, make sure every relevant detail and financial aspect of the project is written in a mutual contract between you two. The agreement should be reviewed and revised, if necessary, prior to any changes being made to the house.
It is also very important to keep receipts and records of all financial transactions during this time so that you can supply proof later if needed. You can proceed with the project as soon as these things are in place, and the licensed contractor you hired can continue making this remodeling experience an easy, satisfactory, and pleasant one.…

Infection Control Measures to Take During Hospital Construction and Renovation Projects

Hospital renovations can be one of the most challenging areas of construction and should only be done by experienced professionals. Owners should always request the contractor’s health and safety plan and have an (ICRA) Infection Control Risk Assessment created prior to work commencing. It is as important for the owner’s representative as well as the contractor to be aware and implement these Infection Control Measures to reduce the facilities risk of spreading or creating infections from construction activities. People are in the hospital to get better not be exposed to situations in which they could get worse.
1. Containment Areas. Properly blocking off and barricading work spaces is one of the most important measures taken during a hospital renovation. The contractor should utilize floor to deck temporary wall partitions to fully seal off an area that will be undergoing Bathrooms Remodels activities. Typically, thick plastic barriers with zippered doors can be utilized on small projects / short duration projects. While on larger areas, temporary walls constructed of metal framing and gypsum drywall are more practical. In long term projects the metal frame and drywall option will be more durable. Typically the contractor will place 2 doors in these temporary wall partitions for compliance with 2 means of egress. Utilizing barriers constructed of gypsum wallboard, metal studs, and standard interior doors will provide the contractor a space that can be secured when the jobsite is down which will limit risks of theft and injuries. Containing the construction is important for safety of workers / patients wandering into construction areas as well as to prevent dust from spreading into the hospital.
2. Negative Air Pressure. In most cases, when performing construction activities the contractor will be generating dust. For the safety of the hospital and patients the contractor wants to create negative pressure air so that the space under construction is actually pulling air from the hospital instead of pushing air into the hospital. These negative air machines contain HEPA filters and will actually filter the air and are routed to the outside of the hospital through an exhaust duct via a window. The size of the machine to be selected and used will be based on the size of the space and CFM required. Many brands exist and a local abatement supply store is often a good place to find these. Rental stores may carry these as well. The best advice is to compare the HEPA replacement filter pricing as these can be expensive and required frequent changing depending on the size of the space to be renovated and types of dust generating activities to be performed. The one caveat to this is certain areas of the hospital are sterile processing areas and are required to be under Positive are pressure. These areas are the exception to the rule and should not be placed under negative air pressure. 3. Closing off Return and Supply Air Vents. Another important measure in control infections in hospital construction is to isolate the renovation space …

Investment Property Financing is Vital Before Starting Renovation Work

Having your investment property financed and ready for renovations means that you are going to have to start seeking out contractors and subcontractors to help you complete some of the work. The bigger jobs, and the structural jobs that are required to be completed on the property are often best left in the hands of certified, insured and bonded professionals to ensure that you are going to have the projects flow seamlessly, with absolutely no hangups in dealing with the codes or laws involved with these types of construction projects. You can’t just go out and hire any contractor to do the jobs for you though, as there are a lot of shady people and companies that are more than ready to just take your money, and either not provide you the work, or give you low quality work that you are going to ultimately not be pleased with. This is going to require you to either go out and hire another contractor to fix what the first person couldn’t, or you are going to be forced to attempt to sell the property in the condition that it is in.
Finding a reputable company isn’t terribly difficult, as long as you are prepared to put in the time involved in doing your research of the company, and their previous work. When you have found a company that you believe fits your standards, you are going to want to ask them for references of their work that you can speak to, as well as pictures or even video of the projects that they have completed for prior clients. By allowing you to take How To Become A Building Contractor a look at the work that they have done in the past, the company is going to give you a lot better feeling about using them for your renovations on the new property, and will often leave you wanting to call them again for any future projects. You can see why it is worth it to spend the time up front to make sure that the company you are going to be using has been around for a while, and will continue to be around for a long while to come.
You can often save money by choosing the little guy to complete your How To Become An Electrician projects for you but you have to make sure that they have a reputable history, and are carrying the proper insurance policy, as well as being bonded for the work that they complete. As long as they fit this criteria, and have completed projects in a portfolio that they can allow you to view, you are going to have a pretty safe investment if you allow them to do the work for you. The reason you can save so much money by choosing to use the little guy is because of the fact that they often don’t have the overhead that larger companies do, as well as having a few personal employees that …