New Home Purchases and Their Associated Risks – Understand What You Are Signing

People purchasing new homes are likely purchasing the most expensive item at that point in their life. How many new home buyers read the entire contract and understand what they have read? Remember, I’m speaking of a new home purchase and not a resale home that is currently occupied and offered for sale. The contract is prepared by the builder and contains many important statements that have far reaching implications–for both the builder and the buyer. Included, but certainly not limited, is the purchase price of the home, the builder’s responsibility and the home buyer’s obligations. The builder has had this contract developed and scrutinized by an attorney and we know that attorneys are pledged to protect their clients from various legal issues that may arise in the future. But how is the buyer protected? It’s difficult to read a real estate contract much less understand what it means. In Arizona, the 1st paragraph of the residential resale real estate purchase contract approved by the Arizona association of realtors reads as follows:
“The printed portion of this contract has been approved by the Arizona association of realtors. This is intended to be a binding contract. No representation is made as to the legal validity or adequacy of any provision or the tax consequences thereof. If you desire legal, tax or other professional advice, consult your attorney, tax advisor or professional consultant.” If that advice is good enough for a ‘resale home’ transaction, it has to be at least Home Builders Near Me as good for a new home purchase. We go back to the question of “how is the buyer protected” when purchasing a new home? I want to state clearly that I am not an attorney and this article is for informational purposes only, and not meant to provide legal assistance in any way, shape, manner or form to any person. This article is one of general information and all readers are encouraged to seek the advice of an attorney or other qualified person.
“How is the buyer protected” could be answered by having the buyer ask their own questions: (1)what is the warranty offered by the builder and (2) how do I resolve issues or conflicts that may appear in the future. Home inspections are an important part of the home buying process, but I want to go beyond the home inspection. I want to introduce the concept of potential construction defects which may include some very important and expensive components such as roof, foundation, drainage and soil. Most of the people in Arizona are under the belief they have a “bumper to bumper” builder warranty for a period that varies from one to two years. That is not necessarily the case. Construction defects for new homes cover a period of eight years. And when the defect is corrected, a new eight year period on the repair begins. Quite a difference, wouldn’t you agree?
Let’s say you have a drainage problem and a negative slope on your rear …

Try a Specialist Builders Clean After a Home Renovation to Minimise the Risks of Dust Allergies

With some planning and forethought you can work with a family to minimise the effects of dust on allergy sufferers living in a house while your company is doing building work on the site.
Some dust is unavoidable during building work but it can trigger allergic reactions and as allergies are on the increase this can add to the challenges of a job.
Dust is actually an assortment of minute particles of bug fragments, mould spores, and other particles. The allergic reaction is actually caused by the tiny dust mites that live in dust.
It’s usual to meet the family on site before the job starts and then you can help them identify those possessions Beautiful Back Gardens most likely to absorb and retain quantities of dust, such as soft furnishings, carpets and upholstery.
Preferably they should be put into storage during the work but if not they can be moved, stacked and protected with dust-proof coverings.
It could also be worth asking whether the family has the details of any other materials or chemicals that they know affect the allergy sufferer and trying to find alternatives you can use for the job.
While suction cleaners are used by most builders for clearing up at the end of the day they won’t completely clear the air, so if it’s possible it’s a good idea to try to block off the area where the work’s being done to reduce the spread of dust to the rest of the home.
Paying attention to such details and showing that you have made an effort specially for that family could be the deciding factor What Is A Construction Contract that encourages them to recommend you to friends and acquaintances considering building and renovation work themselves.
At the end of the job you could also arrange a specialist Builders Clean to remove as much lingering dust as possible.
If you do consider using a specialist builders clean company, you will want to be assured that they understand the specific situation and are able to adapt to any special requirements.
It will be important to ensure that any specialist cleaning products they use are safe to use in a family home, are non-toxic, non-allergenic and give off no unpleasant fumes.
Many specialist cleaning companies use environmentally friendly products these days and this could be vital in a household where family members have allergies.
It would also be helpful if they used dust extraction equipment powerful enough to suck up as much as possible of any dust, particularly from floorboards, under skirtings and in any corners that are hard to reach.
On completion you should ask them for a full report of what they have done and the materials they’ve used for your records and you should also make sure they have disposed of everything off-site safely and in an environmentally friendly way.
Your extra attention and effort could lead to a happy family that’s had as little inconvenience as possible and knows you’ve done your best …