Writing For a PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint is powerful, dynamic software for creating interesting, eye-pleasing presentations to be delivered to large or small audiences in formal or informal settings. However, as has been said before, never let the visuals become your presentation. Visuals support your message and capture your information is a way that is easy for your audience to understand. The old adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true here. Rather than trying to explain a complex process or procedure, a visually pleasing graphic can do the trick and you can explain the intricacies and interrelationships it represents without spending valuable time describing what to visual displays and at the same time, boring your audience and losing their interest.
In order to maximize the impact of your use of PowerPoint, there are some guidelines that should be followed. Initially, when you are drafting out your presentation materials, take the time to plan your presentation and determine when you will use certain visuals or when to reveal certain critical facts. This means concentrating on the content and the organization of that content. It would be a mistake to simply type out what you are going to say and run the risk of reading it to your audience from the screen. Use bullet points to highlight your significant points which will force the audience to listen to you elaborate on them. This will also force you to be prepared to provide the information and actually address the crowd, make eye contact and engage with them. When you plan your presentation, maintain a logical sequence of points for discussion and elaboration. This should help you be more conversational with your audience and will make your presentation much more interesting.
There are three basic slide content rules for composing effective PowerPoint slides which need to be addressed here. Firstly, only focus on one topic or theme for each slide. The will help you keep your content organized and focused. Remember that the content of your slide supports what you are saying; it should not contain every word Simple Garden Ideas you are saying. Avoid adding a second topic to a slide if there is not a lot of text on the slide. If you feel that the slide appears empty, add an appropriate illustration to fill out the slide. But do not overfill a slide with too much text. Add a second slide on that topic and include (cont’d) beside the title of that second slide.
Secondly, the content of each slide should adhere to the 6 X 6 rule of composition. What does this mean? You should use a maximum of six bullet points per slide with a maximum of six words per bullet. This rule helps you keep your slides clear and uncluttered. Your audience can quickly read your slide and then focus on what you have to say. To accomplish this, use short phrases and not full sentences. Leave out unnecessary articles (such as “the” or “a”), pronouns (such as “your” or …

Important Things to Remember in Writing Construction Tenders

Tendering is one of the competitions you can surely win even before the results are announced. It is like going on a combat with full knowledge of your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, fully geared and equipped, and confident that you will win. In this view, writing construction tender excellently is your major weapon to win this battle.
Writing construction tender can be very difficult and you may need a host of helpers to complete it but once it is done, you have already won your course halfway through the competition. A well-written construction tender communicates effectively; capitalizes on your strengths; and complies with the buyer’s requirements. Having successfully composed your construction tender can lead you to great rewards and contracts.
Communicate effectively.
Good communication is said to contain the qualities of completeness, conciseness, consideration, concreteness, clarity, courtesy and correctness. In other words, be able to give all necessary information yet be direct to the point; know the impact of your words to the prospective audience or reader while giving tangible presentation; be clear about your intent as you also respect the rights of the buyer; and be accurate with your data and information.
The above qualities can be attained when you have enough understanding of the tendering process which mainly starts with acknowledging that not all tenders are suitable for your company. In addition, make sure you are ready to support your claims. Moreover, make your construction tender free of errors — grammar and content wise. The physical appearance of your construction tender must be attractive, neat, orderly, and objective making it easy to read and to catch the buyer’s interest.
Capitalize on your Building Contractor In Tamil strengths.
Make sure that you bid realistically. In other words, see to it that the contract you are applying for is within your capacity to complete. Once you see an opportunity that your company can do adequately, do not delay. Apply right away in order for you to have more time to submit the requirements.
You have to tell the buyer all that you can do for them which may include your training; experience; and exposure as you support these with pertinent documents. As much as possible, Electronics Job Description submit effectively to the buyer’s requirements by using the tender evaluation criteria so that you will have an idea of your possible score and chance of winning a contract.
Comply with the buyer’s requirements.
Set your mark ahead by researching about your prospective buyers. With this, you can meet their expectations and requirements and preclude any possible problem when the contract will have been awarded to you. Make sure you study their instructions and requirements completely and prepare all supporting documents at hand so that you can easily retrieve them when the need arises. Also, take note of the deadline as it is always good to make a positive impression that you are taking their projects seriously. This will assure them that the contract goes to the right individuals who can finish …