The Dos and Don’ts of Hiring a Home Contractor

If you are in need of having some work done on your home and don’t have time to do it yourself, then perhaps it would be wise to hire a general contractor to take care of all the details for you. After all, a good building contractor will help you make the best decisions for how to get a job done, and will then line up the workmen to do the job.

Of course, not all home contractors are the same. Some of them have specialized areas while others are qualified to handle an abundance of fields. But regardless of the type of job you need done, you want to be sure that the contractor you hire is trustworthy and that you and the contractor understand what the job will entail. To make the job go as smoothly as possible, start by having a good contractor. To help you determine what qualifications to look for, look for theses dos and don’ts of hiring a contractor.


Talk to friends, family and co-workers to get recommendations and references.

Check with the BBB or for any complaints or comments.

Interview at least 3 contractors and get a written estimate from each one. Be sure each contractor lists the same work so you can make a fair comparison.

Check licensing and registration requirements for your Commercial Electrician Salary state and find out if the contractor adheres to them.

Be sure the contractor and any subcontractors are licensed and insured. Check with your own insurance provider to find out if you are covered for any injury or damage that may occur.

Get the name of the suppliers and ask to see if the contractor pays their bills on time.

Insist on a written contract that states exactly what work will be done, the quality of the materials, warranties, timetables, names of any subcontractors, total price, and payment schedule.

Keep in mind, that most states gives you 3 business days to cancel without penalty, though you will be responsible for any benefits already received.


Make a final payment or sign a final release until you are satisfied with the work and know that all those involved have been paid.

Pay up front for the entire job.

Be pressured into making an immediate decision.

Hire a contractor that tells you that the job will be a demonstration.

Hire a contractor that who offers discounts for finding other customers.

Hire someone who can only be reached by leaving messages with an answering service.

Be impressed with an unusually long guarantee.

Be Wary of:

Contractors who have vehicles with out of state plates or drive an unmarked vehicle.

Those who offer a bid that is completely out of sync with the others; typically Construction Services List you will want to steer away from the lowest bid and the highest bid.

Hiring the person who “just happens” to have materials left over from a job or who solicited the job from a door to door neighborhood canvassing.